Government control is getting ridiculous…..

I received a letter from my credit union today and was informed that the Federal Reserve limits how many withdrawals I can make from my savings account. Now I have found out this is actually old news that I am just hearing now – but what in the world? What right does the government have to tell me how often or how many times I can make withdrawals from MY savings account?


FREEDOM is becoming a rare commodity nowadays and all signs point to it getting worse and worse. Want to open a business? There are tons of fee’s, permits and restrictions that you must pay and follow.

You would have to live in a vacuum to not have heard about the government tracking of emails and cell phone activity – among other electronic communications. I suspect what we see right now is only the tip of the ice burg to the true privacy invasions going on.

I just published a video yesterday but YouTube favorite SouthernPrepper1 just uploaded a video called Freedom is Dying. Perfect timing and I am including it below:


David is right on in the video. We need to take a stand. Somehow someone needs to step up and organize a million-man, maybe a 10 million man March on Washington. I am game to attend and march side-by-side my brothers. A new political party needs to grow from those that believe in the Constitution and limited government. The Democrat and Republican parties are both full of power-pigs just awash in the slop. Libertarian party? I don’t know.

I have an idea……How about The American Party? How about The Founders Party? How about “The Constitutionalist” Party? I like the sound of that. The problem is money corrupts and the ONLY way to compete against the establishment is with money. Money is needed to organize, to advertise, to compete.

Unfortunately there is just not enough sheeple waking up to understand the need for that  NEW party. The status quo will remain the status quo at least until things get worse. By then……it might be too late. Heck – I think it is likely too late now.

Don’t we have someone in this country that can stand up and fight for US? We the people? Do not say Ron Paul because I am talking the future – not the past. Maybe his son? Maybe someone we have never heard of will step up to the plate and posses the ideals and leadership abilities that can lead this country from the brink of demolition and help make it the Super Power it once was.

Time will tell.


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  1. Rourke, although I agree with the concept of a third party, the game is rigged against a populist party rising to competitiveness. A review of national election laws shows this. I believe that if we are to gain any positive influence in governance, we will have to do it through the existing 2 parties… namely the Republican party. The Tea Party revolution was a great example of influencing the Republican party, The effects of that revolution are clearly seen still. There is a battle going on for the soul of the party and despite the various headlines claiming otherwise, the Tea Party is not dead.

  2. I just discovered the other day that I will need a prescription to fill my oxygen cylinder for my med supplies. Control of the very air we breathe. Can there be any thing worse? D.

  3. & I QOUTE ” I have an idea……How about The American Party? How about The Founders Party? How about “The Constitutionalist” Party? I like the sound of that. ” those are Nice ROURKE ….. HERES MINE !

    I Like the sound of ” THE PATRIOT PARTY ” & as a Back Drop
    ” THE DON’T TREAD ON ME ” FLAG, The 1 with the Rattle Snake & Add a COWERING Elephant & Donkey with the REP. & DEM Logos ! & Then Start Each & Every Press Confrence or T.V. Statement with the following ” WE THE PATRIOT’s OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ” Blah Blah Blah ! ETC. ETC. ( you get the Point ).

    OR we can all JUST GO & VOTE GREEN PARTY for a term or 2 & see if the Rep. & Dem. get the HINT that we’re fed up with their CRAP …. Pardon me But it was the least Offensive word I could think of.

  4. While I like the discussion and the ideas, I had to say your credit union played you like a fiddle. What the legislation said was that your credit union couldn’t charge you transaction fees unless you had more than x number of actions, your credit union spun it that your credit union and you were co-victims of the Feds, and you bought it. I used to love my credit union until they got bought/merged and became all about how they could make money on me (and pulling this kind of trickery for cover). You may want to shop for a new bank or cu, if they’re going to pull this stuff on you.

  5. QUERY? Do (or have) any of you ever work with entitlement mentality citizens? Nearly all those who benefit from the entitlements do not care – at all – for any of the freedoms espoused on this, or any other web sites. Having worked with many who obtain their entitlements from the govt it is amazing that the majority of them????do not think past obtaining their benefits.
    “Too late…??? It is considerably past just “too late”. When voting citizens are “given” “free” housing, food, medical care, and monthly stipends – there is no possible way that they will ever willingly want to change.
    The “freedom party” would be an excellent idea – but let us be very pragmatic as well as realistic. Such a party will only give the politicians more argument to the entitlement mentality that such a “FREEDOM” party will take their “bread and circuses” from them. You know that by who voted in the current politicians.
    Perhaps we should prepare – as best we are enabled – for the current political methods to continue until it succumbs to its excesses.

  6. I am down with the march. This is something the media or politicians could not ignore. We really need to come up with a date and get it to each state and people meet up along the way. WE are a POWER that needs to show what we can do once and for all. They are just sitting back thinking we are lazy and will not do anything about their corrupt a$$. Sorry, but the more I think about it the more my blood boils. Like I said, if there is anything I can do to help get this moving I am more than willing.

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