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A very nice little light for your keychain, 160 lumens, a red light and a UV light.


How to enter?
1) Leave a message like “I WANT IT” and  2) Share your impressive flashlight in your trip to attend.
One winner will be selected at random! Closing date 17st March!


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  1. It sure looks like something to leave in the sun and water it so that it grows…but a good idea to have one !

  2. Yep, I do want it! These are seriously up my alley. My late father loved gadgets and mini versions of things that still did the “full-sized” job and these both made me think of him, so thanks at least for that 🙂

    My belt-loop mini-flashlight has seen better days, I do believe the MecArmy would be a proud addition.

  3. “How to enter?
    1) Leave a message like “I WANT IT” and 2) Share your impressive flashlight in your trip to attend.”

    OK… 1) I WANT IT
    2) huh?

  4. And the winner is……………………….. comment #23!

    D., I gave your email so they can contact you about your prize. Congratulations!

  5. Thanks MSO for the light. It’s pretty powerful for its size, but If I had to buy it I probably wouldn’t pay $45.
    I haven’t had the time to properly review it, but Kathy at gear best is prodding me to post something.
    Regards, D.

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