Better Body Armor for Female U.S Army Soldiers

Better Body Armor for Female U.S Army Soldiers

By Jason Stevens – Body Armor Expert


Most of the manufacturers design Military Gears according to the requirements of the Male soldiers. This is the main reason why female soldiers face difficulty in finding proper combat uniforms for themselves. The body armor available for females causes discomfort and they are not able to make proper movements. This is the prime reason why army is trying its best to make a decent body armor which is suitable for females and is comfortable. When the body armor does not fit well and causes discomfort then it makes the wearer more vulnerable and becomes less effective. Women are smaller as compared to men and this is one of the main reasons why there is performance degradation in combat uniforms. If the body armor is loose then it reduces the flexibility and causes movement problems, whereas if the body armor is tight then it can cause pain to the female body. Better fitting body armor would also make it easier for women to position a gun or a rifle for shooting.

Over the years there have been many efforts to introduce better fabrics that will provide greater protection and comfort to both men and women. The manufacturers have made many advances in designs for different armors that have higher protection levels, less weight and improved flexibility.

The US Army has been studying unisex combat body armor. The unisex body armor was first developed for men and then designed for women body. The Air Force has also developed new gears that suit female specific geometrics. The body armor system has proved to be very good in protecting soldiers but they are not able to provide mobility which has been the main cause for concern. There has been significant increase in the number of female soldiers in the army and developments are being made to improve body armors suiting women. Performance of the women soldiers will improve if their uniform is taken into consideration. This step will surely pave a way for developing a better military force. Today the growing role of women soldiers have pushed pentagon in US to develop an advanced body armor that fits female soldier and improves protection. The US military has barred women to take part in a direct combat but Pentagon opened 14,000 new jobs for women which mean that female soldiers will be put closer to the front lines of a combat.

Women have been at risk in almost all the combats and it was important to get an improved female body armor which fitted them properly and reduced the risk. Previously there was little effort to improve the body armor used by females and proved to be unnecessarily dangerous for female soldiers. The biggest issue with the armor was its curvature and hit them directly in the back. The armor was also too high around the neck and made it hard for women to maneuver. But now efforts are being made to provide equal protection to female soldiers as compared to their male counterparts.


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  1. God bless our all our soldiers and there is no cost to high for their protection.we should equip them with the best reguardless if they are
    male or female. A snipers’ bullet does not care what gender ,only that
    it takes out the target.

  2. The fit or comfort of the body armor has very little to do with the females abilities or lack of them to preform. If they truely want to be placed in a combat MOS, they should preform at the males level. All I would ask is that they pass a APFT at the males level, then be required to meet ALL of the standards the same way a male soldier would have to, or be put back into a MOS were they could meet the standard. Equality, either you want it, or you just say you want it when life is too hard, and you are looking for a pass. If this offends you, too bad, either you earn it or stay in an office, or kitchen.

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