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Gun Control

 John Gault …somewhere in Georgia


As of this writing –Gun Control- is all the rage. Some states are passing ever-more restrictive anti-gun measures while other states are debating expanding the rights of gun owners. The Senate’s gun bill is working it’s way towards a vote, sans the -Assault Weapons Ban- which was pulled because it couldn’t get the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. I would advice that everyone view all motives with suspicion. The -Assault Weapons Ban- will likely be brought up for a vote as an amendment where it will only need a simple majority of 51 votes for passage.


Once again we find ourselves on the rollercoaster ride that is the gun control debate. While pro-gun people attempt to hammer home the statistical evidence of gun control and warn of the slippery slope created when fiddling with the 2nd Amendment. Gun control advocates busy themselves with preying on a nations fears and endlessly repeating a list of hollow talking points that hold little in the way of substance to back them up…. Lets take a look at a few of these talking points.


“You are more likely to shoot yourself or a family member than use a gun to defend yourself”

This is an oft repeated claim that usually goes unchallenged. Every time  I hear a -talking head- on a national news show repeat this dire statistic I imagine that they are attempting to push an image of a shirtless, shoeless, overalls clad and toothless hillbilly sitting on a stump and ramming a wad of toilet paper down the barrel of his rock-salt loaded  blunderbuss with a stick while little -shallow gene pool- Johnny tries to leash a cat to the trigger. Oh how the elite media must picture us.


The crack research staff here at the homestead struggled mightily to track down the basis of this bold statement but we think we found the original source. A study funded by the American Medical Association and authored by Dr. Arthur Kellerman that claimed gun owners were 34 times more likely to kill themselves or a family member than kill an intruder. For years The good doctor refused to release his data and the methodology he used to come to his conclusions. When finally released the study was found to be completely flawed. Using the studies own data, researcher Don Kates found that the “home gun homicide victims” in Dr Kellerman’s study were mostly killed by guns not kept in the victims home. In other words the victims were not killed with their own guns.


Often when cornered, those who publicly repeat this stat will deflect to suicides to fill the void. Most gun deaths in America are suicides. It’s a sad enough fact on it’s own and made sadder still by the knowledge that even if we had taken their access to guns away, little would have changed other than the amount of cleanup afterwards. With the guns gone, the suicidal’s frailties, despair and their minds brittleness still remain. We are an ingenious species, even when on suicide watch. Another way can always be found, and often has been.


As a final nail in the coffin of this ridiculous claim; According to research headed up by Professor Gary Kleck, law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year- or about 6,850 times a day.

Note: Gary Kleck is an award winning author and honored Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University. 


Those who live (like myself) in areas where large percentages of the population own guns know immediately that this claim is nonsense. I’d guess that 98% of the families in my area have for generations owned guns. In these parts they are a necessity, used to put food on the table and pack the freezer, protect the crops, the herd and the family. While making my way to work I’ve never had to swerve around the bodies of those who accidentally shot themselves. On trips to town I never saw the bodies of the hapless victims of self inflicted gun violence scattered about the streets or stacked like cordwood on the side of the road, never heard the call of “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD” from the pilot of a horse drawn wagon. My local towns paper is printed but once a week, you would think each weeks issue would be filled with the sad stories of the victims of careless gun ownership and the continuing decline in our local population due to the same, but neither story is ever there. We know accidents happen, as unfortunate and tragic as they are, they are not the epidemic or the likely outcome of gun ownership that they are portrayed to be.


“The answer to gun violence is not more guns” and  as an aside “Gun free zones”

Note; These two go together like peas and carrots

This rather simplistic and decades old sound bite is used in response to any attempt at expanding the rights of gun owners and/or broadening the use of armed citizens to quell violent crime. This has been repeated a gazillion times (my estimate) by the gun grabbers (anytime a camera was in view) after the NRA called for placing armed guards in schools to help prevent another Sandy Hook type tragedy. Horrified, the gun haters insist that putting more guns in our schools will only make things worse, as though the plan were to have guns handed out to the students as they enter. In reality, what the NRA proposed was an expansion of Cops in Schools, a DOJ program started under the Clinton administration.


