God and Smart beats Evil and Stupid any day…..


God and Smart beats Evil and Stupid any day…..

 by C.R.

I’m a Bible-believing Christian for a very sensible reason; people lie, frequently and volubly. God never does. History changes and alters, according to the whims and manipulations of those it serves; the Bible never has, or will. One can never tell, from one day to the next, what or who will be deemed acceptable morally or ethically, for it depends upon whatever or whomever is profited the most, or needs are best served. God has never changed, and He told us the same things two thousand years ago, and even before that he tells us today what we all need to do to have a perfect world. 

He has even told us exactly what is happening, and what is going to happen long before most of us knew anything was happening at all. But, that’s God for you. He’s got a jump on everything and everybody, but that’s why He’s God, and we’re not, which is a subtlety that some really over-bred, over-coddled, excessively-moneyed Ding-Dongs seem totally to have missed.

They somehow have gotten the idea that somewhere along the line, God got lost in the shuffle somewhere, and a bunch of monkeys and typewriters, or Thrum and Stromdinger were playing craps and BANG! There we were. And they get to be gods as a result and decide just what happens to everything and everybody.

They’ve got all the money, so that makes them smarter than everyone else, and in some immutable fashion, the ruthless acquisition of wealth and power without the least regard for the environment, the world’s treasures and cultures, humanity, or the alteration of the entire genetic and molecular structure of all that exists somehow exalts them to such an lofty superior status they can decide who shall rule and not rule. Who shall have shelter. Who will be born. Who will live. Who will die. What Gods we worship. What books we read. What sex we marry. What we read, speak, and think. 

Obama has appointed a man as his “Science” Czar who is a confirmed Malthusian. There are many globalists in the CFR and scattered throughout Congress who earnestly believe in the myth that the population of the world must be cut drastically if the world is to survive. Sad, when you believe your own hype.

And they all believe THEY are the ones who deserve to live?  It’s clear as a bell it is they and their machinations and huge corporations and wastes, their greedy wars and rapine of the world’s resources that is what has put us i this dreadful mess, fiscally, ecologically, socially and morally. 

I do believe that all of them, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission  the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati,  the Masons, all those fake do-gooder Associations that do nothing of the sort, the Democratic Alliance, George Soros, all of them, should make out their wills and testaments, signing all their wealth and properties back to us, the people they have stolen it all from (We’ve been paying trillions of dollars of debt and interest on pieces of paper whose actual value is 4 cents each.)  plus nice, long letters of abject apology. Then, they should consume copious quantities of their own tainted pharmaceuticals and quietly pass away, self-induced eugenics for the good of the world, “Useless Eaters” all, as they would happily have done to us.

The global debts would be eliminated, all the evil in the world would immediately cease, and everyone would be happy again. It’s not likely to happen that way, but that’s alright. We who know the Bible already are waiting for the ending, and though there’ll be some rough times, the ending’s a happy one, and the Good Guys,us, win.

In the meantime, we are Americans, and we are doing exactly what we always do, those of us who ARE Americans, and not Zombies. When they say you “will!”, we say, “Oh, yeah?”   Look at this website. I’ve seen dozens of others, and more still. People are making their own solar panels, methane converters, windmills. They are growing gardens, getting survival supplies, learning how to cut expenses, make do, do without. They’re paying off their bills, getting rid of their cars, building new types of vehicles..I heard in India, a lot of poor farmers killed themselves in despair because they were ruined from some of Monsanto’s genetically-altered seeds. Well, they aren’t Americans, are they?  We would have been growing soybeans, not cotton.

We’ve even invented our own currency, and if the dollar goes kaput, do they really think we’ll all starve and go hysterical? Haven’t they heard of barter?  These guys are really idiots. It’s like I keep saying. They need to really rethink all that money they give to them big, fancy colleges they send their kids to, because it’s obvious they ain’t getting their money’s worth. They keep turning out stupid people.

Hey. God and Smart beats Evil and Stupid any day. We’re going to be just fine. We’ve survived a lot worse, just ask the old folks. Ask them a lot, because they can tell you everything you need to know about getting through hard times. We’ve had it soft, but we c an do all things through Christ who strengthens us. And you never, ever know how strong you are until you have to be. We’ll win, we’ll survive. 

They won’t.

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  1. I’m not usually one to rant; and, Rourke may well censor or delete this response. Even so, for someone who seems well versed and pens a well composed article (at least, insofar as sentence structure and grammer are concerned), CR you are an idiot.

    I can trace my family’s Masonic heritage to before our arrival in the Massachusetts colony in 1712. Like other American patriots including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin our family has found a place in various Lodges and the Fraternal society found therein. My ancestors have proudly served our Country in every conflict from the Revolution to OIF. We wore our uniform, shed our blood, salute our flag, respect our elders, and have unapolegetically defended our Constitution. We are in no way associated with or support the other organizations and philosophies CR so ignorantly groups with us.

    Generalizations and opinions are fine, but have a care for who you insult when they have given generations to support the Country you call home.

