Getting Started with Survival Preparations

There are many people that are just now looking into “survival”. Many of these new “preppers” have become interested due to severe economic situations in this country as well as uncertainty throughout the World. Many people are having their eye’s opened due to the reality of the situation.

Now, I am not going to get into all the in’s and out’sof the economic situation – I will however express my opinion that it is SEVERE and very BAD! A double dip recession is very distinct possibility. I am very concerned that a continuation of the economic decline with the United States being a consumer-based economy will result in a total economic collapse at some point in the future. If you are reading this Blog – you are most likely aware of the need to prepare now….before it is too late.

So, if you are new to the idea of disaster survival and emergency preparedness and question what you need to concentrate on regarding your preparations – here I go:

1. FOOD – Without food, your chances of survival are greatly diminished. Beginning to store extra food in case of a disaster or hard economic times is not rocket science and relatively easy. First, buy extra of what you buy already. When the grocery store sale papers come out – look and see what is on sale. Canned goods can be the base of your plan. Soups, stews, fruit, vegetables, etc. It is not uncommon to see soup on sale for 2-3 cans for $1.00. When you see this – stock up. Canned vegetables on sale for 3-4 for a $1.00 – stock up! Buying what you normally use in quantity will help with the stress of any survival situation that may present itself. Make sure you buy a mix of everything so that someday you are not eating Chicken Noodle Soup 24/7. Pay attention to expiration dates. Rotate your emergency food stock with what you commonly use day-to-day. There are a lot of factors to food storage and I will touch base on many of them in the near future. Hurricanes, ice storms, terrorist attack, world war, economic collapse – you need food to survive all of them.


2. WATER – You can live longer without food than water. Again – storing water does not take a degree in brain surgery to do. Often grocery stores have multi-packs of bottled water on sale. I regularly pay $2.99 for 24-16 ounce bottles of spring water. Finding a place to store a couple of stacks of these packs should not prove difficult. Buying 1 gallon containers of drinking water and storing them should also be done. Again, finding a place to store 5, 10, 20 gallons of water can be done. Back of a closet or corner of a garage, how about under the bed? – start stocking up now.


3. FIREARMS –The third and last category for this installment is firearms. Depending upon the circumstances of the situation – firearms could play a very valuable role in protecting your supplies, yourself, and your family. My recommendations is to purchase the following:

– Semi-automatic magazine fed rifle (such as the AR-15, Mini-14, M1 Carbine, etc) – if you cannot afford this – go for a quality lever-action rifle/carbine
– A pistol that you are comfortable shooting (revolver or semi-auto)
– 12 Gauge Shotgun (defensive style)



More on Firearms: I would consider having a semi-auto military style rifle, reliable pistol, and a shotgun as the basic starting point for a survival firearm battery. High quality high capacity magazines need to be purchased (at least 10 for your rifle, 6 for your pistol). Ammunition also needs to be purchased – minimum of 1000 rounds for your rifle, 500 rounds for your pistol, and 100 00-Buck shells, 50 12 gauge slugs, and 50 shells of bird shot. Again – there is a lot more to Firearms for Survival than this – coming soon…..

Summary – If you are just starting off with your survival preparations – the basics of food, water, and a way to protect yourself – weapons….are a good starting point.


Additionally – check out the free Survival & Preparedness Database on this site for a huge variety of information on many topics.

More information upcoming……


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8 thoughts on “Getting Started with Survival Preparations”

  1. While water storage is good, it is only a short term stop-gap. For example, there are three of us, and we filter our water, so we know how much we use for drinking and cooking. It takes two to three gallons a day. Anything longer than just a few days starts requiring considerable storage space. A good filter, in addition to the stores water would be a good idea

  2. I have a well that is 300 feet deep, I contacted the well driller and explained to them about installing a hand pump if a situation happens, he said my static water level is at 30 feet but set the pipe to 50 feet for safety. I am now looking into a hand pump that will work at that depth.

  3. Regular postings like this serves as reminders. Keep them coming Survival Triangle: a)Food/Water b)Shelter c)Protection

  4. BTW, We have been playing duck duck goose with tornado’s, and now floods here in North Texas. There is an inner peace knowing you have preps in place and redundancy supplies. It also empowers you to help your neighbors.

  5. John P way to go for your water security.
    Badger-know our prayers are with all of you folks in tornado alley.
    Rourke and everyone-We are fairly well prepped but I became a tad relaxed and saw how fast some supplies can get used up. Trips to our preps instead of the grocery store were convenient.
    well today I re-stocked canned goods -tuna, red cabbage,pickled beets, ,nuts, coffee,tea, paper plates and cups ,napkins, paper towels-just replacing what we had used and my bill was $326.
    ugh. Inflation.Glad we have our other items put away and up to par..f course this was also the regular shopping for the next two weeks. Glad we have a garden.Since we may get frost tomorrow night we will be covering everything and holding off on putting anything else in the ground until June. God bless everyone- be safe. Arlene

  6. I like these simple ways to get started. So often when thinking of preparing people just get overwhelmed and do nothing. If you think just buy a case of water next time I am at the store, I can do that! Gotta remember something is far better than nothing.


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