From the Desk of John Rourke – September 8th, 2015

Hope everyone had a great weekend. If you were lucky enough to have a 3-day weekend due to the Holiday….even better. Mine was very good as I did much of nothing. Just relaxed and worked to destress as much as possible.

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Over the weekend I started watching The Walking Dead from the very beginning. I was able to get through Season 2 and will continue the rest during the week. I was surprised that I picked up on numerous things during that I missed the first time around.

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While I rested over the weekend there have been several things on my mind. Maybe it is just my getting older but it seems like the number of people that I can call “friends” are very small in number. To go right along with that is “loyalty”. Over the last few years there have been four people that I counted on and they betrayed me. I thought there was loyalty between us and a level of trust. Apparently it was only one way. Betrayal – I don’t know a better word. Having someone you care about betray you is one thing – but when they do it over something petty without much effort given to try to work things out….so disappointing. I am a giving person and would do about anything to help a friend. Drop of a hat someone needs help moving – I am there. Someone breaks down 1.5 hours away – I am there. Seems like personal relationships just aren’t what they used to be. People are out for themselves and “screw everyone else”.

Oh well. I am too trusting of those that I get to know and believe they have good intentions. I do learn from my mistakes and I will NOT allow it to happen so easily.

Such as life.

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Here is some interesting information:

In August 2015  – Native born American workers lost 698,000 jobs.

In August 2015 – Foreign born workers gained 204,000 jobs.

How about this…..since December of 2007 only 798,000 jobs have been added to the workforce by Native-born American workers. Contrary to that over 2.1 million foreign born workers have found employment here in the United States.

Wonderful. See the article I found this information at HERE.

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  1. Love the walking dead–have all 5 seasons– and if you watch it again–you will pick up stuff you missed in the second watching–never enough food, medical supplies, water or bullets–quite a recurring theme thru the whole series–preppers should pay attention–quite a realistic assessment in an Armageddon type catastrophe in my opinion—I have a T Shirt that says “All MY friends are walkers”–don’t need to explain that do I because it goes right into your issue with friend betrayal. People are at best a curious lot–no rhyme or reason to their actions at times–even the most timid will become savage beasts ( well as savage as some of the ultra liberal pieces of shit can be)if the circumstances dictate– walkers–they are just grazing–looking for groceries–groceries being the living, lol–point is “don’t shoot the walkers unless you have to–People on the other hand–an evil species when subjected to extreme duress at best–will kill you for what they think they are entitled to of YOURS. Could be a target rich environment someday and I’m NOT talking bout the walkers–You have a good rest of the weekend–By the way–I hear the prequel and parallel to the walking dead (west coast version) is pretty good to–“fear the walking dead” I think is the name–playing right now on AMC.

  2. Rourke, the ‘getting older’ and friend part got to me.

    I, too, am getting older. I have a vast number of acquaintances, a decent number of friends, but only a couple (besides Wifey) that I would call ‘good’ friends.

    One since high school and, yes, I did drive 300 miles at the drop of a hat to help him move. I’ve known Tim over 40 years.
    The other, Joe, I met in my late 20s.

    Joe moved from his state to mine about 4 years ago, stayed with me a month, then rented the house next door. 3 months later he had a heart attack. My wife found him on the living room floor.
    Tim and I had been separated by distance for many years and were just getting back to our friendship. 6 months ago he also had a heart attack.

    Not trying to be maudlin, but I’m damn near 60 and, even with 2 brothers and a wife, there is a void.

    “Good friends” are hard to come by and should be cherished.


    • Your right DesertRatJack. I have often thought of writing about having a “Band of Brothers” in a mans life. No reason to piss off any women with that statement – they can have a group of ladies for sure. Might get around to it some day.

  3. And these aren’t just low skill retail, service or farm picking jobs. They are not all “jobs that Americans won’t do”, as some would have you believe. A good example of this is the highly in demand engineering field. An engineering degree is a tough nut to crack, it takes a committed student’s full efforts to earn it. While their friends are partying in between their Transgender Studies classes the engineering student doesn’t have that luxury. Because of this commitment and the fact that not many are up to it, the pay scale for engineers should rise considerably, which would attract more students to earn the degree. But instead, businesses work with the government to issue green cards to foreign engineers to fill the positions at a lower rate of pay. This lowers demand, which lowers the value of an engineering degree, which removes the incentive to get it. This is an example of how legal immigration can artificially lower/suppress wages and cost Americans job opportunities, even the university educated.

