From the Desk of John Rourke – September 3rd, 2015

The world is a dangerous place. It seems like turmoil and evil is spreading daily. You’re probably saying – “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Pentagon officials announced Wednesday that there are 5 Chinese Navy ships in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. With the Chinese expanding their Naval operations and flexing their military might recently this is unsettling.

As President Obama renames mountains in Alaska the situation in Syria – where he once drew a “red line in the sand” and then quickly erased it – is getting worse. Refugees trying to escape horrible atrocities are facing an almost worst existence as they head for Europe seeking refuge. Many are dying along the trip. The civil war and persecution of its citizens are driving them out. No one seems to want to take them in.

The national attitude towards police officers has been at an all time low. With the media publicizing a few incidents where a white police officer killed unarmed black men the #blacklivesmatter movement has been born. It has ultimately led to people calling for the murder of police officers just for being police officers. Apparently the #blacklivesmatter movement doesn’t look at the number of murders carried out on black people by……you guessed it….other black people. The numbers are staggering. Regardless – police are being targeted and being killed in cold blood. Pathetic.

North Korea is rattling its sabers again. If it wasn’t for the fact that the country is led by a psychopath it would be almost comical. Eventually someone will pull the wrong switch or push the wrong button and “BOOM!!”

It appears the Iranian nuclear deal is going to become a reality. This really shows the ineptness of our representatives to allow this to occur. To trust the Iranians who continue to this day to call for the destruction of the United Stats is idiotic – and dangerous.

The economy continues to struggle and market corrections appear to be ongoing. I am coming across more and more people who are concerned for the future and stocking up on food and buying guns. No better time than now to start networking with others.

Along with the #blacklivesmatter movement race relations have deteriorated. I do believe that the race-related issues are overblown by the media and somewhat localized to small groups of motivated people. Regardless – race relations are sliding backwards.

An actual Socialist looks to possibly be the nominee for President. Insanity.

Of course lets not forget about the alien zombie clown invasion getting ready to start.


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  1. Blacks have, in fact, noticed the huge level of black on black crime. Those statistics birthed the “don’t snitch” movement. Seems that only when the death involves a black criminal does it rise to the level of a tragedy. But, judging from the words and actions of those involved in the “black lives matter” movement, they are merely accomplices of the dead street thugs.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Very unsettling and on top of that a lot people screaming the sky is falling right now. As opposed to yesterday when it was going to crash? Yet, I still got up this morning to the same thing..meh. Things are accelerating and any fool can see that, (whole other story right). I think when we see more of this stuff, the clear path it leads to, and result. The sad resultant or the flip side, IMO is the sense of fellowship and companionship that inspires us seems to be affected. I believe it brings you down in spirit, because the end result seems to be isolation.

    I’m not a people or click follower. Never have and never will be. I’m also not a loner, no offense intended to those that like being alone if that’s your thing either. In fact, when I started playing football in high school and the cheerleaders started trying to flirt with me. I was supposed to go play football at the University of Southern Miss, but didn’t go. I was like, oh want to see me or now because I’m playing football you think I’m in the click. I brushed them off and stayed with my first and only girlfriend at the time. I enjoy the people around me so to speak. Their doing their own thing and I’m doing mine. It’s the activity of life. I have friends and I have fellowship here with people. The idea of all this good fruitful life and things we enjoy everyday being gone if/when it hits the fan. Well, that sucks! *Poof* …brings the images of what we see happening all over the world, happening right here. And it really seems to be headed that way and soon. Sigh….bummer! on the flip side it does actually encourage me to see ya’ll here (yous guys). I’ve been a little AFK myself getting things ready on my side, but I’m still here. I’ve been pouring a lot of time into cranking out certs as fast as I can to help get more money, which in return will help me buy more things. I’m racing against a virtual time crash clock? I swear I feel like that Alabama Song, I’m a Hurry. Here…hope you enjoy a little country music. Not the original Alabama video, but you get the idea.

    It is really uncomfortable seeing all this stuff and it is really, really sad seeing all the misery being propagated by an evil man and his evil followers. Especially, when it’s all preventable. However, misery loves company, so don’t be it’s company. For those of us that get discouraged from time to time. And can be..this is a tough cookie to swallow. I mean really. Who came up with that saying? I’ve never found cookie to hard to enjoy. Anyway, Take a deep breath, pump up your heart, enjoy the day, enjoy the music, and enjoy the life we have now. Keep pressing on, keep prepping.

  3. DR S and Capt M- well put . In retrospect there may have been more involved than just seeing Alaska
    and re naming a Mt. With the seas now melting in the arctic ships will be more abundant . Hmm what the heck are the Chinese up to -no good for sure.Each day .I prep and also its important to take a litle time as you have said to enjoy the blessings of the day and moment.Love the people and pets you care about,pray and notice your surroundings with new keen eyes and an appreciative heart. Balance in all things even when the times are extremely tough . Arlene

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