Giveaway: Kelly Kettle Trekker


I recently published a review on the Kelly Kettle cook system. Great product. Emergency Essentials and I have teamed up to give a Kelly Kettle Trekker away to one lucky reader.


Here is how to enter:

  • Leave a comment to this post sharing your most recent preparedness efforts. It may be you bought a bunch of candles, maybe you planted your garden, or maybe you ordered some books. Whatever you have recently done to move you forward in prep’s just mention it here. All comments will count as one entry(one comment per person please).
  • Mention ModernSurvivalOnline and this giveaway on a forum, social media, your own blog, or some other website – and each mention with a link to MSO will count as an entry. If you do this just send me an email at emergencycd (at) and give me the links/information as to what you did. Each link pointing to ModernSurvivalOnline earns an entry into the contest.

Any emails sent please include “contest entry” as the subject.


A drawing will be held on May 5th and the winner will be announced on Wednesday May 6th. I will post a couple reminders between now and then.

The Kelly Kettle Trekker is a very nice and useful survival tool.

Special thanks to Emergency Essentials for sponsoring the giveaway.

Good luck everyone!





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  1. Thanks for the chance to win!

    I just bought a used but well cared for 7500 Watt dual fuel (gasoline/propane) generator. Not a light weight portable unit, but a continuous duty fixed unit with a heavy steel enclosure. Sub-panel will be installed shortly, and power outages will become much less of an issue.

  2. I experimented on Sunday with making a campfire with only a firestarter. I kind of cheated with a vaseline soaked cotton ball

  3. I practiced fire making skills with my grandchildren, practicing 3 ways of making fire without matches or lighter. much to my surprise it was easier than I thought. next step do it while it’s raining…that should be interesting.

  4. After work yesterday I went to Wallyworld and purchased: 6 SABERCUT Compact Chainsaws by Ultimate Survival Technologies, 6 Boxes of MRS AQUATABS Water Purification Tablets (each box treating up to 60 quarts), 4 SUBZERO 26oz.Stainless Steel Metro Bottles, and 1 RELIANCE Luggable Loo (seat and cover).

  5. I just made a water catchment system out of two new garbage cans for under my rainspout. I’m restoring a cast iron fry pan and a wood burning stove( extra ). I have read about the Kelly Kettle and am intrigued!

  6. I took 3 of my grandsons fishing. I wanted to practice different methods of catching fish and making sure that they knew more than one way. We used poles, nets, string, and line with a hook. It was fun experimenting and watching them learn and attempt new things. Have to pass along skills to the next generation. They were rewarded by learning to build a fire, roast wieners and eat smores. It was a grand adventure.

  7. I have been working to become prepared by storing away items in my car, my house and other locations. I purchased a paper brick maker, turning junk mail into bricks to use for fires. This weekend, the temperature dropped and we were able to make use of them. They are lightweight and burned fairly well. The bricks can be made pretty small to fit in backpacks as well as in the car. The next test will be to see how well I do lighting them without matches or a lighter. I think these will be a nice add to our things we have set back.

  8. Got the garden in this last weekend as well as planting some herbs and medicinal plants. This “edible landscaping” is one way to prep without drawing a lot of unwanted attention!

  9. I also just bought a dual fuel generator – it seems like a solid addition to my preps and I found a new one on eBay for far less than I have found local. The dual fuel is an excellent way of doubling your resources and extra propane can be used in so many ways from cooking to heating. Carry on! I love your site!

  10. We recently updated our 2 sheltie’s survival/combat harnesses. Each one is expected to carry it’s own food and water, plus spare ammo.

  11. We just planted asparagus beds and I made another raised garden bed for vegetables. Also started composting yard waste and grass clippings for fertilizer.

  12. My wife and I finally bought what we hope is our final house for ever more. 14.5 acres and a workable house. Now come the additions like buried transport container, solar, water catchment off the pro-panel roof, garden, rabbits/ducks/goats?. You know, your basic weekend projects… forever. Thanks for the website Rourke.