Most of us can see the logic in having armed guards at banks, armed security for our elected officials and our police outfitted with top of the line weapons. When danger finds us we call 911, not for a comforting conversation but for armed assistance. But the suggestion of putting armed resource officers in our schools draws gasps of shock and outrage. The gun control advocates would prefer to expand the gun free zones from 300 yards around a school to 1000. Considering that all but one of the mass shootings over the last 20 years occurred in these gun free zones, this move would likely only give comfort to the next crazy who decides the instant fame and likely death they would garner from killing a bunch of defenseless kids holds more promise than anything they have going on now.


According to an FBI study of mass shootings and attempted mass shootings over the last 30 years; The average death toll of a mass shooting when no armed civilian was near is 14. When an armed civilian was near, just 2. Kind of speaks for itself, does it not?


Anyone who has lived in an area during the consideration and debate over CWC (concealed weapons carry) has heard the -anti gunners- shrill warnings of a return to the wild, wild west or 20’s style gangland shootouts in the city square. But as the evidence clearly shows, this never happens. In fact and without exception, the opposite becomes true. Per Capita violent crime falls and along with it, the numbers of the victimized. This is not rocket science, this is not brain surgery, it’s math and it’s statistical inevitability.


As noted earlier, the majority of gun deaths are suicides, the vast majority of the rest are gang and inner-city crime related, and most of these come from areas with the strictest gun control. Confronted with this, the gun grabbers will offer a long list of excuses pointed towards socio economic policies and unfairness. Go ahead and point out the true causes and see if you are not savaged by a litany of dialog stopping names.


If it’s not obvious, it should be. Those in charge of the gun control movement, along with their Legacy Media supporters sift thru the daily crime reports in search of any and all gun related stories they can exploit, and exploit them they will.  Examples of how victims use guns to defend against violence are completely and intentionally ignored by the national newspeak, while they desperately grasp at any tragedy that hints at pushing their agenda.



On Thursday, January 31, 2013 a 14 year old was wounded, shot in the head by another student at Price Middle School in Atlanta Ga.  As the details started seeping out to the public, NBC, CNN and MSNBC grabbed it and let their viewers know that another tragic school shooting had taken place, they would intently follow the story… more details would come… Soon however, the story was dropped, why is fairly clear. As the details became known, the facts did not support the narrative they wish to promote. The shooter was a gang member, the shooting happened outside the school, the shooter was stopped by an armed Resource Officer, and there were no dead children. The fact that another feral urban youth felt disrespected and started shooting at everyone and that the school had armed guards positioned to protect the kids must have come as a huge disappointment to the propaganda news networks. It’s worth noting that the Atlanta school system has it’s own police force, and metal detectors at all of the schools entrances. These are not to protect the kids from psychopaths looking to make a name for themselves. They are there to protect the kids from ….um…well… other kids, and the culture of violence that pervades the inner cities of this country.


“It’s the Police’s job to protect you”

Below are listed 7 court cases, (I’m sure there are a few more) all deal with the reality that your police, your municipality, your city and your state are in fact… NOT… responsible for your personal protection, and they have -in court- argued against ownership of that responsibility… and won… every time.

(1) Riss vs. New York, (1958)

(2) Warren vs. District of Columbia, (1981)

(3) Bowers vs. Devito, (1982)

(4) DeShaney vs. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, (1989)

(5) Lynch vs. N.C. Dept. of Justice, (1989)

(6) Ford vs. Town of Grafton (1998)

(7) Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales (2005 Supreme Court)


It is an accepted tenant of American law that the police (and their governing bodies) operate under a sort of indemnification where they have no legal duty to protect the individual from crime. Their lawful duty is to protect society as a whole, and as the Supreme Court ruled; “The individual owns the burden and responsibility for their own security“. The responsibility for your individual safety, and that of your loved ones begins and ends with you.


“You don’t need 30, 20 or even 10 round magazines to protect yourself”

Those who wish to limit the tools at our disposal for our protection scoff at the suggestion that they are negatively effecting our ability to protect ourselves and our families. Once armed with the knowledge that there are 8000 home-invasions in this country every day, and that the typical home-invasion is committed by a gang of 3 or more, -ask yourself-. If say, you and your family are at home. It’s late, your spouse and kids are in their beds and fast asleep. Your downstairs doing the laundry, working on the taxes, catching the end of a favorite movie or tending to any of the many normal, everyday needs that require your attention. You hear a noise, then multiple noises, you investigate and realize that your home is about to become one of those typical 8000 home-invasions that will occur today, 3 strangers with likely long criminal histories and  penchants for violence are gaining entrance…. You call 911! The police are 10 minutes away, you briefly consider rushing upstairs to warn your husband but, the thugs are entering NOW! You go for the pistol you and your husband placed shoulder high in the living room bookcase and prepare to defend everything you hold dear, the lives of your children, and your husband. In this moment, everything is on the line….EVERYTHING!


