Government ejects man for voicing pro-2nd Amendment opinion…..

New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. Government’s overbearing ways are certainly present in this state. At a recent hearing where the public was invited to give opinions on upcoming gun control legislation – the government panel was not too happy with speaker James Kaleda.

James Kaleda is a Second Amendment activist who fights for our rights to bear arms. Please watch both video’s below.

The first shows Mr. Kaleda making his case against the proposed legislation and when he gets a little passionate about his beliefs he is immediately ejected. At the end of the video the crowd is seen clapping – which many anti-gunners have been saying shows a lack of support for Mr. Kaleda and what he was saying. The second video shows the truth.



This second video takes up where the last one ends – and the crowd becomes very agitated with not only the governments lack of interest in their Second Amendments rights, but the taking away of the speakers First Amendments rights. Several in the crowd speak up and are also told to leave. At one point someone suggest that the Pledge of Allegiance should be performed. I am not sure why…..other than maybe it was not done at the beginning of the proceedings or they wanted the government panel to hear the words of the Pledge. Either way – all those in attendance stood and said to – while all of the panel members did not – except for one who stood at the end..

Check it out:



This is just one of many examples that shows the government failing to respect the citizens WHICH THEY WORK FOR.

For more info click HERE.

– Rourke


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  1. He made the mistake of believing that citizen comment meetings were for citizen comments. Wrong! These meetings are perfunctory and are supposed to result in a rubber stamp of whatever the government wants to do. Our strength is in the ballot box. Vote out anyone who does not support the constitution. Vote them out and remember who they are so they don’t sneak into power again.

  2. New Jersey is one of the worst states in the country with respect to gun ownership and 2nd Amendment Rights. My wife is from NJ, so we go there to visit relatives. (In fact, one was at this meeting.) As I described my Ruger 10/22 Takedown to a relative on our last trip, he was intrigued to the point where he replied: “I’m going to get my permit and buy one of those.” I asked him “Do you need a permit to buy a .22 rifle?” He said “Yeah, but they are not too hard to get. The State Police have to approve it”. I thought that this is ridiculous. Imagine that, getting a permit to by a .22 rifle! I think that NJ residents should poll their politicians on their 2nd Amendment views, then fire (vote out) everyone that supports the status quo!

  3. I say the person that had his 1st & 2nd Amendment rights VIOLATED in that manner & everyone else that was present should File a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to that effect against every single person on that N.J. Board. The shear gaul of the over-paid Governmental Suit, That’s what happen’s when Small-minded people get a little power. & then see How fast they start respecting people in those meeting, not to mention How fast they start to Apologize for their actions during the meeting in question.

  4. I live in Jersey. Moved here from NY 22 years ago, and Ive hated this dump ever since. Its called “the Garden State”, I call it the “Garbage State”. Bothing here but trash and liberal fools. There are a lot of “awoken” good people here too, but most of them are trapped here in one way shape or form like myself. Or believe me, this state would only have about 2/3 the population who live here now, and Jersey would be bankrupt. They even charge us a 3% exit tax if you sell your house and tell them youre moving to another state! The gun laws are horrible. Seeing this senator trample all over those peoples first and second amendment rights is nothing short of ordinary for “the gestappo State”. Ive got a few more years left here, and then Im heading south. I cant stand much more of this bull$hit. I only pray there isn’t a civil war in our future (which I fear there is) and getting cought up here in the north east which will almost definitely be behind “enemy lines”. Those of you in the Midwest and the south, be glad you don’t have to deal with this crap. I’ll hopefully be joining you there in the years to come.

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