From the Desk of John Rourke…..September 30th, 2015

All the pieces of the “declining of the United States” continue to fall into place. A Minnesota court just made a ruling calling BB guns firearms. Ridiculous.

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Recently saw a magazine with a featured article on modern hollow handled knives. These newer designs are extremely strong, expensive,  but do not possess the same weakness the older models have. The idea of the hollow handle was popularized by Rambo in the movie First Blood.  Love that knife and have thought of buying one just to have. These older cheaper hollow handled knives just will not take the level of punishment full tang knives will.


One knife that I have been looking at is the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife. It is a hollow handle knife however it is made from a single piece of steel.

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ISIS is wanting to create a “nuclear tsunami” killing several hundred million people. ISIS continues to be a major threat controlling land that is larger than England. With the money they are able to accumulate and the successful recruiting of followers they pose a threat to the US.


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  1. Lets save the BB guns -all kids need to have some fun and big kids too !!!!
    Well it looks as if ISIS sure isnt “JV” after all.
    Seriously lets cherish every day and pray hard.WE need to elect
    people who will end the ISIS reign. Arlene

  2. Some local cities out here consider airsoft guns as firearms as well. Adults using them are considered to be discharging a firearms within city limits. “Look here, officer, if I wanted to discharge a firearm within city limits, it wouldn’t be an airsoft.” (of course, that would be followed by being offered some nice shiny steel bracelets, so I guess I’ll bite my tongue).

    Mrs. ThunderBearer’s maiden name is BladeHolder, and she has at least two of the hollow Rambo knives. Treasures them, and they are amongst the knives that she doesn’t use. I’m trying to get her to make blades as she knows them well, but she hasn’t made that jump yet. Pity, as that’s a great skill to have.

  3. Boker now makes a pretty nice hollow-handled survival knife. I don’t remember the name of the model off-hand, but it has been tested by, and endorsed by, the original designers (who make the custom version), the Martin family out of Texas.

  4. I have one of the early Gerber stainless hollow handle combat knives that was advertised as being made for the Seals. It is a disappointment as it is heavy and huge. The hollow handle was to be used with a stick to turn into a spear and it had removable angled points on the tang to be used as an opposing blade stop and points for ties to secure the knife to the pole.

  5. NJ has had those laws concerning BB guns for years. To buy a BB pistol you need a pistol permit. All firearm laws and punishments apply to BB guns as they are categorized as firearms

  6. I remember when these hollow handled knife were coming out. If you lost your knife in the bush, there went your survival stuff because it was stored in the handle. I must admit the Shrade knife looks promising.
    Never say never I guess, might make a good back up in one of my systems.

  7. Hurricane- please watch the weather as there is a possible Hurricane level 3 heading for the Carolinas -may dump 10 inches of rain all the way up into New England. Arlene

  8. I have an older Robert Parrish hollow handle knife and it has served me well. will somebody explain to me where there is fire in a BB gun as fire in a firearm means exactly that fire from it primer and propellant, BB guns have springs.

    • JohnP – Yeah, I think I can try to explain where they get away with defining firearms as including BB guns and airsoft guns… but first you have to convincingly explain to me how anti-gunners don’t understand the very simple phrase “shall not be infringed” when they advocate laws like reduced capacity magazines, licenses to carry, and so forth.

      The best answers that I’ve come up with is mental instability, and oddly enough, that provides the same answer to both.

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