So, given the scenario above… a scenario that is repeated (in many forms) across this country each and every day… are you better prepared to respond with the 17, 15 or 13 rounds your pistol currently holds, or the 10 the gun grabbers say is enough, or, should you live in New York, the 7 rounds the Progressive lawmakers mandated as adequate. The answer is as easy to understand as is the need to breath, when your about to fight for your life, and the lives of your loved ones, adequate seems… well… severely inadequate. But still we find ourselves fending off repeated attacks by those who insist that limiting our magazine’s capacity makes us safer.


Written in police reports, court transcripts and case studies from across this country are many documented instances of citizens needing and using more than 10 rounds to defend against a violent attack.


3/21/13- Sherry West had just been to the post office a few blocks from her apartment Thursday morning and was pushing her son, Antonio, in his stroller as they walked past blooming azaleas in the coastal city of Brunswick Ga. She was approached by 2 teenage boys who then repeatedly demanded money from her, she insisted that she had none on her to give them. Seventeen-year-old De’Marquis Elkins, the oldest of the 2 (the other is 15) asked “Do you want me to kill your baby” Sherry pleaded “no, don’t kill my baby”. Authorities say one of the teens fired four shots, grazing West in the ear and hitting her in the leg before walking around the stroller, lowering his gun, taking aim and shooting West’s 13 month old son in the face, killing him.


Folks, this is an example of the devaluing of life and the culture of violence we are being forced to deal with, and deal with it we must, as honestly, as harshly and as ruthlessly as we can.


“40% of all gun purchases are done without background checks” (The gun show loophole)

This is a bold-faced, flat-out, highlighted and underlined lie! Brought back from the dead by President Obama in an attempt to panic an already disillusioned public after the Newtown shooting. Those compassion filled bobbing heads who incessantly repeat this deceptive talking point’ do it, fully knowing it is awash in fraud. This dubious stat is based on a survey of a meager 251 gun purchasers way back in 1993, before the mandatory background checks (The Brady Bill) were enacted in 1994. The study was suspect then, to use it now is… well… do I even have to say it? Oh, and by the way, the survey’s actual result was 36%, but what’s 4% among friends….. Right?


“The NRA is preventing an honest debate about gun violence, and strong arming legislators to vote against the people’s will”

There are an estimated 300 million guns in citizens possession, there are 100 million gun owners. Gun owners and those who support the 2nd Amendment cross all demographic, economic and political lines. The NRA has only about 5 million members. An honest debate is the last thing the advocates of gun control want. They prefer to lecture us and then demand complete compliance… period.




The debate will continue:

The debate will continue, it may never end. We need to support our position with the facts we know to be true, and use them to bring the uninformed into our ranks. We can never give the factually unarmed the high ground in this fight. We must also understand that know matter how we may try, there are many who will never surrender to the truth. I know it’s hard to except, you think (as any with 2 brain cells to rub together would) that if you could just show them the evidence, the statistics, the historical facts of “gun control” you could easily convince them that they have it wrong … sorry but you’ve misjudged the enemy completely, and make no mistake… as far as the 2nd Amendment is concerned… they are the enemy!


I could give many examples of what ended up to be pointless conversations I have had with those who somehow believe themselves qualified to define for the rest of us what the new definitions of our rights should be. I will however give just one. This is not a random encounter but rather a Facebook debate (one of many) I continue to have with my own daughter. She has lived in Massachusetts for the past 15 years. During these past 15 years her ideologies have change considerably. I don’t know if resistance would have been futile, but she has been assimilated into the collective, -she is Borg-. The debate started when she commented on something I had written on “Gun Control”, and I suggested she look to places like Chicago and Mexico to see how well “Gun Control” works in saving lives. Below I -copy/pasted some of it.


Daughter- All the guns that the criminals have in Mexico are due the guns being smuggled from the US because it is much easier for them to get guns from the US.