  4. Started Waking Dead last year – got a couple of seasons – went on vacation so kinda forgot to get back into it. SO, this year started watching Falling Skies – wow – into season 2 and it just keeps getting more and more tense.

    Friends – have several currently and am fortunate. Am 72 and several of my friends are no longer with me – sad – sad – sad. Have several neighbors on same page since we live in country – about same age but also a 42 year old. He is so anxious to learn and prepare. Has young family so not much time but we get by. wish there were more. Have several ‘same-pager’s’ in church but again younger – families – and limited budgets. I keep reminding them to use the 2 for 1 system – buy one for use and 1 to put back for storage.

    Also, want to remind folks that the Morman’s have food warehouse’s all over the country. They are called The Bishops Pantry or Bishops Warehouse. They also serve non-mormans as well. $100 on basis will get you a wonderful start on your storage plan. Look them up in your local area – you will be pleased.

  5. $100 spend on BASICS will go a long way. Picked up #10 cans of beans, rice, dry milk, dry hot chocolate mix, onion flakes, flour, macaroni, quick and regular oats, pancake mix, potatoe flakes, spagetti, sugar and wheat. I think that there were 18 #10 cans and 4 packages of the drink mixes. Plus extra lids and a water filter came to $102.05.

    Check them out – – – –

  6. Glad you had a good weekend to rest up and de-stress. All of us need to do that from time to time. Good men like you and the people here are a very, very rare find sir. I seem to have this “gift” of seeing into people. I’m not some con-artist medium or some bologna like that. The best thing I came up with was a strong spirit of discernment. Sometimes it’s actually very annoying, because people can get uncomfortable around me. I’ve heard it said once they felt like I was looking right through them and it made them very uncomfortable. So, when I came across your site. I checked it out. I realized it was different, good format, good information, and good people. There may be a few other sites that have more laser focused on prepping. This you and the people here. Have something Allllllll the others do not. Fellowship.

    Now, I’m not saying I know people’s hearts and I know that good people sometimes make mistakes. But I can tell you, you sir are a good man. Likewise, there are some really good people here on this site. I hope that encourages you in some way brother. I do have a pretty hectic and involved life with family, work, and what few friends I have. But when I come’s like going to a virtual coffee shop club or a virtual breakfast club,(no play on the 80’s movie). You know? The group of people that meet up somewhere in the mornings for coffee and fellowship. I sorta get that from here and it starts with you guys. It seems like the ONE place I can go were there aren’t internet trolls, good conversation, like minded. I may not post everyday, but I do come here…every day. So I say all that, to say this…even though you didn’t ask or imply it. I wanted you to know you are truly appreciated here John. Being betrayed is a horrible thing. The only thing one can do is try and see the red flags one missed initially.

    One another note….it’s cooling down so getting the wife to go camping will be easier..heh. Oh yeah, noticed some really cool looking jeeps over the past week. Makes me think of you guys on here after our super long discussion last time. They were tricked out and fully capable of off road survival. I was like…niice.

    • Appreciate that Capt. I like to think ModernSurvivalOnline is a bit different. The byline of the site is “Thoughts on survival and the world today”. It is a blog and sometimes I discuss stuff about me as well as non-preparedness things. Most every time someone gets upset and sends me an email or leaves a comment – ” What does this have to do with preparedness?” Oh well – you cannot please everyone.

      I have considered reviving my Youtube Channel and format it much in the same way as the website. “Thoughts on Survival and the World Today”. Even considered a podcast but think I like video’s better. We’ll see.

      I am very much looking forward to the cooler weather which I can feel coming in. It is still very hot here but the nights and mornings are cooler.

  7. You paint with a broad brush. My Maternal grandparents were “foreign born” and the family turned out pretty well. You probably don’t have to go back too far to find the same in your heritage.

    • woodchuck – The brush is very specific as it describes factual information that is NOT getting reported through the mainstream news media. I have Progressives telling me about how great the economy is and about how the unemployment rate is so low when the reality is something quite different. I firmly believe that there is quite a difference between immigration today and its effects and immigration from past decades. Years ago people came into this country looking for the American Dream and took pride in becoming an American. Today? Not nearly the same as many are illegal and others are doing it for the money – but could care less about being a Patriot.

  8. I, too, have come to the realization that people are a big disappointment.

    Over the past friends years, I lost 2 friends, one of ,which was the best man at my wedding. The other was my brother’s best friend since gradeschool.
    Known both for over 25-30 years. Both were preppers, we had a ‘group’.
    Both randomly decided not to be friends anymore. With each other, and with me.
    Lesson learned. I understand your thoughts of betrayal.

