Gault speaks…..Ramblings from the Homestead

Ramblings- From The Homestead

 Light Hearted and  Brutally Honest                                                                                                        


 by John Gault


The end is near….. At least that’s what we have been told: An Indian guru has prognosticated that 2012 will usher in Kali Yuga’s “end of days”. Terrence McKenna has prophesized that 2012 will lead us to “Timewave Zero” whatever that is, and still others interpret the Mayan calendar as stating the end will arrive at precisely 11:11am on Dec. 21st


The world as we know it may well end, but not because of any of these mystical, stupid or superstitious reasons. Eliminating those, we still have a multitude of reasons to prepare. Natural catastrophes from hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and pandemics to polar shifts and the ever possible life-obliterating solar flare are all causes for hand wringing. Man made events can be even more worrying. Chemical spills, nuclear accidents, bio and nuclear terrorism and economic collapse are but a few.


My own family survived relatively intact a direct hit, and the aftermath of hurricane Hugo. Oh, seven days with no power, empty grocery store shelves, and our water needs met by draining the water heater were challenges we were ill prepared for, but compared to some of the possible scenarios listed above… it was a hay ride in a wagon full of cotton candy and pleasant dreams.


Should any of these events come to pass, there will be dangers everywhere, and none more able to do you harm than man himself. The Occupy Wall Street mentality is more wide spread than one might expect. Bad enough having skill-less, brain dead losers around in number when times are ok… never mind in a post Armageddon world, where they’d be coming at you, endlessly, like the zombies they are, hands outstretched, determined to take whatever you have.


Most decent size little cities will quickly slip into chaos without the restraining hand of law enforcement and when the monthly checks stop arriving on the 3rd. The vast majority will be ill equipped to deal with the challenges of sustaining their own life after a SHITF event. As the resources dwindle, the chaos will spread to less populated areas. You will be faced with the desperation of those who once thought hardship was a long line at Starbucks, and of course the criminals, users and abusers that already walk among us. You will likely be presented with ample opportunity to thin the herd, or be thinned. The honesty of survival demands that we admit certain truths, one of those truths is that we are hip deep in pathetic and ruthlessness, if you can’t or won’t defend against it, you will fall victim to it.


Like many of you, I have been witness to the glazed eyes, or quizzical “Oh, your one of those” looks if I make the mistake of stumbling across my prepping fetish in conversation. In the rural area where I now live (I followed my escape route early and now live at my -bug out- location), prepping is a way of life and has been for over a hundred years. Those not accustomed to the hardship and inconsistencies of farm life though tend to be at the least dismissive and at most concerned over the screw that must have fallen out of my head. Reactions, of course, vary. Some nod in agreement about “keeping a few days of food on hand”. Others may take a step back…. “to better measure my paranoia’ I suspect. What they conclude to be “paranoia” I refer to as anticipation. Paranoia, even harmless paranoia may exact a price. The question is: Does having no sense of anticipation at all cost you more? I think it might. It’s preferable (to me anyway) to be harmlessly paranoid… rather than fatally stupid.


The image of preppers, locked inside their bunkers, self imposed prisoners, surrounded by boxes of military rations and clutching their bibles and guns is still strong. The media goes out of it’s way to portray preppers as anti-government, gun loving weirdos, but that is fading, helped along by the “Great Recession of 2008 and the site of neighbors or relatives or friends lose it all. Even if you, like many, made it through with the majority of your life intact, witnessing others, within a matter of months go from living in a mcmansion similar to your own, to living in their car caused you considerable worry, and perhaps still does. After all, are you really any different then them? They tried but couldn’t save themselves. It was out of their hands and beyond their control. “There but for the grace of god… or the luck of the draw… go I. And the continuing news footage of Greeks fighting their own government for their stipend and Arabs fighting for food only aids in reminding us that our own governments bookkeeping is unraveling. We live in a strange era of clueless romantic utopianism existing alongside shallow decadent cynicism, sometimes within the same brain. 


My son’s mother in-law recently commented to me (after hearing again of my son’s ongoing preps) That she would “rather not live through some -book of revelations like- apocalypse. Better to just let god take her and her whole family“. In post Armageddon, god will likely be busy dealing with sinners and suffering on a massive scale. It just wouldn’t seem right to burden him with my needs, clearly my daughter in-laws mother thinks differently. And then there was this…. The other day someone actually told me that they had gold, food and weapons saved up. Unfortunately it is all safely stored in Azeroth, so unless the SHTF event happens in “World of Warcraft” he’s in deep trouble.


These people, and many others will be running -post apocalypse- to the nearest FEMA installation, operated by the same flawed, paranoid and dimwitted morons who are now steering us over the abyss. I wish them luck….. They’ll need it. Me? I’ll just keep on prepping… and so will you.







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7 thoughts on “Gault speaks…..Ramblings from the Homestead”

  1. I find it supremely ironic the conversations I’ve had with individuals who insure their home, boat, car, family and jewelry…but would hesitate to spend even 1/2 that amount on insuring against fellow humans. No doubt many will have the same outlook as your son’s M-I-L, but dying is one of the foremost inconveniences to my intended lifestyle. If I must leave this dirt clod…it is my desire to elicit the following comments: “well THAT was a pain in the a**”…”what do you mean there’s only one guy”… “this was a bad idea”…”where did all the ammo go”…

  2. I can get behind all that has been posted. I remember not that long ago, well it doesnt seem like it to me. I was a young teen in high school working a summer job at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas my hometown. when we were hit by a hurrricane Celia, and my family was totally unprepared. We were without power for almost two weeks, if it had not been for a small kerosine lamp my grandmother got as a give away at the local bank we would have been in total darkness, this lamp was all of five inches tall. I can also recall the fact that we got word that the local grocery chain (HEB) was going to give out ice blocks that they had brought in from San Antonio. When my grandfather and I got to the location it was a mass of people and it turned ugly real fast to the point the local police had to dicharge their weapons into the air to break up the “riot”. My point is that from that day on, we my family and I took the prepping quite serious and it carried on to the time I spent in the Air Force. And the other point is that usually mellow people can turn ugly really fast right before your eyes. And all for a five pound chunk of ice.

    No matter what may come in the coming days, my wife and I have the one thing that is stronger than any bunker or arsenal can bring, we have each other and we have our daughter and her kids now staying with us. Not related to end of times, but due to a lousy economy her husband lost his job working oil rigs a job he had for almost 15 years. So no matter what we are all together for whatever reason and together I think we can survive anything that may come our way.


  3. John G. Excellent summation of problems and cures. My spouse feels she could not shoot folks in our neighborhood or refuse them food and water. My personal goal is to speak with all my neighbors as the chance presents itself on helping them prepare so we don’t fall into chaos. Some listen and think, and others make the usual comment of “I’m coming to your house if the SHTF”. WRONG! Otherwise great article and I will share with others.

  4. I see that oerson setting in their bunker with their bible,food,water,and gun, prepared. When trouble comes I have always gone to my lord, as a child would run to his mother. Being raised in in Christen home, and raising my kids the same, I’am having trouble getting my family to prep. What I keep hearing from them is they don’t plan on being here when the end of days comes. I have told them about the history of human suffering ,and that it has all happen without the return of our lord. I will keep prepping, and trying to get them to prepare also.


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