Getting A Spouse To Believe!


by “The Coach”

Contributing Editor

There are many physical things that we as “Preppers” need and want. All of them we believe we needed or want in order to survive a TEOTWAWKI situation. However, none of them is as important as having a spouse that is understanding, agreeable and works with you toward a common goal with your beliefs on preparing for whatever disaster, nature or manmade, that you are preparing for. Notice that I did not say wife or husband. It could be either.

If you are preparing for a TEOTWAWKI situation and your spouse thinks you are a nut or crazy, you have a bigger problem than obtaining equipment, food and supplies. Your spouse HAS to believe in what you are doing and preparing for. You cannot do everything, preparing for a TEOTWAWKI situation, by yourself. Having a spouse that cannot or will not help in planning for a TEOTWAWKI situation is a plan for disaster before you even start.

So, how do you accomplish converting your spouse before your spouse asks for a divorce or has you committed? There are several ways to approach your spouse in attempting to get them to believe.

First, start watching the national and international news together as often as you both can. On commercial American TV news, I prefer Fox News. I have found that on the internet the “B.B.C.”, “British Broadcasting Company”, news about the United States is more informative than ANY American news agency. In addition, the “” is an excellent on line news source that I check frequently during the course of the day.

By viewing what is going on in the world, either together with your spouse or having informative discussions with your spouse about the major world problems of the day, you can explain how any one of them could turn into a TEOTWAWKI situation. For example, how the North Koreans developing and selling nuclear weapons around the world and threatening nations with detonating nuclear weapons because they, the North Koreans, are not getting what they want, could cause worldwide problems. The collapse of the American economy or monetary system could easily happen and why and what the results could be. An E.M.P., Electro Magnetic Pulse, attack is one of the scariest. If we are attacked by an E.M.P. weapon, the pulse burns out most of the transistors and electrical transformers and we are sent back to living like we did in the 1850s. Imagine not having electricity to use for ANY purpose. Our society is more dependent on electricity than oil. Think about it! I am sure there are many other reasons that could cause a TEOTWAWKI situation that you can explain to your spouse.

Another thing you can try is to watch an informative movie together. The movie that I HIGHLY recommend you watch with your spouse and/or family is “Panic in Year Zero” made in 1962. I am in my 60’s. If you are around my age, you will remember an actor named “Ray Milland”. Ray Milland not only stars in this movie but directs it also. Other actors you may recognize that are in this movie are Jean Hagen and Frankie Avalon. This movie is not only entertaining but informative. I found my copy of this movie at my local Wally World in their $5.00 DVD bin. However, you can order it on line for approximately the same price.

The story line of the movie is, a father, mother, teenage son and teenage daughter leave home to go on a camping/fishing trip. While in route, a nuclear war starts and all of the U. S. major cities are destroyed. The father, Ray Milland, knows what must be done but his wife, Jean Hagen, refuses to believe the reality of what has happened and fights him with every decision he makes.

If you have never seen this movie before, obtain a copy and watch it by yourself first. Then, watch the movie with your spouse and/or family but use the movie as a teaching tool. Start watching the movie with them, then when the father makes a decision, pause the movie and ask your spouse/family if that is what they would do and why or why not. Discuss the options that might work. Then continue the movie and repeat the process through the rest of the movie.

Another way to introduce your spouse to prepping is to take up camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc. with them as a hobby or as a vacation idea.

You DO NOT need a spouse that will fight you over every decision you make after a TEOTWAWKI situation happens.

However, if your spouse’s idea of roughing it is staying in a Holliday Inn instead of staying at a Hilton Hotel, then you have a big problem on your hands.

It took a different way for my wife to come around.

For years the federal government told us to prepare for any disaster, we should keep on hand a three (3) day supply of food and water. After three (3) days, F.E.M.A. would be there to help us.

My wife and I live in southeast Louisiana. When Hurricane Katrina hit us, we were on our own for weeks. F.E.M.A. was nowhere to be found. If it was not for my stored supplies, we would have been in very bad shape just like many other people in the New Orleans area. Remember those evening news video broadcasts of people waiting to be helped at the New Orleans Super Dome and the New Orleans Convention Center but no help came for a long time.

After Hurricane Katrina, my wife understood. She got on board with my preparedness program 110 %.

For example, last month, Mrs. The Coach and I went on a drive for a couple of weeks to the southwest. When I told my wife that I wanted to bring my pistol, she not only agreed with me but insisted on bringing hers also. I then told her that I wanted to bring my M-4 rifle, just in case. The next words out of her mouth surprised even me. She said she wanted to bring hers also. She then asked how much ammo should we take. She has come a long way indeed. (Before anyone asks, yes, we both have concealed handgun permits and train with our handgun and M-4 rifles on a regular basis.) Fortunately we did not need any of our firearms on our trip, but it was sure nice and comforting to know we had them if they were needed.

NOTE: When we pack our firearms to take in our vehicle on a trip, before we take them out of the house, we place them in duffle bags that look very much like our luggage. This way you can take them in and out of our vehicle without causing anyone watching to be alarmed or call the police. It just looks like another piece of your luggage. We do not leave our firearms in our vehicle overnight when we travel.

Another little trick we use is to go to Wally World and purchase one of those small cheap Styrofoam ice coolers. Take your handgun and place it in the empty and dry Styrofoam ice cooler and put the top back on. Nothing else should be placed in that cooler. Place that cooler on the back seat of your vehicle, if there are two people in the front of your vehicle or place it in the passenger’s seat if you are traveling by yourself. Don’t forget to put the seat belt around it, securing the cooler or when you stop suddenly the cooler will not go flying. If you need your hand gun, just reach under the cooler top and retrieve it. If someone looks in your vehicle, it is doubtful they would break in just to steal a cheap Styrofoam ice cooler or know what is in it.

