From the Desk of John Rourke – September 4th, 2015

It is not uncommon for preppers of any age to be ridiculed, made fun of and sometimes called “crazy” for feeling the need to be prepared. Preparedness is something that when looked at logically is just common sense. Unfortunate things happen to millions of people every single year and those that are better prepared will be able to handle many of these events better than those that are not.

bert-gummer-on-preparednessThat’s not crazy.

There are many conditions that people can find themselves in and being prepared will prove beneficial. Lets take a look at just a few:

Unemployment – Unless you live in a bubble you know of the extreme unemployment that this country has gone through. Literally millions of people over the past few years have found themselves out of work and faced with answering the question “How will I feed my family?”

Hurricane – Should a hurricane effect your area and power is lost for several days or several weeks you will be faced with many challenges.

Terrorist Attack – Imagine a scenario where several small low-yield nuclear weapons are detonated in a few highly populated cities across the country. Transportation will be GREATLY affected as well as the ability to conduct normal financial transactions. Bottom line is our delicate complex system of commerce will be shutdown or at least slowed down greatly. This deserves a post of its own.

The above 3 scenarios range from the very common to the least likely. Regardless – having extra food, water, medical supplies, fuel, etc. on hand would make dealing with such events much better.

If you are reading this you likely do not need convincing that prepping is OK and the right thing to do. If you are confronted by friends and family about why you have so much food there is one way to respond that I and many others have use successfully. Ask them the question – “Have you ever seen food prices go down over time?” Of course they will answer “No.” Then simply say “Well, I buy in bulk when it is on sale so I can pay less now rather than more later – makes sense doesn’t it?”

Ever had to deal with a friend or family member criticize your steps to preparedness?

Take care –


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  1. Yes I have had my daughter in law and my husband and my sister all chide me at various times for being a bit too
    overzealous about my preparedness-that is until they need something and am glad I have it. -saving us a long trip to a grocery store.My grand children think its great that we have” so many supplies” and that we share with them. fall and pre-winter my goal is to just have to go to the grocery store once in a long while for
    bread and milk and to be stocked up on everything else as we live about 20 miles from a store.
    Rourke I like the reason you use- stock up to save money- and it is also true.

  2. My preps helped us get through an extended period of unemployment…now to build back up our stores…It can happen to anyone, anytime…the loss of a breadwinner, via unemployment, death or divorce…a fire…a tornado…a flood…a major storm of any sort…I agree, being prepared is just common sense…i thank God that I had the experience of my grandparents who survived the Great Depression to set me on that path from a young age, before ‘preparedness’ was cool…Arlene, my daughter and one of my stepdaughters have seen the wisdom, even if they aren’t as prepared as they could be…the others scoff at us and think we’re crazy…but that’s okay…those ones only come around when they want money anyhow…

  3. “Dad, you’re getting paranoid in your old age”…that was, key word was, the refrain from my son. My daughter just says “uh uh” and forgets about it. Of course, she was like this when she was 13 and she’s 42 while our son is 36. Our son has seen the light. Our daughter still just says “uh uh”.

  4. I think we get the “stink eye” from others so often because they have gotten the wrong idea about what a real prepper is. With shows like Doomsday Preppers on the air its somewhat understandable. I just don’t discuss it with anyone other than those like minded. I don’t hide it either, and if asked I offer up my reasons for prepping, at least some of my reasons, the more mild ones. My coworkers know and kid me some but I give it rite back. The other day we were talking about the number of cans of beans and vegetables I have shelved. I asked them who’s bullet ridden bodies would be laying about my front yard stinking up the place should some horrible disaster hit us and our food supply? They took some guesses. No I replied…yours…..

  5. James 1:19 is worth your time.
    IMHO it is much better/safer/healthier mentally and spiritually to just shut up about whatever preparations are being made.
    There are so many predators, selfish takers and mentally unstable people surrounding most of us – and looking for victims – that being very quiet about being or becoming prepared is prudent. When…when…when there is an event then a choice might be made to assist others.
    If “they” know about any of your “stuff” it will become a Ferguson – at your house. Why would you even think it would not?
    Suggestion: ASAP obtain the training and practice with someone proficient in whatever you lack – it will not be time when “it” happens.

  6. I have learned not to waste my time trying to convince others to do any prepping. My kids have figured it out, and they are the only ones I care about looking out for anyway. Have some friends that are at least semi-preppers. I ill look out for them to a degree, but other than that, don’t come to me if you spent all your time and money on good times and fun, instead of thinking ahead.

  7. Grammy prepper and everyone-Today our phone went off . When I got out one of the old types and just plugged it into the direct phone line( without an answering device) my husband thanked me and realized how valuable planning ahead is. We do have our moments of mini glory-smile !!! Arlene.

  8. Dr. Allen, i respectfully disagree. Go to your nearest magazine rack where you will find a growing selection of prepper oriented “for profit” magazines. Survivor’s Edge, Off Grid, American Survival Guide, Ballistic and I’m sure others. Newsweek recently published an “Off Grid” special and there have been others like “Be Ready” by Shotgun News. There have been several TV specials on surviving various catastrophes. Wise Food regularly runs TV commercials for their products. TruPrep runs radio commercials and has 2 storefronts in the Atlanta area. The point of all this is that “preparedness” is a growing/expanding movement. I can guess at some of the reasons why interest is growing but word of mouth must play some part, if only a small one. Each of use must measure our own vulnerabilities and obviously for some, secrecy is the best option. Given my own personal location, environment and resources the “Golden Horde” is less a worry. they will be thinned pretty quickly. Agreed, signs pointing to your stash is unwise but if given an opportunity to nudge a friend or family member towards the benefits of preparedness presents itself, I’ll take it. The results have been far from negative……..

  9. CMR, if all we went by is the percentage of unemployed we would be missing out on the real facts of today’s employment prospects. For many the % stands in stark contrast to what they see. Looking deeper into the numbers explains why. the 5.1 measure does not differentiate between full and part time employment. Or whether they are good paying/good benefits jobs or low pay with no benefits. Or where there is growth and shrinkage in the various job sectors. These measurements are there but the general public never looks at them. We have a boom in low skill, low pay and part time employment. While good paying manufacturing still suffers. Some sectors are doing much better like healthcare/nursing. These are skill specific positions not available to most. Compared to say the Reagan recovery, this is not a time of good employment opportunities.

  10. Being prepared for emergencies in coordination with survival training is not foolish! We live in the midst
    of 250000 acres of currently still burning forest fires. Family lost home as did many. The forest roads are
    restricted and patrolled by military against looter threat. Many folks evacuated at level 3, and the smoke
    for a week was dangerous to health. Many homes may have been saved if the owner had practiced fuels
    reduction on the property. Equally a good fire-proof cache can help protect against looters. Thankfully
    rain showers quieted the conflagration, but the emergency is still in effect http://[email protected]

  11. i do not know if it’s people feeling that it will not happen to them attitude or they think the government is going to be there in a short time, most will find that is not going to happen and then they will look to those they know have prepped or just take a chance and see what they can take by force.

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