  13. Been working on making the home/escape pod/bunker/ (i.e. it is a boat!) more livable for longer term. Currently have diesel stoves and can carry 500 gal of fuel which is enough to heat/ light cook for about 6 months if we are careful.. Berkey filter for water… now working on plans for a better designed boat more TEOTWAWKI suitable.

  14. Greetings,
    I’ll throw in the discussion by revealing that I have begun raised bed gardening in the town I reside. Everything is green and beginning to bear fruit over the past two weeks. Also, I splurged and bought what I hope to be my only non-lethal weapon: it is a huge can of Grizzly Bear pepper spray; the testimonials of its use are inspiring. Working on another tip, I purchased a 4′ x 6′ sheet of Reflectix(c) insulation material and cut it into two 2′ x 6′ sheets. This material is supposed to reflect 97% of body heat back to you and will serve as a layer between my pad and sleeping bag during winter outings. One soul, caught in a blizzard with two sons, used only this material and a wool blanket and comfortably survived a night, to hear him tell it, in sub-zero conditions. It is cheaper to buy this material in the 4′ width and cut it down to what you need and is useful for insulating stove pipes, hot water pipes, water heaters and whatever you can dream up beyond that. My very next project is a, 4-5 hen, chicken coop and I would love to hear the sizzle of eggs or even a wayward squirrel on this truly innovative stove you have presented, it is a genius design. Nonetheless, good luck to all contestants,
    Respectfully yours,

  15. Got 8 IBC Totes .. and will be building a 16×20 hot house and capturing the water off the roof in partially buried containers to prevent freezing.. Putting in bees may 9th .. and goin nuts trying to figure out AND afford my Solar plans

  16. Starting some container gardening. Potato seeds arrived yesterday. Also found some Mountain House products on sale so bought some to add to the supply.

  17. contest entry:Added a home generator to the stuff, every time the power goes out we practice setting it up and are amazed at how flawless the Honda runs, so quiet and efficient too. Thanks for your site too

  18. I’m a little hesitant about providing this info – I’ll trust that your site is secure. I’ve ordered some freeze dried long-term storage food from Auguson’s, purchased several books related to post-collapse survival (such as books detailing bug out gear, gardening, edible wild plants, survival medicine, firearm schematics, DIY projects, military survival situations and repair manuals – as well as many others). I’ve also purchased additional ammo, firearms (including another CCW pistol), survival gear, additional reloading dies (been reloading for years), multi-camera security system (self-controlled, not linked to a security company), extra water, additional camping gear, lots of batteries, several solar-based and hand crank devices (flashlights, emergency radio…), long range walkie talkies and a propane generator, as well as gear for my kids – to name a few. Still a lot to learn, prepare, purchase and build.

    Anyone on here a HAM operator? Been thinking about learning how to operate and get lisenced.

  19. Hey John, love your honest reviews of the equipment you use. Good or bad you tell the story.
    My recent preps include expanding a previous 400 sq ft garden to 800 sq ft and constructing drip irrigation using gravity and 5 gal buckets to water it. As a former Special Forces soldier though, I can’t stop teaching so my proudest prep was actually teaching map reading and navigation to some friends who have begun their journey. Instruction included learned back azimuth so they can find themselves on a map when they can see easily identifiable terrain features. Also taught the shadow stick method for finding direction without a compass.They thought that was the coolest. Passing knowledge always feels the best and reinforces my own practice of any skill. My preps continued last week with converting an old mower engine to drive a car alternator and power things via inverter from yard sale for $7 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  20. I am new to prepping. It took me a long time to decide to start. How can you not be concerned when you think about how different the world has become in just the last few decades. The changes certainly have not been for the better. Although my wife is not completely onboard (god love her, she’s trying) there is a little part of her that sees the logic in what I am trying to do for our family. So we both compromise. I try to not get too carried away with preps and she tries to tolerate my craziness.
    One thing I really like about prepping, it can be great quality time together. For instance this past weekend we made hardtack for the first time. It was a great day.
    Realistically I know our preps have a long way to go. But I guess better late than never. We do what we can… I sleep a little better at night knowing I have at least started the process. 

