Guest Post: Be Armed At All Times

I had just gotten done cleaning my deer for the year and was going about cleaning my clip-on folding knife in the sink. The next thing I knew I knocked over a carton of spaghetti and had another mess to clean up. I had a bunch of kitchen items all over the counter top and did not want to lose my knife in the shuffle so I decided to clip the knife to the elastic band on my boxer shorts (the knife was clipped on the inside facing my skin and the clip is the only thing showing on the outside) until I could get the mess cleaned up and everything put away. The next thing I knew it was the next morning and while I was getting ready to take my shower when I looked down and noticed that my knife was still attached to my underwear. I didn’t even notice it being there overnight and it sure did not bug me while I was sleeping. So after taking my shower and putting on a fresh pair of boxers I thought to myself that I would just put the knife back on the elastic band of my boxers to see if I would even notice it throughout the day or during work. I didn’t.

At that time I was looking for a way to always have some type of weapon on me without having to carry a handgun or some other bulk devise. I looked at a number of websites for different types of knives for this purpose, but I could never seem to find one that fit. I looked at boot knives; punch knives, hidden belt knives and so on. I don’t wear boots to the office and with dress pants a knife would be very noticeable strapped to my leg. The punch knives were nice, but again having them on my person without letting everyone know I had one would be a little difficult. And the hidden knives that were concealed in a belt were kind of novelty(ish) and I did not want to bet my life to a novelty. With what was on the market and with the desire to be armed at all times I would have either had to have boots on 24/7, or somehow strap a punch knife to my body, me or wear a belt to bed – not going to happen. I could not find what I was looking for online or anywhere else that worked for me. I know I could have explored more, but I really began to think I was on to something. Plus I realized that this is one place a person who might search you (not law enforcement, always tell LE you are armed, but a possible intruder or etc) might not want to pat search you or put their hands. Plus being a male we tend to have bulges in that area anyway so you can kind of explain it away as just another large package..

Due to my little discovery I now always have my Benchmade folding knife attached to my boxer briefs (The knife is roughly 8 inch long in total and when folded it is around 5 inches) . I keep it/clip it on the right (inside) front side of my bower briefs close to the crease in my leg. To date I have never cut myself or any “important” flesh down below. Nothing fancy, but I even sleep with the knife on my boxer briefs. My thought is that if I am attacked by an intruder in my house I will at least have something to protect my family and myself with (trust me I have more the my Benchmade to protect myself with, but if someone were to try and pin you down or lay on you in your bed, before you can get to a gun or etc, while you sleep they will get a shock of a lifetime when you come up with a 3 and ½ inch razor sharp blade). I work in law enforcement and know that many acts of violence start at or around the bed. You cannot have a real heavy knife, but I barely even notice mine. The only time I am not “armed” is in the shower. It also comes in handy when you need a knife for just a general reason and it makes you feel a little more comfortable knowing that you have a little “edge” on you in case you needed it. I like the fact that I always have a way to protect family, myself and cut anything that needs it. I like it best because I can have it on me at night while I am sleeping and when you are most vulnerable. It also comes in handy in case of a vehicular emergency, you could use it to cut a seat belt because it is always there. The best part is that if you already have a comparable folding knife with a clip on it you don’t even have to spend any additional money. Even if this does not win anything I hope someone finds this idea/tip as helpful as I do.

Chris Neiman
Associate Constituent Services Officer
Missouri Department of Corrections

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  1. Sounds like a good idea to me. The neighborhood I live in is a bit rough and having something that could save my life on me where no one can see it would be beneficial. Thanks for the idea and info.

  2. About 18 years ago I bought my ex a north american arms 22 mag. after watching her carry I bought myself one. I have carried it everyday since. Everyday all day. If I have my pants on its on. I have worn out 4 leather holsters that come with it and need to order another now. Summer or winter its just like your keys or knife. No rust has ever apeared on it even with all the sweating I do n the summer. I guess I will carry it the rest of my life. While in a hairy situation I wished it was a bazooka I am thankful that I have it. Of course that all being said I carry a colt 45 anytime I can, but its never far away. Of course my kids want to know what I have a knife hanging in the shower for. mwp

    • mwp –

      I have heard those are nice. Need to take a look next time I visit local gun shop – and see if they have any.

      Take care – Rourke

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