From the Desk of John Rourke – September 2nd, 2015


Move!!!! I have a few people I know that complain about their weight. Frustrating is they talk to me about how they need to drop 20, 30, or 100 pounds  – and then head to McDonald’s for lunch. I get it – losing weight is not easy.

I am pretty athletic and knowledgable about fitness and nutrition and certainly not at the ideal weight I would like to be at. Why? Choice! When I want to lose weight I do it. Remember – I said losing weight was not easy – but it is simple. Simply eat less calories than you burn. Simple – not easy.

Fitness and preparedness go hand in hand. Imagine a situation where you needed to use a rope to pull something up on top of a building, or maybe even climb the rope yourself. Can you do it?

Many of us have physical limitation but you have to do the best you can with the hand you’re dealt. If you cannot run – walk. If you cannot walk – just move! Eat clean and work to improve your health. Your only get one life – use it wisely.

See my fitness section for more information.



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  1. I would agree, that being in the best physical condition you can be is one of the best defenses. I’d also agree that I talk to many people that, when they see you have lost weight, or are choosing to eat well/clean talk about how they should do this or that. John you are right it is a choice. Mine have not always been great, being human and all. You know I think people find it difficult to self-evaluate well or accurately. Nutritional, medical and all the people stuff. Then they find the information needed to do the right thing daunting. The “diet” and “fitness” worlds are overloading us with tons of info and most of it crap. Past that you have to start (the easy part), keep going and don’t quit (much harder), figure out maintenance so you don’t go back (real hard). Medically I’ve never seen anything that wasn’t made better by exercise and good diet. But you do have to pay attention to the docs and plan for your long term meds and any disability issues. That’s just part of your plan right? A plan for a single young man in the high desert would be different than a 50 year old woman with three kids in the Ozark.. so we just add up the “things” you need and work on it.
    At any rate I have worked with many people over the 40 odd years of coaching, athletics etc. etc.
    1.) Use a coach for ideas that is interested in YOUR success. No one sees themselves accurate or knows as much as you plus a coach. Even pro athletes have coaches.
    2.) Evaluate and make a plan. Plans change. Don’t get worked up .. be flexible and use your coach based on “results” not preferences.
    3.) Use a logging system to get unbiased results and history. I recommend (it has a great food database and reporting). Share your log with your coach.
    4.) DON’T over share your intent with people who would be jealous, negative or disinterested. They’re happy for you to fail, and justify them doing nothing. Not unlike prepping.
    John, I am glad you cover stuff like this. It isn’t all about beans and buckshot, just some of it.

  2. I’m in the process of cutting and splitting firewood for winter 2017, about 10 cords worth. We heat our home and water with wood and thankfully we have an efficient system, however each September sees us cutting and splitting for two years out, thus providing plenty of time for seasoning. Then there’s the large animals and the feed and extra care they need in the winter, fence work, and somehow there’s never any time for the gym. I’m kinda of envious of those with so much free time.


  3. One of the nicest things the government taught me was how to climb a rope using my feet. I’d been using the arms but once I learned how to trap the rope between the feet – wow how easy. We had to climb a 25 foot rope every day when coming back from our run. Great stuff rope work.


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