Gault on…..Terry Blount’s Prepping for Less


Rourke: The following is in response to Terry Blount’s article “Prepping for Less”.


I’ve been saying it for some time now, all to many should expect and prepare for diminished returns on their investment in the American dream. It’s unfortunate and “WAS” wholly avoidable, but it’s pointless to relive in words what got us here. It appears to me that for a growing number life gets harder, more challenging. We now function in an economy that doesn’t support a middle class as it once did, leaving many more existing at the pointy end of what our politician’s mismanagement and outright abuses have created. Dwindling opportunity along with a shrinking dollar valuation creates only more chaos should some long term badness happen. Prepping seems the best option vs. lying in a fetal position, awaiting Gubment to clean up “whatever the mess.”


Terry’s post reminds us of the obvious, those well fed and well armed will certainly have many advantages over those scrounging through the tall weeds looking for grasshoppers to eat. Terry’s list (a good list) of “should have” included something that has suddenly and with considerable sway become very important to me personally-


“Medicine – first extra meds that YOU NEED… like bp and insulin. The quality of life will diminish and the length of life will be shortened considerable for those who depend on medicines for ongoing treatment.”


I find myself needing a strategy for acquiring a stockpile of prescription medications I am currently taking. How does one get a 3/6 month supply of medications they need to function at a normal level? Attempting to skim a few pills here and there from my normal dosing doesn’t seem like an effective solution in the short term. I’m unsure how my doctor might respond to my wanting a 6 month stockpile of my meds in addition to my normal prescriptions. Perhaps some of your readers have experience in this and can be of help. Maybe Dr Doom and Nurse Amy could give some guidance….


John Gault ….not wanting to rob a pharmacy if times get sketchy….



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  1. Some doctors are easier than others to accommodate your need to stock up on necessary scripts. Sometimes they will write you an extra month if you tell them you are going to be traveling out of the country and need to take needed meds with you. You can also go back to get your new script (requires an office visit) a month early, say after 5 months instead of six and pocket the sixth month’s pills in your preps. Where I live, in GA, the larger pharmacy chains fight to get customers with maintenance meds and will move your script for you from chain to chain. With a little planning, you can time it to get a month or two when you change from one to the other. I would also like to hear what Dr. Doom and Nurse Amy have to say. Without a compiled list of doctors that are sensitive to the wants of preppers to have some necessary meds in reserve, it is very problematical to ask your doctor, or the emergency clinic, etc., to help in this regard. There are some forms of insurance drug providers that you can get up to 6 months of medication at a time. That might be an alternative as well.

  2. I ask my doctor to do this and he looked at me like I was crazy and wouldn’t even talk about it. I’ve been saving one or two a month.

  3. My wife and I get our meds online, 3 month scripts at a time. The online company alerts us via email when we should order again, and that is usually a week in advance, so over the years we have been able to accumulate about a 5 day supply every 3 months. Our GP probably isn’t a prepper, but does own and shoot guns. Thomas, unless u feel that your doctor is irreplaceable, u might talk to some friends to see if their doctor(s) would be more inclined to extend the length of your maintenance scripts. Just a thought.

  4. I broached this subject with my provider being entirely up front for both my meds, and certain antibiotics. I was informed that in my state it was illegal for them to provide prescriptions for meds I was not in immediate need of. I am stuck in the same boat as others in saving extra’s and trying to time my refills to get a reserve built up.

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