    It seems that everyone, and I do mean everyone, is out only for themselves.

    But, as my Wife points out, better to know this now.

  9. Rourke –

    I’ve been dealing with alot of things lately that are very high stressors. I agree that people suck and you really can’t trust or look to anyone for help or support. Everyone is so caught up in themselves. I’m saddened everyday by the fact that people who I considered close friends can’t even pick up a phone to say Hi.

  10. John, you are right. I was told many years ago you will few real friends but many aquaintences in life. It boggles my mind how many friends I have when they are looking for something though.

  11. Rourke and everyone I feel your pain and losses and yes I have exp. intense betrayal several times in life.
    My parents raised me with the mantra “Friends are far and friends are few always paddle your own canoe”and “Money talks and bullshit walks”
    I always thought they were very cynical.Our neighbors believed in trusting everyone. I have grown to realize that a few real friends are gifts in life .I have become more realistic and less idealistic . Good point John P.
    Real friendships take time and communication . Now with prepping being a core part of our lives we need to be even more wary of those we can truly trust.
    Thank you Rourke and all our site friends…. you are my prepping community . Arlene

  12. You can only be betrayed by people you trust .. That’s why it’s a betrayal. Happens to me too. All things being equal I’d rather trust and be me AND be wrong sometimes than be them. If it’s bad enough to pay them back .. legally or otherwise I won’t feel bad about it. Otherwise they paid themselves back, by losing me as a friend. It’s cold out there and I hope they like the weather.
    A small circle of friends.. Yup.. I wish some of them lived closer.

    On the personal thing.. I kinda like that you are human and not a machine that seems to have all the answers or I would not be here. Advice from someone that has a life is more believable certainly .. and probably more considered or less suspect. Preparedness isn’t just about “stuff”, guns, beans, money, water etc etc all important. But it goes to state of mind. When I teach I don’t want to provide JUST facts and data. I want to teach thought process. If you know how to think you can answer your own questions, not rely on someone else to answer them for you. That is the BIG problem out there now. Sheep, lemmings, pick you metaphor. So keep being real John.

    US companies have not cared about the USA or its citizens more than their money for a very long time. Not surprising.

  13. The friend thing, yes, as we grow/age there seems to be two points that stand out. The integrity with which you live your life is what you expect others to operate on as well. AND as i progress and travel further on this road in life, i see that i know SO much less than i thought i knew. At 60, i feel so far behind….the only thing i DO know is i have a long way to go and lots less time to get there. A “friend” posted this to me….”some people aren’t loyal to you, they are loyal to their need of you-once their needs change, so does their loyalty.” By the way, i would trust this friend with my life…one of the very few i would say that about.
    Cooler….yes 🙂 i endure summer to get to fall !!! Walked outside this morning and could smell it, feel how alive this season is. Maybe it’s because i am in the fall of my life….Yep….this place you run Rourke, if i can’t be here every day, I wish i was. Thanks !!!

  14. I once read a quote (was it Margaret Mead?) who said Fool me once its your fault,fool me twice its my fault”” I have been surprised in life when people I thought would be there for me weren”t and others I never knew cared were. We all have much to learn -thanks Joyce. Life is a journey and sometimes we must live the questions as we glean some answers.
    Brutally hot here- breaking records for Sept. Hoping and praying for much needed rain. Corn crops are suffering. Leaves are changing colors from being too dry. Arlene

  15. I’m blessed with three Christian and upright friends from college days. Sadly another who was with the Texas Department of Public Safety has died. We live at the ends of the earth and chat via HF and telephone on a regular basis. Our kiddos all have their feet on the path to become responsible citizens. Sadly, I lost even another great friend and Marine who drifted away when my family found fortune. Change is the one constant in our busy lives.


  16. I found out early in life that there is a big difference between “friends” and actual friends. I have learned to cut out the fakes, and focus on the real friends. I have probably had 10 real friends my entire life. Some are gone now, and many of the rest are aging, as am I. Thank God for the true friends, cause there aren’t many out there. Sorry you have been bitten, Rourke, but know that it happens to all who are serious about true friendship. The Walking Dead just irritates me, they have done so many stupid things, and ignored so many potential resources- such as heavy equipment, fuel trucks, , etc. I just don’t enjoy the show. I much prefer shows like “Hell on Wheels”, or Longmire, or even Battlestar Galactica. . . but that is just me. Tried “Deadwood”, but the language was just too foul. Have heard good about “Justified”, however.

  17. I have Cherokee ancestors. I feel Native Americans lost everything: their land, their freedom, their heritage to a great extent, not to mention their country. Such a shame.