    • Harry-

      I am not sure CR is an “idiot” for grouping Masons in with some of the others. Possibly misinformed by many theory-driven TV shows. I don’t know. My father was a Mason and there are many people out there that are just ignorant of their history.


  2. Hope this strikes a chord with the Naysayers and extremists. Miracles happen everyday along with crimes and bad things. Why question it? HE will reveal his plans and reasons to all of us someday. As we continuously Prepare to take care of our mortal needs here on earth, it helps to think about and prepare for our spiritual needs also. Don’t you just love to be able to sit and speak with someone who went thru the Great Depression or the catastrophe of the recent Stock Market crash. Interesting how they were able to survive, raise a family and still come out ahead, vs. the ones who waited for the Government to come rescue them.

  3. This QUOTE from above reallneeds to be ADDRESSED foremost here in this Forum so that People like CR can find out what Blindness TRUELY IS !

    ( I’m a Bible-believing Christian for a very sensible reason; people lie, frequently and volubly. God never does. History changes and alters, according to the whims and manipulations of those it serves; the Bible never has, or will. )
    1st. “I’m a Bible-believing Christian for a very sensible reason;” CONGRADULATIONS on WORSHIPPING AN IDOL A.K.A. a BOOK ! If you truely worshipped your god it would be from your HEART & you’ld use the BOOK as a GUIDE as it was intended NOT AS A WEAPON, SHEILD or EXCUSE !

    2nd. “people lie, frequently and volubly.” Yeah NO kidding Even you have LIED in this Article you’ve Writen.

    3rd. “History changes and alters, according to the whims and manipulations of those’ WHO CONQUER IT ! NOT WHOM “it serves;” BUT TO MAKE IT SERVE THEM & THEIR CAUSE .

    & Finialy !
    “the Bible never has, or will.”
    THIS STATEMENT IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVEL’S, As the Roman Impire & the Early European Christian Allianece rewrote
    THE HOLY BIBLE to furthur their own END’s & they left out several of it’s BOOK’s Entirerly because then they wouldn’t NEED their RELIGOUS ORDERS to worship or beleive in GOD !

    I could GO on to finish out your Mistakes within this article like the one mentioned above by the Masonite dating back to revolutionary times.
    But until Yov’ld DONE a Complete & thourgh STUDY of ALL OF HISTORY, of the entire WORLD & their RELIGOUS BELIEF’s then & only then will your words CARRY ANY TRUE WEIGHT OR MERIT !


    • Solar –

      Just like CR – you have your opinion. Jesus is the one person who lead a pure, non-sinful life. He died on the cross for you, me and every other sinner out there. CR has their perspective – disagree with it – but please respect it.

      As far as “the Bible never has, or will” – possibly the word Bible could have, or should have been replaced with “Jesus”


  4. Although I have my own personal relationship with my God, generally public expressions/ opinions on religion usually make me uncomfortable as they are so many and varied,and so many people have become thin skinned, they usually piss off someone. Because of this I rarely comment on posts speaking of religion but believe they have their place in human discourse.

    I see above a couple comments that most would consider hostile and really serve no purpose…why?

    RE: Druid, you have no idea how many times I have “bitten my tounge” as well as hoped for the breakage of your caps button and discovery of spell check and sentence structure. Reading your comments is painful. I have an internal lottery running as to your age and the veracity of many of your statements. Regards, D.

  5. Wow…..

    You had good intentions, but it just didn’t pan out.

    I to am a believer on Christ and his message. But I never push it on anyone. I never use it as an argument or a defense.

    I do testify to my belief ONLY if asked. If someone is questioning something relating to the Bible, I will OFFER my assistance and my opinion of my interpretation of the Bible and what it means. However, I never preach.

    BTW, as to the “re-writing” of the Bible, yes there were many book left out. King James set to put it right and I think God had his hand in it. After many years of study, I still marvel at how the Bible is a spider web of interconnections back and forth in the Old and New Testaments. It is a true work of the hand of God.



  6. Although I cheer you C.R. for a great post, I agree with Harry on his very well stated points on the Masons. My father, one of the most patriotic men I have ever known and who served his country proudly in the Air Force was a Mason and reached the level of “Past Master”. My sister was a Rainbow Girl. I have had several friends who were Masons, no finer people could one hope to know. Beyond this, it is no accident that many on your list are the very same who classify God, religion and the afterlife as nothing more than “superstition of the ignorant”. For many of them, no afterlife will come.

  7. Merriam-Webster online

    Idiot – a foolish or stupid person, an offensive descriptor of one’s intelligence.

    Further, stupid – showing lack of intelligence, perception, or common sense.

    I’ll stand by my wording and intent.

    Proverbs 11:12 seems appropriate.

  8. Harry,

    All organization operate at various levels.. People within them are accorded access to information based upon their position..

    Further all organizations tend to degrade, become corrupt at the top over time.

    So, would you really be surprised to discover any organization perhaps even the one you vigorously defended being run the same way? Good and decent folk on the bottom perhaps in the middle.. with the Scum of the earth rising to the top?

