Giveaway: Signed copy of Getting Out Alive by Scott B. Williams

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Author Scott B. Williams was kind enough to offer me a signed copy of his awesome book – Getting Out Alive.

Entering this contest is easy – so simple!

Just leave a comment right here on this post. That’s it.

Now – make sure you leave a valid email address so that when the lucky winner is drawn I can contact you for shipping info.

What to comment? Anything…..possibly why you would like the book. How about what your thoughts are as to what the most likely SHTF event you think might occur? I will draw the winner in one week on June 23rd, 2011. Shipping in the USA only, please.

Alright everyone….go ahead… know you want it.



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  1. Thanks for the blog Rourke. I would love to have a copy of this book the first book Bug Out was awesome. It contained lots of useful information.

  2. Rourke,
    Nice of Scott to give this away…. I would love to read this and if I don’t win it, I may just have to go get it…. if funds allow.
    Preppin pawpaw

  3. Can’t get any more simple. I want to WIN, because I’m a winner! at least that’s what my therapist tells me twice a week.

    Thanks Rourke.

  4. I’m here at Boy Scout Summer Camp for a week and just finished William R. Forstchen’s “One Second After”… Wow.

    This would be a great second read.

  5. SHTF scenario most likely to happen will probably be economic collapse (engineered, not accidental) to replace our fiat currency system with all digital and to restructure debt. This will probably take 3-6 months, during which time, those who have not made for their own safety net will be dependant upon the government’s Superdome-type respsone.

    people in urban areas will need to GTF out of the cities…

  6. I think that the most likely SHTF event will be an economic collapse. Our country is 14.3 trillion dollars in debt and taking on over 4 billion dollars worth of debt a day! Even if we ballanced the budget tomorrow (not likely), paid all interest on the debt (275 billion) and paid down principle at 225 billion dollars (1/2 trillion per year total) we would not reach zero until 2074. Last year the total of our non-discretionary spending (HUD Education, Justice, Agriculture) was 491 billion dollars. My point being that the federal government has reached a tipping point as far as the debt goes. It has become mathmatically impossiple to payoff the nations debt. The national debt has basically become the worlds largest Ponzi scheme, and when investors realize that, there will be no market for U.S. treasuries. There is already talk about the United States defaulting on the debt due to the debt ceiling limit. I think that we are a couple years away from default, and now is the time to get ready. A finacial blizzard is coming, don’t wait for the storm to hit, then run to Wal-mart for supplies, because the shelves will be empty, just like a real storm.

    Trenton Illinois

  7. This is the Survival guide book that we absolutely need in Asia particularly in the Philippines. I am willing to pay for the shipping fee. A lot of my countrymen are clueless about the Solar Flares, Nibiru, ELEnin or Planet X that will create worldwide disasters and billions of deaths. I value my life and I want to empower myself, family, friends and even strangers that there are ways to survive cataclysms. I am certain that we will learn a lot from this book. Hopefully, we will make it through the Pole Shift or Armageddon. Congrats and more power!

  8. Great give away Rourke! I really enjoy reading about real life scenerios so I think this would be an interesting one to read. If only there were more wtories about the upcoming economic collapse, then we would all know better…If only we were so lucky.

    Thanks again for what you do Rourke, keep up the good work!

    -DC Josh

  9. Entered!

    Most likely SHTF scenario for me here is an earthquake, and hence, I have lots and lots of canned food, bottled water, as well as guns and ammo.

  10. I would LOVE to win this book. I am an avid reader, but have been doing a lot of reading of non-fiction books to learn and haven’t really been reading for the pure pleasure of it lately. This looks like it might allow me to do both!!

  11. Hi Rourke! Love your blog. Add me to the drawing for the book because I would like to find out how to get out alive! ; )

  12. Yes, I do want the book, Getting Out Alive! It’s been on my Amazon Wishlist since it came out this year. As a trained first responder, I may not have the luxury of bugging out WTSHTF, nor do I think I will have the temperament. I will stay with my team to serve and protect survivors. I am likely to encounter urban breakdown and prepare for that. I am also a lifelong adventurer and former First Class Scout. I have lived in the wilderness and respect it. I like to think I know a lot about survival but I’m always learning something new. This book will be a great addition to my knowledge base and library. It will also be shared.

  13. Thank you for helping keep us on our game. I am not qualified to speak to the issue, but based on what I see going on in the gubmint, the media, and the world, I believe we are headed for a slow (3-5 years long) slide to “third-world” status with more repression of freedom, confiscation of remaining wealth, and a few “banksters” and others gaining nearly totalitarian power – all in the name of “helping keep Amerika safe.” Current events like the SWAT raid on a family because the estranged wife had failed to pay her student loan and the Jose Guerna raid, the TSA invasions of privacy, the BATFE debacle in Operation Fast and Furious, and other recent events and rulings point to the imposition of a typical police state.

    That is why I am prepping, training, and planning. I plan to be around for a few more years and helping my family do the same with their help. I wish I had ten more years to get ready, but I fear that is not to be. I’m just doing what I can as fast as I can.


  14. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. I think it’s important to get as much information as possible to prepare….I really don’t think that things are going to hold on for as long as some folks do!

  15. It is a great book. I already have a signed copy from Scott so I can’t get into this contest but it is a great read and I can’t wait for his newest book to come out this September. Go get this book.

  16. Looks like a good read! Would go nicely with my WTSHTF collection. Thanks for your efforts and posting good information.

  17. I recently started reading “Bug Out” and enjoy the way he writes. “Getting Out Alive” would be a great addition to our library. I hope LIFE is going better for you with each passing day.

  18. Howdy, Rourke. Drop my name in the hat for the signed book – or whatever trinkets you are using to appease the locals.

  19. Sounds like good book. I read a book years ago in school about hunters who had faced terrible situations and managed to survive. In fact, one of the stories was about a hunter that got mauled by a brown bear in Alaska. That book was riveting and perhaps laid the interest groundwork for me for Les Stroud’s show, “Survivorman.” I would like to add it to my “library” of survival book.


  20. I predict the next SHTF will be economic. The world’s fiat currency ponzi scheme is going to collapse of its own weight. Getting out alive sounds like good advice. Enter me into the drawing please.

  21. This would be a great addition to my survival library.

    For the record, I suspect a crisis would be a “dirty bomb” in Wall Street, getting some of the banksters but killing a bunch of innocents.

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