Guest Post: Avoiding Prepper Burnout


Avoiding Prepper Burnout

by Arlene 



As the main, long  time consistent prepper in my family and as a real life farmer and therapist I would like to share a few ideas to prevent prepper burnout. I would also like to hear others ideas about the burnout prevention topic and also about using herbs for healing.  No matter how much we enjoy prepping it is important that we share the load of this responsibility with others. Every person in your family/group needs to accept responsibility for some area of prepping. Exchanging these areas and discussing how each person feels and thinks can provide an exciting and productive exchange.



This approach may also help us to see what we have missed and how we can incorporate more fully ideas to help us  not only survive but to THRIVE. 
Have a practice scenario so each member can experience why its important  to understand and be able to implement various tasks (food prep, firewood, water hauling, sanitation, medical expertise, gardening, canning, care of children, animals, property, defense,  etc). If one person gets sick or hurt the others will know how to compensate with chores so the system continues to work for all involved.

Have a show and tell session – so everyone knows how to open a sealed pail of food, cook on a woodstove or fire. Practice makes better if not perfect every task. Remember others may NOT do it exactly as we might wish but it will get done. Make it fun. There’s always room for teasing and being silly -it lightens up these serious topics.  Have a reward for whomever can milk the cow or goat  faster or how many of the targets each member can hit while shooting.

Encourage one another !!!   Pray together if you are a faith filled group, or meditate , choose something that helps you all relax.  Play together also. Break out some of that candy that’s stashed – cook marshmellows over the fire. Appreciate the blessings of your life and of that moment while we do have some of the current modern amenities.

Do the best you can every day. Even though we know that time is of the essence; take a complete day off from prepping and rest and you will have more energy and patience for the next day and for the long haul.    


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  1. That’s a good point to have others show and tell. While I like to think that I’m going to be around to do and instruct with most activities, that may not be the case for a variety of reasons. Thanks.

  2. Individuals are not supposed to do everything. A balanced community approach is the best way to tackle prepping. Thanks for addressing the leadership role of good preppers.

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