Getting ready to start watching Jericho again…..

It’s like a yearly pilgrimage. Every Fall I start watching the discontinued TV series Jericho. If you are not familiar with Jericho – here is a brief synopsis:

A nuclear bomb explodes somewhere near Denver, Colorado. The folks in the small town of Jericho, Kansas bear witness to he explosion as well as the confusion as to what happened. Power is lost – as well as all communicators and questions start being asked with few answers. Shortly thereafter power is restored only to be lost again via an EMP attack from an unknown origin.


The first several episodes revolve around people getting used to existence with power, refrigeration, no news and communication. Fuel is in short supply as well as food stores. The isolation of Jericho is driving people insane thus they send out “four horseman” all in opposite directions to seek news. Some return, some do not.

Jericho has several interesting back stories beyond the nuclear bombing of 23 cities across the United States and the desperation that follows.

The reality is I think this is probably the ONE true TV series that is most closely related to what many of us prepare for – no power, no communication, no grocery stores, little water, no fuel, and little organized law enforcement. Watching how the folks deal with these situations gets my preparedness-mind thinking.


Jericho was cancelled after just one season however due to a very strong and loyal following it was brought back for a short 2nd season – and was quickly cancelled. I highly recommend Season One. Season Two? It was OK.

Anyone else a fan?

Want to watch it for yourself? Amazon has some great deals on the DVD. Click HERE for more info.

Take care all –


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  1. love the series, was an oppourtunity for me to slyly, covertly show my wife (who’s against my preppin) to see what would happen in a highly theoretical situation (would never happen in real life, right everyone? wink wink). anyways. good series all around. agree season 1>season 2

  2. Jericho was awesome for us. It provided a nice launching point for some conversations about how to handle certain situations, and the writers provided for some interesting affirmations.

    Not to knock Jericho… but as a recommendation for anyone who has completed Jericho… I’d like to suggest The Walking Dead. While it plays a little with the zombie concept, the zombie portion is merely a vehicle for a very smart and intelligent discussion of post-apocalyptic scenarios.

    We have finished the first two seasons of Walking Dead, and now through about 4 episodes of Season 3… I’m finding that the conversations about many of the moral dillemas prove to be thought provoking, and far more controversial than Jericho. Jericho touched lightly, where Walking Dead starts using a sledgehammer when dealing with subjects like who gets buried and who gets burned… what do you do with known enemies who are captured… what would you do to escape zombies… what would you do to ensure your family’s survival… and more. I also am fond of the fact that they don’t always pretty it up, and make the easy “everyone survives” choices that plague too many post-apocalyptic dramas.

    Besides, they both have Lennie James in them! 🙂

  3. Wife and I also just finished the Jericho series. We watched it on our Roku box via Amazon Prime streaming.
    Very enjoyable, and really gives thoughts to what would a person do in that situtation.
    After finishing the series, she stated, “We need to order some more Mountain House food for storage”.
    Got to love that woman!!

  4. I was a part of the online attempt to get SyFy to pick Jericho up…Fantastic show, and wisdom shared…Agree with @ThunderBearer that #WalkingDead also shares some wisdom, albeit in a more fantastical way. But they DO deal w/tough decision making. I personally prefer to have books available that I can physically consult…such as #AlasBabylon, #WarDay, as well as physical copies of #JamesRawles books. I also am building a library of factual materials. Other nonsensical fiction books can always be used for fire material if need be (and I LOVE my Stephen King!)LOL

  5. I thought the Jericho series was great and re-watch it once or twice a year. Walking dead is darker true, but does show some potentially very real tough choice situations.
    I would recommend the movie “Contagion” with Matt Damon (?. I found the timeline and reaction of citizens to be a pretty good estimate. While mostly seen as background to the main characters, I found myself thinking the actions of these people were a very real portrayal of what would happen in a real SHTF event.

  6. CBS and Netflix are in talks about bringing back the show. Fans are encouraged to write or e-mail: Mr. Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix, 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032, [email protected].

    In the meantime, the Jericho story continues in the Season 3 and 4 graphic novels. The Season 3 novel is back in print:
    the Season 4 novel will be released by the end-of-the-year and can be pre-ordered:

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