  21. My husband and I have been doing TONS of stuff! He handbuilt 6 new garden beds and we have filled three of them with great veggies. He made sure one of them had plastic sheeting to guard the fragile babies from the frost. We also went out this weekend and purchased a double barrel composter that he has wanted forever!!! Lastley we are very excited about the new greenhouse that we have been researching and will be purchasing within the next two weeks! It’s just the perfect little 6×8 starter size!

  22. just planted the garden the garden here in idaho little early but weather nice, also bought 3 survival knives one for each car for the wife and both kids

  23. I have started caching minimum supplies in various locations. You never know where you will be when the need arises.

  24. Have taken actions and read books but am now taking a Permaculture Design Course to better understand practical ways to make a “Food Forest” on our land. Integrating a pond with permanent and annual plantings should help us be more resilient in bad times. We are raising Ancona ducks after reading The Resilient Gardener.

  25. Got the garden filled up today here in central New York. Hope to plant tomorrow. We started organizing w/o and camping equipment last month. Never bothered to do it before. Found lots of junk!

  26. Traded a complete lower for a eotech 512. Did some plant I g in the garden. Plan to plant some more tonight.

  27. Since finding MSO I have been adding to my prepping stockpile. Books- edible plants in the southeast, SAS survival guide. Several different types of fire starters ( magnesium rods(to build homemade strikers). Knives. Several fixed blades (Biker,Schrade and Gerber). I’m just getting started in building my preps.

  28. I’ve started to plant out the cold hardy seedlings and to direct sow the root vegetables in the garden.

  29. Just added a 4-pack of NATO fuel cans for generator fuel, and a pair of 15 gallon potable water drums, and delivered an AR-15 class to a church-based prepper group. I’m still filling the closet with the regular 2 cases per month Mountain House order.

  30. Bought a biolight camp stove and light system, havent tried them yet, but looking forward to it, if it works as it should its a great portable power source for lighting, cell phone, tablet, radio, also have a goal zero solar panal that has usb ports with a aa and aaa recharger pack, between the two it should cover my short term bug out power needs.

  31. The last experiment with the kids was building a solar powered USB charger with some solar lights from Walmart and a broken USB car charger. We also learned to make fire starters with Crayons for one of your posts last month.

  32. Yep….getting the garden up and running, but what is front and center for me at the moment is getting myself as ready for what comes next as possible. After reading in the archives several comments on cataract surgery, it prompted me to move forward with having mine done sooner than later. Made appointment to do so. Also, just finished listening to “The Overton Window” today….i think getting my mind in the right frame is invaluable. After reading the above comments, have written a few notes for further research on those of note to me…….i am continually grateful for this unending source of information and ideas.

  33. Ive seen the Kelly Kettle in You Tube videos and think it’d be a great addition …mostly because in camping (and survival) you always have a need for hot water and having it ready while you cook something else is great!

    …….oh forgot to mention …I’ve stocked up on dehydrated foods in my travel trailer for camping (and survival) and the inside store room. I have a goal zero 350 and am going to try it out this summer too. Always need more and ideas too to improve the sharing on this site.

  34. Putting things aside becomes a weekly ritual. I found some useful tools at the hardware store (small shovel, mallet hammer, and bailing wire for the garden fence) at a good price so I picked one of each up. The hardest thing is purchasing quality, tested items and trying to save money at the same time. Budgeting to prevent from going in the hole is a huge prep for us. The other thing we have done is pure sweat equity in our individual health. The 2 dogs, my wife and I have begun a sustainable exercise program including hiking, running, walking and mild weight lifting (just their packs for the dogs) which also gives us time to just chat with one another about random thoughts about our day.

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