Government out of control……contact your Congressman!

There is a lot to be upset with our government today. Pathetic policies, ridiculous spending habits, and a flat-out failure to hold true to the spirit of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.  I have been pretty vocal lately about politics and what I consider to be an agenda by the far left Progressive movement to fundamentally change this country. I am not nearly finished.

Regardless – there are a few Congressman that are honest and will stand up for what is right. Let them know what you are thinking – and what you need them to do. Send an email, write a letter, make a phone call. Will it make a difference? Maybe not.

It’s worth a shot.

To contact your Congressman in the Senate – click HERE.

These people work for you – for us. They have highly paid and powerful lobbyist barking in their ear and filling their wallet and ballot box – telling them what they should think and how they should vote. Those lobbyist generally speak for one small segment of the population – not necessarily for you – or for us. 

Just recently two House Democrats introduced a bill into Congress to severely raise taxes on ammunition and guns. They feel this will curb gun violence.  Thanks to reader Robert for alerting me to this story – and I need everyone to write their Congressman and tell them NOT to support this bill.

Let’s remind Congress that they will be held accountable if they fail to do the right thing – and they will be voted out of office. Let’s remind them not just what we want….but what we demand.

Our future is at stake.


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  1. After reading this I thought… r i g h t…. keep those cards and letters coming folks… “we really care what you think”. But your right, some…. a few… do care, I suspect a very few. So yes, “It’s worth a shot.” Most though have given the impression that they are beholding to those who fund their campaigns, and their constituents, simple minded mouth-breathers who could not possibly conceptualize the important issues of the day. I guess it’s a trade-off, for I consider most of them… mealy-mouthed, milk toast, pantywaists … and I mean that in the most complimentary way.

  2. This was a comment on Facebook, in reference to the proposed legislation you addressed above (Democrats taxing guns and ammo):

    “These 2 Communist piles of dung know that all the new legislation in the world will NOT curb crime. They don’t care. They want to appear to be fighting the horrific murder rates in the inner cities. Ironically, New Jersey and Illinois (specifically Chicago) already have some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. How’s that working out for you, A$$HOLES? These draconian, unconstitutional proposals will ONLY AFFECT the law abiding citizens who need a firearm to protect themselves. Clearly the police have been unable to end the bloodbath in Chicago (Camden, Newark & Irvington, too). Richard Craniums, both lawmakers! I hope that you both are parked at a red light, stuck in traffic, when the next riot breaks out. ”

    This made my day!


  3. The Congressional theater is depressing but our Nation is bound by the Constitution at this time. Call all Representatives on this very fact — if they do not adhere to the Constitution, they could be held accountable, right?

    Harvard just published a review on the evidence of violence and gun control and, surprisingly, revealed that gun control would not reduce violence (murder and suicide). I feel it would be important to cite this study, especially because Libtards salivate at all things Harvard.

  4. been writing ol’ lindseed graham for years. . . . he ignores what I say and sends me a form letter. I think writing is a waste of time now. All these rodent illegitimates want is to stay in power. . . . voting is fast becoming a waste of time. . . . the alternative is not pretty.

  5. I call my Congressman’s local office enough they know me by my nickname. He is in his first term and seems to be doing a good job but, I will be watching him. As far as our two Senators are concerned, the Rep. has beaten around the bush but I do get the form letter as a reply. The Dem. has told me mis truths, ( lies as far as I’m concerned ), and the only time I get a message from is when yhet are pushing as agenda I do not support. I also get the occasional email from the White House pushing thier socialist agenda, ( still trying fiqure out how the got my email address ).

  6. I KNOW how my congressman votes. He posts all his reasons for the way he votes on Facebook. He also is a constitutionalist and if it runs conter to the constitution, he will vote no. Not present, not maybe, not if you vote for mine, I’ll vote for yours…just a flat out NO. You always khow where Justin Amash stands on an issue.

  7. I have sent at least 15 exact copies of one email to Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee urging him to vote against the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Senator Alexander permits emails to be submitted to him on his website regarding only certain topics, for example: Guns, Race Relations, Immigration, Budget Deficit, National Security, etc. Although I submitted the identical email regarding the United Nations Small Arms Treaty under each different permitted catagory, I received emails in reply regarding the catagory to which I submitted the email. None of the replys pertained to the content of my email. I now absolutely know emails sent to Senator Alexander are not read but one receives only pre-written emails sent in response. I urge others to do the same thing and report their experiences to the public.
    Thank you,
    Walter Boyanton

    • Walter B…my 2 dem senators are like that too. No matter what you ask the about, the email is always the same. And everybody gets the same email. Fortunately one has stepped down, the other is up in another year.

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