Google censoring firearm related shopping…..

Several weeks ago I received an email from Google related to some changes to Google Affiliate programs. I have a Google Affiliate account and had been approved to be an affiliate for businesses such as The Sportsman’s Guide and Cabela’s. I have not really done much with it and now I certainly will not.

Basically Google will not pay out for certain firearm related affiliate sales. This is very disappointing and along with online mega-giant eBay is another example of anti-gun policies within big corporations.

The Sportman’s Guide actually changed affiliate company’s and sent me an invitation to be involved – which I accepted.

I will no longer have anything to do with Google affiliate, Adsense or related products. It is an unfortunate reality that Google is THE search engine on the Internet….at least right now. So from a marketing aspect I have to pay attention to it.

My two cents.


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  1. It’s sad that such a large search engine/company is against something like this. Google has even become a verb to many people. I guess that’s the unfortunate society we live in today.

  2. Its what we call a necessary evil!! Google reads, reports and categorizes everything even this comment. They data mine and build folders on everyone who uses it. They not only sell the data, but share the data with government fusion center and agencies. Basically its a subcontracted private company used for domestic spying. Same with Facebook, and all the other social sites.

    Its not domestic spying if you give them all the information. Read the privacy agreement which basically tells you all the ways they can violate your privacy and use your information.

  3. I argued against Google’s biased actions at length the other night. One of the people online (I think his name was Ken) put this travesty in true perspective. The problem here is not that Google is anti-gun. This is America, and we still have some choices indicative of a free society. The issue that Ken explained so well, was that Google is an information site. Consequently, their refusal to deal with anyone that sells guns will exempt those businesses from being displayed when internet users do a search. This is a very slippery slope, to blackball legitimate businesses because they sell guns. What is the next step? Google can say “We are athiests. We will no longer list companies that have Christian employees”. Hypothetical, yes. But, a very real possibility once you have given up your standards. Many of the people arguing in this forum vowed to drop Google as their search engine. I am not a computer savvy guy, but I assume that they will be using Bing, or some other source for internet search. If I knew how to alter the computer to drop Google, I would. I hope they lose billions! Information sites should deal with ALL material, not just the company’s biased opinion of what “We The People” should know. I can imagine the negative impact on American businesses that Google dropped.

  4. It’s been difficult, but personally I am moving away from Google. They are a private company and have a right to do what they want within the law, but the ill will moves like this causes sows the seeds of google’s demise, maybe 5 or 10 years from now, but still it will come. Its only ARROGANCE to think that your VERY GOOD product is irreplaceable–FACEBOOKS IPO trouble’s I think demonstrates that its already on the way out. Technology advances today at an unbelievable pace, and google too will be overcome one day.

  5. Rourke,Thanks. We all need to protect what little privacy we have left!!!!
    That last discussion was exc. re Lynn. Lets keep good topics rolling along.

  6. I heard about this a few weeks ago. I used my power of choice and uninstalled google chrome, google earth, and switched my default browser search engine to yahoo. No product or service is ‘irreplaceable’. Use your power of choice, vote with your dollar/feet.

  7. It’s not just this, but also other changes that have caused website owners to question the wisdom of sticking with google. Even before this news came out one of the more well known internet marketers out there posted on their blog that they were leaving google despite the fact that they’ve had plenty of success with them. The consensus among at least some appears to be that the company has become less about their users and affiliates and more about sheer profit.

    And now they’ve begun the process of censoring? Control the profits, control what products users can search for, and implement questionable policies concerning privacy and the government…perfect storm? I don’t believe the situation has advanced that much yet. Google has shown that they may be both capable and to an extent willing though.

  8. I haven’t noticed that, but I do remember when ebay stopped carrying gun related items… still has affiliates that are related to firearms.

    It’s sad but true, that must people unfamilar with firearms blame the instrument, not the player.

    I’m pretty sure they are also cataloging any searches related to firearms, and will use that against us as individuals…

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