From the Desk of John Rourke – September 9th, 2015

I recently read a post on Facebook that a frustrated and concerned women wrote. It was posted in a Preparedness group that I am a member.

Here it is:

I don’t recognize my country anymore!! I love the USA, but I am ashamed of it!! Just watch the news for an hour, for that matter – even just for a few minutes, do we actually believe that Shinolah has not already hit the fan??? Just because we have not (yet) been bombed back into the dark ages or hit by an EMP, that doesn’t mean that it has not.

Our country is under an attack from outside sources (illegal immigration gone rampant, threats of all out war from other countries), as well as cyber attacks discovered, almost daily, against our country from places like Russia and China and more; an out of control dictator – Obama (who also by the way – apologizes for America’s {one time, as she is not as she once was} greatness) who gives executive orders at his whim with a spineless congress who are afraid to stand up against him, and a rouge Supreme Court (and other judges that thinks their jobs are to create laws; arrogant and flagrant corrupt politicians breaking laws with not consequences; immorality perverts proudly parading naked through the streets (in front of the very eyes of our children and grandchildren); and anyone who has the moral fiber to take a stand and say “No” is put in jail; civil unrest with racially generated violence (and a lot of it spurred on by the federal government along with those that Obama allows to go unchecked).

Rioting in the streets with good people afraid to even come out of their homes, with our police being executed at the gas pump or elsewhere just for trying to do their jobs; with our military so depleted to the point where we may not even be able to fight off an invading force while security secrets are leaked out intentionally or by neglect for security; the unbelievable trillions of dollars in debt our country is in (while downgrading our country’s credit rating) while we play the world’s unpaid police force; we give aid to everyone and their brother while not even taking care of our own real responsibilities – like our veterans – letting hundreds of thousands of them die in the system waiting for help they deserve (for crying out loud, they fought for this country and we’re letting them die!!!) – while giving welfare deadbeats that keep popping out baby after baby – creating and repeating the welfare generation cycle and to illegals who have no business here to begin with! . . . and our tax dollars also paying for programs that kill babies and sell off their body parts like some kind of auto chop shop!!!; our economy is collapsing right out from under us – just look at what happened to the stock market a couple of weeks ago, worthless currency with no true backing; we still have no real jobs recovery in sight while jobs are shipped out of the country with no taxes paid on the products shipped back in . . .and we are stupid enough to buy their goods!  What happened to when we were proud to buy products “Made In The USA”?, inflation continuing to rise to levels un-thought of . . .

Should I go on? I most certainly could. What are we waiting for before we will finally admit that Shinolah has ALREADY hit the fan?? Are we waiting for the other shoe to drop? What is it going to take before we admit the truth??

Wake up America, SHTF is already happening!!!!!!


This post created quite a conversation and debate. Although most agreed some picked it apart with negativity and accusations. Hey – I don’t agree with everything but I can be respectful in my comments. The “trolls” had their time with name calling and false accusations. Similar to when atheists purposely search out Christians and attack them on social media. Seems like they have nothing better to do.

It is easy to get swept up in the cesspool that seems to circulate around us at times. The thing to remember is only the bad news is reported. Get too down? Go pet a kitten.




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  1. She did not even hit the tip of the iceberg. Factions within the US are begging Obama to bring in more of the so called refugees. Mainly to line their own pockets. CERN is going to try to create a black hole to another demension, the UN is implementing a new agenda 2030, Russia is moving into Syria and the Ukraine, making military deals with Iran, Israel is fortifying their borders with Jordan, Saudi Arabia is invading Yemen, and no one knows where 50 of North Korea’s nuclear subs are. Yea I would say the sh.. is already hitting the fan!!!!

  2. Got to say can’t argue much with what she is saying. I’m just waiting for daily ISIS attacks in country. Lock and Load. See if you can chop my head off. Meet Mr Smith and Mr Wesson you ISIS piece of sh**! If we make it till the presidential election I hope the Muslim in chief does not enact martial law and cancel the elections! Keep prepping till you can’t anymore. Good luck brothers and sisters!

  3. There was a time when we forced a President out of office for having “bugs” placed in a competitors office. Now? They spy on everyone with impunity.

    There was a time when only one out of 25 or more people worked for the government, and for LESS than private sector workers. Now? About 1 out of 5 does.

    There was a time when welfare / food stamps, etc. were an embarrassment. Now, people try to find more and more ways to scam money from the government without any effort to earn their own way.

    Yes, the SHTF.and worse, it seems to be generating more of the same for the foreseeable future.

    There is no way to pay for things as they are. As a country, we are so far in the hole that we cannot possibly recover our former debt free, strong work ethics, non-gimme-free-money leeches we see around us today. When companies help their employees to sign up for food stamps, because they don’t pay them enough to get by without help, we became doomed to fail.

    The writing is on the wall. If you aren’t ready to fend for yourself and to protect your family, then you are preparing to suffer for a long time, or maybe to die. It is your own choice. I’ve made mine.

    We each must find our own way. Depending on handouts is a sure-fire recipe for failure.

  4. Go pet a kitten…nice. Well said. 🙂 …that totally says, “hey, snap out of it”.

    I think this person is like most frustrated beyond belief Americans. They can barely restrain themselves watching the crooks in office do what they are doing. Blatant evil, pure evil being pushed on us, is pushing some people to the brink. This person is rightfully furious. The laws are clearly being broken and favor given to the criminals. However, just like road rage one has to be careful not to get provoked into returning the road rage. You were wronged, they came at you in an aggressive and threatening manner. However, if your respond in kind, nobody will win. And in the end…that miserable person, will STILL be miserable. The only difference is there will be a come up ins. One way…or another..there will be a day of atonement in some form here in the US. This administration bummer and his followers are going down in flames like a kamikaze. Trying to take and destroy as many things as they can.