  18. Getting older here and lost a lot of friends also. Only betrayals have been from family (my 2 stepsons). Quick to call when they need help. Don’t know our number when it is time to repay. Oh well, such is life live and learn. Love all the wisdom I get from you folks. Don’t have much to offer so I mostly lurk but just know that you have helped me and continue to help. It is much appreciated.

  19. Many good words from you all. I too have felt the sting of betrayal, coming home to find my girls 8 & 9 years alone one day coming home from work that there mom ran off with an ex-boyfriend from her high school days. I raised them myself to be good citizens and young adults before I remarried. Took a long time to trust and open my heart. I am not a trusting person by nature and a lone wolf. I attended my best friends funeral with full military honors 4 years ago, I had the privilege to be there with his family and give him a final salute and speak at the lectern about a good man. When his wife spoke she told a story of when they got flooded out, how I showed up and brought them to my home and put them up until they got squared away with out them even asking for for help. This same man came to my aid when my mother witnessed a hit and run by a Latino gang she went out there and told the PD what she saw. The gang leader had threaten my mother and sister unknown to me at that moment. I new there could be trouble and contacted my friend whom I served with and spoke in code of my situation, you see I had my grand mother and my mothers sister visiting at the time. In short order my friend showed up with a bag of groceries that also had a broken down double .12 gauge coach gun, 38 special which he loaned my brother who covered the back, My friend stayed the night in the living room in the front of the house with his UZI and and I had over watch on the roof with a HK91.

    My point is focus on the those that are loyal, betrayal is always a constant threat, live by your code. If we are ever in the shit together with any of your here, I will be by your side when the smoke clears. I we were close and you range my BAT phone, I am there because I am a sheep dog, I am a minuteman, I am self reliant and believe many of you are the same

    At Vandal67, I agree brother, I am a half-breed Hawaiian, ours was taken too and we thought our governments were friends. Read the book “To Steal a Nation”.

  20. Interesting. I did not have a chance to follow back up until this morning, Wednesday. It seems like a lot of us have been hurt and others beyond the point of trust. Interesting perspective from everyone. Like GoingGray58, I feel, like I’m sure most of us do, like taking the higher path. It still hurts, but like Goinggray58 said…in the really is their loss. Vandal67, if I may ever so carefully, respond lightly to your comment. I think the Native Americans lost alot…and gained alot. I’m sure the loss was the greater of the two. However, I have very close friends who are on and quit the tribal councils of a lot of these tribes. The further pain is being inflicted by their own people. What’s even more sad is it’s like a micro-America. You got some people pulling what the current administration has been doing for years and exploiting their own people. Bending to the will of the feds for favors instead of standing up. THAT is really some junk.

  21. And what did you expect? Latin American countries are all predatory .systems. Among us, they are as wolves in a flock of sheep. Our ability to continue to absorb the detritus of the world is nearly exhausting.our people. Wisconsin and Bangladesh are within 400 square miles of area of being the same size. Bangladesh has 157,000,000 people. Wisconsin has about 5 1/2 million Imagine a Wisconsin with 157,000,000 people.Extrapolate those numbers to the entire nation. That is a fair estimate of what would happen to America if all who want to come to America were allowed to do so. You then have reduced the US to a massive shithole, incapable of sustaining itself or even defending itself. If that is your desire, vote for Clinton. If not, vote for Trump.He will act in the best interest of the super-rich, but he has enough money that he can’t be bought and sold like the whore Hillary. Her total disregard of national security by using a private server for all connections of every kind ought to be enough to place her in front of a firing squad. What she did is across the lines of espionage and treason. I truly fear this amoral slut is quite capable of trying to strangle our freedoms and subject us to a police state. She is vindictive, self-aggrandizing, incredibly contemptuous of all people, and utterly unfit to even walk a dog. And a curse on the lives and souls of those Presidents who did not enforce immigration rules, as they are the fore runners of our current condition, and deserve no less.All immigration must be stopped indefinitely, legal and illegal. We simply cannot continue to be the police of the world, and our nation has given more treasure, blood, and lives than any nation in history in the name of aid and freedom. It is time to turn those resources inwards, and heal ourselves. If not, we will find ourselves in a social and financial condition that will threaten not only each individual, but act to separate regions of the nation from each other. Inner turmoil such as that will result in a breakup resembling the disintegration of the old Soviet Union. .

  22. Capt., No problem. I agree. Unfortunately, Native Americans could not adapt to the white man’s culture. And welfare kills everyone’s ambition. Plus, tribal power, like all power, often turn people into tyrants.

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