Guest Post: Being Prepared and Some Good Advice…..

by Marlene Dickey

Being Prepared is absolutely necessary no matter how young or old you are.  We have lived through WWII and remember food rationing and we remember gas shortages and long lines back in the 80s. But no one talked about preparing for retirement by stocking food for the future, preparing well in advance to get off the grid, or putting away funds to supplement any retirement we might earn.  Here we are in our 70s playing catchup.  It has become somewhat of a game with us to see what we can do in the here and now to prepare what is coming upon the earth…whether it be an earthquake (which we just experienced last fall), an EMP, collapse of the dollar, terrorist attack again, whatever.
Back in the late 70’s we moved to a farmette and did the cows, chickens, horses, dogs and cats things.  Kids left and so did our farming.  But we at least have the experience should we need to do it again.  We are stocking food, have a small container-type garden, have bought a dehydrator, researched how to make an outhouse and other things of this sort, stored water, learning to bake on a wood stove this fall, purchased Lodge Pots, have books on all the basics, bought survival radio and the lighting rods you put in mason jars for candles which use olive oil for fuel. 
Need to get the car ready next.  Saw a survivalist use a knife to cut the backseat of his vehicle so he could hunker down in the stuffing and stay warm in case of a stalled car in a blizzard. 
My advice to young people is: Stay out of debt, prepare for emergencies with an eye to being prepared now and in the future for your children and grandchildren should we all still be here then.

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  1. You are right about being prepared. We were only partially prepared last night when the storms ripped through Ohio to Virginia doing major damage. In Ohio over 1 million people are without electricity. I was one of them…and many still don’t have electric. People are suffering in triple-digit weather, food is spoiled and no way for them to cook because they don’t know what to do. In our house, the problem is affording these supplies and items needed for prepping. We have a large family and its tough to live month to month let alone off the grid. We are a work in progress but we are doing better than others. I am making a list of things we needed and didn’t have on hand yesterday, so I can get crackin’ and get what we need for the next time.

  2. good post. im retired and have no family, but some very good friends. i dont plan on being without when shtf…i plan on being able to take care of myself for as long as possible. tell me about the lighting rods please. thanks so much.

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