    When in fact, even though bummer has tried to provoke good people to be like his animal followers. His plan keeps failing. Bummer wants chaos and wants America to implode. We haven’t won yet and the battle is not over. We are winning by not letting him push all Americans to a revolution. Remember, he wants that so bad so he can take control forever and have an excuse to open the flood gates. Right now he’s slowly and illegally turning open the flood gates, but can’t seem to open the full on. Why? Because of you and me. However, all of us here are also taking the steps to prepare on the side to ensure our safety.

    I would also say to someone like this person who posted the comment. 1.) Let’s just clear this up right now. There will be no revolution unless bummer tries to blatantly come and take all of American’s guns or tries something more heinous by not leaving in 2016. So give that up and focus on what you can. Just yelling, virtually is not going to take care of the issues so rightfully pointed out. It will, Literally, take physical action 2.)What can they do? Well if they are so far beyond the point of restraint, join the Heritage group, the Tea Party, or start your own group and start to protest peacefully. Re-direct that energy into something useful, if they can. Most of us like more Americans are preparing. Voicing concerns virtually through social media, which does have a serious impact. While getting ready on stand by just in case it hits the fan.

  5. Yes, I know..I brought up “that” subject that most of us ponder in our minds only, but sometimes “that” topic needs to be brought up and clarified to keep things into perspective. Here…I think this video puts things perfectly into perspective that most of us are feeling. Keep in mind, if pushed into it I go willingly, but not happily. However, it is not my first choice. It is of more value and honor to push the latter to all exhaustive measures so that IF it comes to action. I’ve done my best. Watch this 4:36 clip, pay very close attention to what he says at the 3:30 – 3:55 mark. Like I said I go willingly, but like he says. Many innocent will die with the rest of us.

  6. Just have a look at the key contenders for both Dem and Republican Parties. I wouldn’t invite any over for lunch. As a bunch they are, slimy. And I’m not counting the physician and Huckabee as being key contenders. Too nice like Carter and the job doesn’t get done, too awful like Clinton and we all lose. Just imagine a Clinton/Pelosi ticket. Yet we keep electing and re-electing the same slimy professional politicians. In my opinion it is no more than two terms at anything and out. Some days, I think one could just pop any of the farmers at the feed store just at random in at the White House and we’d be a better country immediately.

    Me, I had my fling with elected office. One term was all it took before I knew what my friends meant when they all predicted I’d regret running. No one wants an honest politician that speaks the truth.

    Just saw a high school demographic from a Texas representative. There are now more Hispanic high school students enrolled in Texas schools than white. Wonder why I left Texas?


  7. I mainly agree with her. There is a LOT of stuff messed up right now. Can it be fixed? Is it past the point of no return? Who knows.., but it is reason enough to prepare. It looks as if things can only get worse from here. On the other hand, there are some bright spots, there are people who are trying to make a difference, even if it’s only in their town, or school, or maybe even just in their neighborhood. Don’t let things get you too far down.., hug your child or grandchild. Thank God for your blessings. It could be a LOT worse!

  8. Rourek-This woman sounds right on just overwhelmed-which is understandable. She does need to focus on some positive moments- to get re-balanced- and sustained to continue the journey of preparedness
    and being a part of the movement to get America back. My BP is literally high despite medication due to the unpatriotic ,passive aggressive antics of the current Adm My solution is to be a prayer warrior. and to do physical work and sweat out my frustration.Capt. Michaels -good response. PR I would have Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz over anytime.
    She is correct though that some S has already hit the fan and much more is to come.Hopefully we can turn this country around with the right leadership and the out cry of many patriotic aware Americans. Arlene

  9. There is only one candidate I like. Dr. Ben Carson. I’m a 69 year old cranky, fat, bald headed white guy. But I recognize that ALL of the other candidates, on both sides, are not to be considered good candidates. The one serious challenger to Hildabeast is Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist. I don’t want to see ANY current politician in the White House. I don’t care what color the individual is. Just not another damned politician.

  10. I believe that the level of evil we are dealing with is Biblical -I believe that Obama is the anti Christ.If so we are in for intense challenges and we must make choices for the Light of Christ- Heaven to prevail.
    Oren I hear you . Arlene

  11. I will go further down the “garden path”. I don’t believe we’ve come CLOSE to seeing how bad things are going to become INSIDE our own Republic.
    The road to political hell, is taken one step at a time, and we’ve been ON that path for decades. So, your original poster is correct. Hard to “recognize” what has become of it.
    However, we are not YET “doomed”, no, not at all.
    We can turn back to God, since this Republic was founded on the premise the we CAN practice our religious beliefs FREELY and without interference from the Political Correct/Marxist/Prog/PlantationSlave crowd. They seem to “think” that freedom OF religion, is freedom FROM religion and nothing could be further from the truth.
    America is going to shake and quake internally to be sure, but NOTHING like we are seeing now.
    We’ve not YET even begun to see what is actually coming down the roadway, and the Sheeple are still oblivious. THAT is frightening. Most of the Sheeple will perish because of their own lack of preparedness or WILLINGNESS to be prepared, physically, spiritually, emotionally.
    I for one will NEVER give up. It is not in me to do so.

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