Me- Would those guns include the 2,000+ guns sold to Mexican drug cartels under the instruction of the DOJ? I wish that you would consider doing a bit of research on some of these subjects that you are obviously passionate about. Better to commit to fact… rather than propaganda. I wrote a piece back in 2011 on this very subject…. I’ll hit the high points for you…. please suspend pre-judgment and read it. I will gladly find and send you links so you can verify this info for yourself.


Based on congressional testimony, documents provided By the DOJ, the ATF and the Mexican government, between 2007-2008, only 17% of the guns found at crime scenes in Mexico could be traced back to the U.S.  The rest are being supplied by a variety of sources: Black market arms dealers from South Korea, China and Spain have been flooding Mexico with weapons. Interpol has documented that Russian mafia groups are supplying drugs and weapons. According to Amnesty International,  China is dealing arms to a variety of countries, including Mexico.


As you can see “All the guns that the criminals have in Mexico are due the guns being smuggled from the US because it is much easier for them to get guns from the US.” is about as simplistic and wrong as it gets. It’s also worth noting that along with concerned ATF agents, it was also the gun store owners along the Mexican/Arizona border (recruited by the DOJ to sell guns illegally) who became whistle blowers to stop the Fast & Furious program.


Daughter- Dad, for the record, statistics and right-wing propaganda can be twisted to prove any point.


There you have it, with little thought and with the ease of a few key-strokes my daughter dismisses it all, and implies that I must have been duped, and foolishly turned into a tool and a Brezhnev era propagandist for the gun lobby. Like so many others, she has become so blindly utopian, she can no longer see the truth or even acknowledge it’s existence.


You can, face to face, beg and plead with them to temporarily suspend their disbelief and listen. You can use a white board, an overhead projector, how about a slide show or power point presentation. Bar graphs, pie charts and all the hard statistics and empirical  evidence you can gather from the FBI, the ATF, the DOJ, any of the many gun violence studies and any number of urban crime centers, it won’t matter. It will all enter in one ear, roll around your adversaries empty, vacuous head a couple of times and then exit out the opposite ear and end as a neat pile at his/her feet, ready for you to sweep up and uselessly try and reuse on the next. If your lucky your efforts will be rewarded with a confused and somewhat bewildered stare, if your not you will be on the receiving end of a hostile barrage of senseless and oft repeated sound bites, accusations of being an accomplice in every gun death ever, of spreading propaganda and suspicions of possible racism.  With “Gun Control” as with most “Leftist” solutions, FACTS (if not being manipulated by them) only get in their way and are best left completely ignored. They can’t win with the facts so they simply act as if they don’t exist. Honestly, any with a digestive system full of alphabet soup could soon deposit in their toilet bowl a better argument against “gun Control” than the advocates of “Gun Control” could ever honestly develop.


The truth:

The most exhaustive studies on “Gun Control” were conducted by The National Academy of Sciences and The Centers for Disease Control. In 2004 The National Academy of Sciences reviewed 253 journal articles, 99 books and 43 government publications, all evaluated  hundreds of gun control measures and they couldn’t identify a single gun control regulation that meaningfully reduced violent crime, suicides or accidental shootings. In 2003 the CDC reported on ammunition limits, restrictions on purchases, waiting periods, registrations and licensing. They’re findings concluded that none of the laws reduced gun violence, none of them!



And our suspicions grow:

It seems, once you cut through all the maddening anti gun propaganda that perhaps their true agenda isn’t really to make us safer, but something else all together. After all, what are we to think when we witness, over and over, people claiming that they have the answers to our problems, when history has shown that their answers always make the problems worse. Perhaps fixing the problem isn’t their goal at all. Diane Feinstein has told us often how she understands the rights afforded us by the 2nd Amendment, and that her goal is not to disarm use. But then we remember what she said during a 60 Minutes interview in 1996- “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an out right ban, picking up every one of them… Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in. I would have done it. I could not do that, the votes weren’t there”.- and our suspicions grow.


Some would conclude it paranoia to worry so about the disarming of America by our

government. Others might imagine the paranoia is being held by the government itself, for feeling the need to pile more regulations and limitations onto what is already the most regulated product in this country. The response by us to these infringements of our rights is the question, our rights to “keep and bare arms”, our rights to privacy and to secure our own means of protection, and with that, our freedoms. Our liberties themselves hang in the balance, suspended by the already frayed wire of our own citizens will to defend them.


