Got Baofeng?

A fellow group member just became the owner of a Baofeng UV-5R. I told him that he should read this post and I figured many may not have seen it the first time around.

HAM radio is one of those mysterious phenomenon that most people ignore because they just don’t understand it. I totally identify with that as I was in that same boat for years. Reality smacked me in the face when my efforts with line-of-sight communications just failed to fulfill my requirements. I am still learning and would barely consider myself knowledgeable. What I do know is I am able to communicate with most every member of my preparedness group within a 25 mile radius – which was my initial goal.

The equipment I use is not fancy and is NOT the best out there. Make no mistake the Baofeng radios – which have gained incredible popularity with preppers – are cheap and made with decent manufacturing quality. Other brands such as Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, and TYT are built better, are easier to program, and cost up from 5- 10 times more.

Thus far I have been very happy with my Baofeng radios which I have several and members of my group have several as well. Problems really have been non-existent.

If you are wanting to get into HAM and improve your survival communications I highly recommend Baofeng handheld radio’s. Great entry-level radio’s with a low cost of around $35. Another positive thing with the Baofeng is the enormous number of accessories such as batteries and antenna’s. From comments left here and from people I have heard from the main issues with Baofeng’s are speaker failure and external speaker and mic adapter port quality issues. Thus far I have not met anyone with these issues – they are just reported.

Just a few quick spec’s for the popular Baofeng UV-5R:

  • Dual Band – 136-174/400-480
  • 128 programmable channels
  • FM radio built-in
  • LED flashlight built-in
  • Back-lit display programmable to different colors
  • Duel power – 4 watt/1 watt
  • Includes charging stand, VOX mic and earpiece, battery, belt clip and antenna

I have put together a “Baofeng Showcase” below so you can see a variety of choices. Remember, any purchase made help support ModernSurvivalOnline with no additional cost to you.

– – Rourke

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8 thoughts on “Got Baofeng?”

  1. I own several Baofeng and find them an incredible value for the money. I have them working with the MSA Sorden hearing protectors ( which are simply the very best shooting hearing protectors I have ever used (be sure and order with silicone filled seals. I also have some fine Yaesu and Motorola handhelds in protected storage. Just purchased the new Yaesu FT991 and associated ATAS automatic tuning antenna and suspect it will be an incredible adjunct to the Baofeng and Yaesu HTs.

    Listen to Rourke and buy several Baofeng.


    • Thanks PH. Now that the better weather is here I am going to continue my work on a homemade “repeater” to see if I can extend the range of these little radio’s in the event local repeaters go down.

  2. Have several Baofeng radios(a 5 and a 3), both with good success. When ordering, also get an improved antenna(like a nagoya NA-701), which greatly increased reception.

  3. I Believe i commented on the original posting, and will post again. As a licensed Ham extra The Only thing i can add to this is do your research before buying the radio!!! the UV-5R, BF-8F, and BF-8FHP share the same case which works with the 3800mAH Extended battery without modification. The other UV-5R variants will require modification that void any warranty and if too much “Mod” is done may not stay attached to your radio. Antennas, headsets, speaker mics,usb programming cables are pretty much fully interchangeable. As for the antennas there are some knock offs that do work better than the stock antenna, but the true Nagoya NA-701s NA-771s and the True Diamond SRH77CA, they completely outclass the “just good enough to test that the radio works” antennas they come with. And finally please get at least your “Tech” license so you operate legally and learn good practices so you don’t stand out(grey man). Good source of study materials are the practice tests at

    Edited for typos and clarity

  4. I bought 4 of them about 18 months ago, with the Nagoya antennas, and the programming cables. A great bargain for the quality you get. Certainly not Icom or Yaesu quality but at a small percentage of the price too.


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