Always Work To Improve Your Position

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     Many years ago, during an Army exercise, my First Sergeant found me lounging in my foxhole. The foxhole was not much to look at but it was what it was, a hole in the ground from which I might survive an attack. He said I could improve my chances of survival by improving my position. He also said I would be spending a great deal of time in that hole so I might also want to make it as comfortable as possible.

     I got to work, I added a roof, carved some seats into the sides, put in a wooden floor, and camouflaged everything. At the end of the exercise, my First Sergeant gave me an award for the best (and most comfortable) fighting position.

During the presentation, our First Sergeant gave us a speech about improving our position. The main point of his speech was, “It does not matter if it is your fighting position, your home, or your position at work, you should always work to improve your position, the better your position the better your chances of survival.”

This is a lesson that anyone trying to survive in today’s world must learn and embrace.

On web sites like The Modern Survivalist, You and Me (, you can find the knowledge you need to improve your position.

One way to build your food stock pile is by learning to coupon. I know this may sound a bit odd to the modern survivalist, but making you food dollar go as far as you can is smart and fun. I really get a rise out of going to the grocery store and paying $100 for $175 worth of food and cleaning supplies.

Other ways to improve your food position is by raising your own chickens and bee keeping. Farm fresh eggs, chickens, and honey are better for you than store bought, and may even have some health benefits.  Small space gardening will give you some great herbs and vegetables for a small space and modern hydroponic gardening can give you fresh food year round. Not only will you have a very stable food source, but you can also make some money and give yourself some great barter material.

Another part of improving your position is by improving and repairing your home.  Learning to do it yourself gives you valuable skills and increases the value of your home. You can then use your skills to improve your property by adding out buildings.

Next, improve your income position by starting your own business. It is better to count on your own hard work and knowledge rather than the government bailing out the industry you work for.

Last, but not least, you and your family must improve your position by learning to defend yourselves and each other. Learning H2H or Krav Maga self-defense, as a family, can give your family that extra edge to survive and build family unity. Teaching every member of your family to safely use and handle firearms will give your family valuable skills to improve the safety in your home.

Visit The Modern Survivalist, You and Me ( and take a look at the knowledge and skills available to help you improve your position.

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  1. As an early addict to chess I learned that position(ing) is everything. The board is your battlefield and your opponent has to play on it. By positioning your pieces you make the board a minefield. Now my simile is not to compare your life or survival with a battlefield. In chess rather then go aggressively for the kill (which is bold but risky) use your valuable time to position yourself and your survival assest to their best advantage. Position yourself two deep (or maybe three deep) in critical assets. Store food, firewood, water, necessities, even luxury items so you can be ready when TSHTF. Use yout ime well, it is later then you think.

  2. Another chess anology is to set up an easy or desirable target. For example I have a $20 bill on the table just inside my front door. If someone enters the house while I am gone that $20 bill is too tempting to leave there it will be gone. So I know as I open the door if I need to go to red alert. Another is I have a small and quite strong lockbox that I don’t use for anything. SO I put in a chunk of metal wrapped in a cloth. Imagine what an intruder thinks is in the box. He will spend valuable time trying to open it or at the least choose to take that with him in preference to something else. My ultimate goal is to place a desirable item in plain sight that when picked up will set off a loud alarm.

  3. I would suggest that “always working to improve your position” is one of a preppers basic tenets, which, regrettably, can be difficult to maintain week to week or even month to month.

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