I am NOT encouraging anyone to bring a firearm/s with you on any in or out of state trip. That is a decision that you and your spouse should make together. The firearms laws change drastically from state to state. Check the firearms laws in the states that you will be traveling in before you travel with ANY firearm.

If anyone has had any other successful ways of converting your spouse to come around to prepping, I would very much like to hear them. I am constantly getting asked for information on this subject.


NOTE:  I DO NOT receive ANY compensation from ANY company or news agency, for mentioning ANY product, named in ANY of my articles. I write about gear and ideas that works for me.


“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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7 thoughts on “Getting A Spouse To Believe!”

  1. I’m very lucky in that respect, my wife has been on board for a long time. Sure, I’ve nudged her a bit but she hears the news and has seen how often people get caught off-guard by things as simple as the weather. She also went through hurricane Hugo and the aftermath. Something like that will sure teach you a thing or three.

    In many ways she leads the way, buying canned goods and such without me saying a word. The other morning she told me about the dream she had had the night before. A virus had been released onto the populace and was spreading quickly. This virus was particularly unnerving as it turned everyone it effected into 4 foot tall Smurfs. She went on to explain how a horde of them attacked our home trying to get our food. By the time we got done shooting the entire front yard was covered in a sea of little blue bodies… all wearing white booties. We got a good laugh over it. When I got home that night from work she handed me 3 boxes of 5.56 she had bought that day. With a big smile she quipped “hey, you gotta be ready for the Smurf Apocalypse….

  2. Like John Gault, I am fortunate that my wife also believes we are headed for dangerous times ahead. In fact, she was warning about the prophetic side, Revelations and the Mayan Calendar, years before I got on board. My awakening came in March 2011, while listening to an advertisement from a financial adviser named Porter Stansberry. His simple explanation of the National Debt and Petro-dollar convinced me that economic collapse is unavoidable. My wife bought a pressure cooker and has been canning (jarring) food for a few years. She started hunting, fishing and planted a small garden. My wife also got a Concealed Weapons Permit and keeps camping/survival gear in her car. She has a medical background, so I agreed to have her handle the stock of antibiotics and first aid supplies. I think the most important thing so far, is that she supported the purchase of thousands of dollars worth of guns and ammo! Now, if only I could get her behind the “Cache” plans……..

  3. My husband is not on board but doesn’t say much about my preparing. He sees the news, etc. but is so busy taking care of day to day problems he won’t focus on it.
    It is a problem to me but I’ve learned to just keep carrying on and keep hoping he will see the light.
    I need his help in carrying out big projects and that usually doesn’t happen.
    Those of you whose spouse is of the same mindset are truly blessed.

  4. My DH and I met while camping…so needless to say, we have been ‘on the same page’ in some respects, for quite a while. He thinks I tend to go overboard, but he has been encouraging. I’m getting my CCW with his encouragement. Because of frequent power outages in our area, he ‘gets’ our need to be stocked up. About the only thing I can say to someone whose spouse isn’t ‘on board’, don’t get discouraged, just keep on doing your thing…don’t fret over buying a couple extra cans of food each week, or whatever your plan is…Keep learning new skills…Take comfort in the fact that at least one of you will be ready…

  5. It took my husband about a year to get me on board. I actually submitted a guest post to Rourke about three years ago about it and WON! =) Rourke – how about a flash back re-print?

  6. Coach, the premise of your article is an important one, and an issue that is difficult to tackle. People want to be happy, and tend to do the things that make them happy. Preparing for all sorts of disasters and calamities is not a particularly cheerful hobby. Discretion and an eye towards incremental involvement are often the best strategies. To much talk of zombie apocalypses, economic collapses or the earth jumping off course and doing a barrel roll into the sun will make even the most loyal run in the opposite direction. While I’ve been lucky with regards to my spouses acceptance and involvement in prepping, It’s mostly based on her desire to be more self reliant and self sufficient, this is something she is really enthusiastic about.

    Sometimes reality is your most powerful tool. My wife is not a gun person, never has been and never will be. But she watches the news here and there, she sees the reports on the crime and violence going on… after all, the news is mostly crime and violence these days. With only a bit of prodding she came to the conclusion that learning to defend herself with a gun was a good idea. We got her a 22 semi-auto rifle and I taught her how to shoot it and reload it. She doesn’t enjoy shooting at all, to her it’s a chore, like weeding the garden. But know she knows how to defend herself, and she mostly decided for herself to learn it. Getting her a pistol is in the works.

    Prepping has become a natural part of our life together. We treat it like money in the bank, it gives us comfort and security and it eliminates worry. At the same time 90% of our time is spent on living happily for today and planning our future endeavours, there is very little doom and gloom involved in any of it. Preps equal freedom, freedom not to worry, freedom to concentrate efforts elsewhere. It’s working for us, I hope everyone can find the same balance we have.

  7. I envy those of you who have spouses that are on board. Mine isn’t and after the last couple of years building up supplies (not to mention the years beforehand of readying myself and studying the psychological aspects of aftermath), she probably never will be. I see her as the weak link in my plans but not much I can do about that. To show you her mindset of non-reality, we had a rare serious discussion and she stated it would be better for us all to starve to death together than a few to live. Considering my limited supplies and the size of my extended family, that would seem like the end result. She has already said she wouldn’t turn anyone away that shows up. I sure have my problems cut out for me!


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