    Remember “I did not have sex with that women”… spoken with all the sincerity in the world. In truth spoken with total contempt for the people…That is the nature of evil.

    So give a little room for the doubters and others who see the world thru different eyes..

    There are conspiracies, and evil doers posing as protectors and defenders.. Ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing. Evil so well presented as to seem good and “if possible to deceive even the elect”..

    All the best to all.


    • Vic –

      I agree with much of what you are saying. My only issue and likely Harry’s is when people overgeneralize.

      Thanks for the comments –


  9. i hope to say this without stepping on anyones toes for the reason being that i really like this group and would never want to offend any beliefs that everyone has. my wife and i both have a personal connection with god.i don,t post alot here because as with all things in general everyone has their own opinion on statements that are posted. i hope that everyone in the group will always remember that we each have an idea of how things should be or done. we all need to always work together like a person weaving a basket. each strand and fiber are important to the very end.i have visited several forums these last few years and one thing i have noticed is when a person say,s something that is close to what they believe in and then somebody else tells them that they are wrong then in alot of cases that one person may get offened and leave the group or have ill feelings towards the whole group. we all need to learn from one another and sometimes bite our tounges when it comes to certain things.i,ve been around alot of years and have learned to survive on my faith and what i have learned on my own and alot from what other people have showed me. anyhow like i said, i really enjoy this group and i send a prayer for all of us to get along.

  10. Vic,

    Couldn’t agree more – some organizations have bad folks in them. But, that doesn’t make the organization bad and every member evil by association.

    Organizations are merely ideas. Hence, they can’t “degrade”. The morals or ethics of the people in the organization may degrade, or their intent, or even their level of involvement; but the inanimate object continues to function in accordance with the input it receives from its tenders – whether the tenders are Owners, Managers, or simply unskilled laborers. This could apply to a business, a service or charity organization, or even a church. If you were around in the 70’s you may remember a computer acronym “GIGO”, Garbage In Garbage Out. I respectfully submit that the USA, the Catholic Church, and the Boy Scouts haven’t degraded; however, some of the leaders of those “organizations” have become enamored of the power and prestige at the expense of the idea. An idea (which is the basis for any organization) is only as good as its least adherent. A Marine squad is only as good as its poorest shot and slowest runner. If you leave those folks behind you are abandoning the “idea” and moving to a new “idea”. The idea didn’t degrade, the people administering the idea did.

    I refer you to CR’s post, specifically the following passage, “I do believe that all of them, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Masons, all those fake do-gooder Associations that do nothing of the sort, the Democratic Alliance, George Soros, all of them, should make out their wills and testaments, signing all their wealth and properties back to us, the people they have stolen it all from (We’ve been paying trillions of dollars of debt and interest on pieces of paper whose actual value is 4 cents each.) plus nice, long letters of abject apology. Then, they should consume copious quantities of their own tainted pharmaceuticals and quietly pass away, self-induced eugenics for the good of the world, “Useless Eaters” all, as they would happily have done to us.”

    Place whatever “idea” you revere into that passage. Now I will ask you to accept that a doubter may opine that you and your idea along with all of your friends, relatives, and neighbors (of whatever moral and ethical intent) who also revere that idea should give all of their possessions away as compensation for their having “stolen” them, accept the supposition that their beliefs are “fake”, that their efforts have not produced any “good”, that they should “apologize” for their beliefs, that they should commit suicide, and accept that they are “useless”. Gee, sounds like something we would have heard about Jews in 1938 Berlin.

    There will always be some bad apples in the cart, but an intelligent person doesn’t trash the entire cart of apples simply to eliminate the few bad ones. I’ll certainly defend your right to your opinion from all enemies foreign and domestic, but if your opinion is asinine I’m going to tell you so. CR’s statement that eliminating all Masons will be one step in ridding the world of evil is asinine.

    Masons have secrets, Mormons have secrets, the Church has secrets, Ford Motor Company has secrets, the NSA has secrets, some little boys may have a secret knock for their club house, even KFC has 11 “secret” herbs and spices. Despite a few or even many “bad” people in those organizations none of them are evil in intent and all of them in some manner, large or small, do some good.

    If you want to debate the best hunting/survival/tactical/everything else knife, the best ale to go with a rare slice of prime rib, or any other issue wherein you have an opinion and experiences to add to the discussion – great. If you want to make blanket statements that an idea is bad along with every person who believes in that idea with no supporting evidence expect to get rebuked. If you have an opinion on a subject, by all means toss it out for all to discuss. If you insult someone with no supporting evidence or facts, expect to get a dose of your own vitriol. Suggesting that access to my checking account and my demise will make your world a better place will get you labeled an “idiot” in my response. If you want what I have go into the world and make the same mistakes and sacrifices, put in the same long hours, and be away from your family for weeks and months at a time. Don’t expect some entitlement to my possessions and my life due to your belief that my participation in a fraternal organization makes me evil and a fake do-gooder.

    If you prefer a shorter version, I refer you to Luke 17:3 and Exodus 20:16-17.

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