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And through the blur of a panicked moment, with an intruder breaking down doors, two fear stricken young children, heart racing, adrenalin seizing control of reaction, the flash of gunfire, the noise and the smoke, Melinda Herman did shoot him again, and again, and again…. Hitting the intruder (Paul Slater) five out of the six shots she fired from her 38. revolver. That’s gun control we can believe in.

Not much can be added to this, or needs to be. The Herman’s prepared for a possibility, an ever growing likelihood of our time and they reaped the rewards of that preparation. We are surrounded by predators who feed on us.

Paul Slater’s lengthy criminal record and the fact that he was still on the street, prying his trade is another stark example that no help is coming. We are on our own…..

It took eleven minutes for the police to arrive at the Herman’s house.

John Gault …somewhere in Georgia…

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  1. John Gault, this is a great example of ‘guns can be good’. I am very happy at the way this episode ended. It is also a good example of a reasonable response to the oft heard question, “why does anyone need a high-capacity clip(sic)?” Let’s do some ‘what-ifs’.
    She emptied her gun and did not kill her attacker, he simply gave up on his attack. What if he became more enraged and continued? What if he was not alone and a second man joined the fight? We would be hearing of an injured felon and his three victims.
    The next question is why was he on the street? Same as the loser who shoot at the firefighters in New York responding to his burning house (which he set as a trap). Only a few years in prison after beating his grandmother to death with a hammer. Conclusion: Our courts are a greater threat to our safety than guns ever will be.

  2. Until we make the punishment match the crime and then really enforce it things will not change. New gun control laws will not do anything to the criminals only law abiding citizens. All they will be doing is taking away our second amendment right to keep and bear.

    My sister teaches in a school district that contracts with locale law enforcement for security. BUT when they officer gets to the campus he/she must go to the principles office and lock their weapon up in lock box. They don’t want a child to be able to take away the officers weapon. If an officer can’t keep a first grader from getting their weapon they should not be wearing a badge!!!
    The USA has gone crazy.
    And I agree this store is shows the reason more bullets are always better. But you notice very little was said on the main stream media about this. Weeks about the CT school shooting and gun control but only a small mention on this shooting. Why????

  3. This guy shouldn`t have been on the street.She was prepared,this family had a plan and it saved them! This is a great example of what a responsible gun owner does,they prepare for a situation such as this beforehand.Learns how to use the gun,and saves herself and her family.Great ending to what could have been another terrible situation.

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