John Gault …somewhere in Georgia…


Disclaimer: My Fact Checkers are poorly paid interns who’s compensation consists primarily of -farm fresh chicken eggs- and -frozen bags of okra-. This may or may not have a negative effect on the quality of their research. As always, I encourage everyone to practice their own due diligence before accepting anything anyone says as gospel.






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  1. Excellent, excellent presentation about the gun control issues and all the nonsense being put out there by the “lame stream media”.

  2. John,
    Where do I sign up for the chicken egg deal (I’m not a fan of okra)? I just read your post for free and found nothing wanting. Kudos!

    I always refer to the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) as my primary source for gun control facts. Their Crime Survey (9th Edition) included firearm related death statistics for 75 countries and dependencies. Of course places such as Jamaica, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Swaziland lead the list in deaths per 100,000 population. Oddly enough, Jamaica had over 4 times the number of firearm related deaths per 100,000 population as Columbia (which was virtually tied with Panama, Mexico, and the USA).

    What is most telling about this survey is not that the USA recorded 10.2 firearm related deaths per 100,000 population; but that Switzerland recorded 3.84 and Israel recorded 1.86. In fact Israel had a lower recorded death ratio than Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, and New Zealand, all of which have draconian gun control laws.

    Here’s the puzzling part of this bit of trivia, both Switzerland and Israel issue (at Government expense) fully automatic battle rifles (not watered down civilian versions) along with suitable training, ammo, and ancillary equipment to ensure each adult male (and some females for Israel) is a competent member of the “Militia”, i.e., standing army. Israel actively encourages their folks to carry their weapons with them during their daily activities. Think about the reaction here in the USA if hundreds of thousands of adult males were going about their business with a loaded M-4 slung over their shoulder – the liberals would have kittens.

    Isn’t it odd that countries which actually arm their population with military hardware have a significantly lower firearm related death rate than countries which do not?

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson.

  3. The politicians know that these restrictions on the 2nd amendment will not prevent mass shootings or any shootings. There is only one logical reason for laws like this and that is to follow it with confiscation and then domination. This is OUR fault. We vote these fools in. Half of the voters are voting for free stuff and the other half are either not voting or voting our own brand of biases. We need to take this on and vote these guys out. Impeach them, recall them, put up alternate candidates, work for their opponents, give money to their opponents. Show up at their town hall meetings and confront them, ask them to explain their actions, demand they change. Be polite but firm. Video these meetings. Investigate these politicians and bring them up on ethics charges. Get them out of office and don’t let them back in office.

  4. John G.
    Some of your stuff frankly, makes me a lttle dizzy. This piece however was entertaining, informative and funny. Bravo. Regards, D.

  5. Time for a few home truths…as you you reap. The USA has raped the rest of the world financially, murdered millions of men, women and children in countries all around the world…and is still doing so, every day. Don’t give me that left/right bullshit. There is NO justification or excuse that holds water….you deserve to be under the control of a communist/muslim/pschyco…he is destroying America..because that is his job…and it is almost finished. You haven’t got the balls to get rid of his controllers…eradicate the federal reserve and those that control it…that is your ONLY way out. Work from the top down….the bankers…CIA…TSA..Homeland security…the CFR…cut off the head of the beast…the maggots will go underground. Stop crying and stop the ‘blame game’ .

  6. Mick

    Too bad we sent ammo, guns, men, ships, and planes down there to you in WW2. You’d either not be in existence or you’d be a slave for some Japanese state owned company in the mining or timber business. What’s really sad is you let your politicians totally disarm you. Oh, I guess a single shot rifle is a gun, but you people have long lost the guts your people had in WW2. A poster nation for the nanny state, and none of the spirit of Mrs. Thatcher

    Most of what you write is BS to the 100th degree; it sounds like you’ve been bitten by 10 different species of poisonous snakes and are completely out of your mind. Your leftist politicians and media have really done a job on you. Either that, or you suck it up like beer at one end and spew it out the rear like the crap it is. Now, go play with a funnel web or Inland Taipan-something that has the same nasty disposition you do. You do seem to be a bit more than mildly crazy.

  7. John “it’s keep and bear arms|, not “bare….”. You cannot reason with the left liberal mind, for part of that mind set is that there are only the facts as they say they, regardless of what reality demonstrates. Something like the The Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland, for liberals, words and reality are what they are claimed to be at any one moment, and can mean anything from one moment to the next. Even if they are diametrically opposed and totally contradictory.

