GARDENING: Raised bed update…..

The raised bed I built a few weeks ago is doing well.  The cucumber plant has climbed the cage I surrounded it with and is reaching out the top. There are approx. 1 “boatload” of mini-cucumber growing on the vine. If we do not get rain I water it every day or so. There are a few pepper plants in the bed as well and they also are growing just fine.

Having the bed and plants raised up to waist level has certainly provided some benefits. Easier watering and my dogs cannot mess with my success.

Here is a picture:


As I continue to rid my yard of grass and try to replace it with usable gardening space – more raised beds are planned. I want to add a dedicated blueberry bed along with more blackberries. 

One problem I have it a lack of preserving my crops. I can make pickles. I can make salsa. I need to try to make tomato sauce or can tomato’s. Zucchini and squash – I just give extras away.

How is your gardening going?



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6 thoughts on “GARDENING: Raised bed update…..”

  1. Glad to here all your hard work is paying off! I wish I could say the same. The last 2 years we have had good and improving success with our garden but decided to try something different this year. We already had 5 small raised beds we were experimenting with and decided to expand by adding 4 more large beds and confine all our planting to our now 9 raised beds. After all the hard work building the beds we planted to soon and frost took out everything. We replanted and there’s obvious somethings wrong, nothing is growing well, it’s looking like a lost harvest. Soil tests are in progress.

    Had we been counting on a good harvest to feed ourselves we’d be in deep trouble. Yes we could have replanted again in our garden but it would have been a late start, not to mention all the labor and seeds. We have decided to by bushels of what we need for canning from local growers but will miss our months long supply of fresh peppers/corn/cucumbers and obviously the satisfaction you get from sitting down to a plate full of your own home grown veggies.

    It’s been disappointing but a valuable lesson we hope to learn from.

    • Curious Mr. Gault – The problem with your plants – what are the symptoms? My plantings in raised beds NEVER do as well as in the ground. I attribute this to water or lack thereof. Being that the soil is raised above the ground around it water just is not maintained in the soil as well thus the plants require more water more frequently.

      Being that you live in the growing zone you do you could still plant some cucumbers which I know you love.

      I just started a second series of plantings as several of my spring plants are dying off.


  2. Stunted growth and what should be lush, green and healthy is instead spindly, yellowish and barely clinging to life. I know what healthy, thriving plants look like….. these ain’t that. I suspect poor soil while my better half insists the ground is to wet. Shortcuts were made when we purchased the fill so I believe that is the main issue…. clinical evaluation and more work should have it all ready for next year. We considered replanting in our garden spot but decided against it. With both of us now working there is little time for weeding.

    • Mr. Gault

      I cannot imagine your soil is much wetter than mine as your weather usually arrives in my area hours later. I suspect soil issues. I hand water my raised beds and some plants in y main garden once per week with a Miricle Grow solution. This coming Fall I hope to get some horse manure to till in y main garden and let the….stuff….rot during the winter. Soil should have lots of nutrients in the spring.


  3. Your extension agent (USDA) can help diagnose your problem. In my raised beds I have a mixture of topsoil & compost. I also have mulched the beds. Last year my tomatoes did not do well but this year they look great. We increased the compost and added the mulch this year and we also used Epsom salt on them. Good Luck with your garden.

  4. Cathy, we used top soil and compost as well along with some black cow. The guide I’m using said to acquire multiple varieties of compost, each a different bi-product. I however didn’t and purchased all the same stuff. A now regrettable shortcut I suspect to be the cause of my problems. I have sent off samples and we’ll see, Thanks for the info….


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