    Liberalism as it exists today is not the liberalism of Locke and Mill, it is garbage and hog swill, a mish-mash of rubbish and trash. A concoction of jetsam and flotsam, it fouls society and contorts mercilessly all understanding of sanity and reality. It’s True Believers will themselves to be blind to reality, for nothing can be allowed to contaminate their vision of how the world really is. To do so would force an opening of the mind to realize there are evil people who will do evil when and where they wish.

    Your characterization of the hideous murderer of a baby in his stroller was appallingly un-liberal. He is a disadvantaged, undereducated, misguided inner city youth. To call him “a feral …..” is outrageous, to the liberal mind. He’s a good boy, just a little high spirited at times. You are so wickedly conservative you just can’t see the good in him. What he is is a wild animal, and should have been shot on sight. Feral is one word, but he won’t be so feral in prison. There he will be locked up in solitary.

    Baby killers are the lowest of the low in any prison around the world. My bet is he doesn’t make it to 21. Somebody, probably a double or triple lifer, will kill him the first chance they get. What have they got to lose? Another life sentence? They should get all their sentences reduced to concurrent 10 year sentences and then released. Oddly enough, most murderer’s never kill again if paroled. You figure that one out. All I know is that it is true.

    Feral does not begin to describe this street animal, but it’s a good start on what is obviously a psychopathic monster. I hope they have the death penalty there. He has to be put down.

  8. Aussie Mick, I have to admit that of all the turns this article could prompt, I never expected yours. It’s true that history is replete with a long list of atrocities, The USA carries it’s share of burdens, Australia is not spared from that list either. There is another list, a list I am more partial to. That list is also long, and The USA graces most of the entries. The list I refer to is of the deeds of saving grace. This nation and it’s citizens have answered the call of help from others more times, and against the greatest of odds than any other nation on earth and in all of history. Every family in this country can recount the sacrifices they have suffered thru to answer that call. It’s part of what makes us… us. You may not ever be able to appreciate this list, but I can assure you…. WE COULDN’T CARE LESS… whether you ever do.

  9. Australia is like a ripe plum waiting to be picked. Huge expanse of empty land and natural resources everywhere. The U.S. is the only reason Russia and China are kept at bay. If/when the U.S. falls or becomes a second rate power Australia will become the newest Chinese province. The world is a dangerous place and in all of history there has never before been such a benevolent dominent country as the U.S. We have certainly made mistakes and missteps but one day (maybe soon of Obama has his way) another world power will emerge and we will all be at their mercy. Good luck down under. If I were you I would get a jump on everyone and learn Chinese.

  10. I liked your article (minus a few typos, but nontheless a good read). I fully agree it’s useless to argue with college indoctrinated libtards. They’re not interested in the truth, as leftism is an intellectually dishonest ideology to begin with. I did have an interesting exchange though with a 20 something young lady in a bar who didn’t like my pro 2nd Amendment views and tried to debate the issue: I told her about a VFW meeting with members of the former Japanese Imperial Navy. One US Veteran who had survived Pearl Harbor had the temerity to ask former Japanese Admiral Yamamoto:
    “You sank all our ships in the harbor, and blew up all our planes on the runway. Why didn’t you invade?” – His answer?: “We Japanese know you Americans have a gun in every other household, and you have championships with military rifles. We were not fools to get into such a quagmire….” So while 300,000 Chinese surrendered in Nanking and their naked women were gang raped in the streets for sport; while 240,000 Korean women were rounded up and put in military brothels, some of those girls as young as ten years old – to service 30 soldiers a day: one smelly drunk every 15 minutes: OUR WOMEN WERE NOT RAPED!! Because we had a 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms!…She dropped her jaw, got up from her bar stool, and ran to the ladies room. I know this may sound sexist to some. But I find liberal females have very little confront for evil. You have to really shatter their bubble to break the grip of the false paradigms of their leftist professors and trendy elites. Unfortunately, they can also cancel your vote.

  11. AL:
    I really enjoyed your interaction with the 20 something. It is usually my immediate reaction to want to slap the snot right out of them the minute they open their mouths. Hence the reason I never engage them in conversation. They really believe Jon Stewert is NEWS! My chickens make more sense…and give eggs. Regards, D.

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