From the Desk of John Rourke – September 29th, 2015

Hope everyone has had a great start to their week. So much crap going on in the world it is easy to walk right by and not see the leaves changing or feel the beginning of the Fall “crisp” in the air. So looking forward to this Fall and coming winter.

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Getting new tires for my Jeep Wrangler. Just ordered 4 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs. Recent wet weather has shown me how much I needed new ones as I have been sliding around corners.

Hope to have them by the end of week.

gy_wranglerdt_owl_pdpcrop (1)

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Had lunch with an ex-Major League Baseball player yesterday. He was talking about the stock market and the economy. Mentioned how he has talked to several financial advisors one of which he particularly speaks highly of. The gist of the conversation was he believes the stock market needs a large correction. He believes the market will at a minimum drop below 15,000. He also said his guy believes the Federal debt will only be paid off due to massive inflation and the devaluing of the US dollar.

He is not aware of my beliefs in preparedness. He also has a cabin up in the mountains with a good amount of acreage. He just might make a good prospect for the group.

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Read about Trump’s ideas on revising the nation’s tax system. Still early but I like what I have seen. He has a big mouth and I am very suspicious of just how Liberal he really is but he certainly is not a politician. That is at least one positive.

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Here’s some Patriotism for your Tuesday:





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  1. Since moving south I don’t care much for winters, dull, bleak and lifeless. I prefer northern winters, I used to be a skier. Here we get rain instead of snow. This year though I am looking forward to fall and winter. The slightly slower pace and fewer distractions along with the harsher weather and shorter days spur me on in my preps. I think I may get a lot done this winter. Then of course there is college football, Thanksgiving and Christmas…..

  2. we be in central cali – the land of no rain and dry cracked fields!!! am looking forward to rain rain rain – el nino come on – how about 40 days and 40 nights? Ya know – you can repair damage (water, flood) etc but you cannot fix zero rain. even the old oak trees (100’s of years old) are dying – never before. Gonna have a lot of oak firewood this year – my trees instead of buying !!! living in the country is great so we just flow with the punches. remember every day is a great day – some are just better than others!

  3. Looking forward to cooler weather. Been having the warmest night temps in 20 years. Snow and freezing make things more difficult but I prefer that to “too hot”.

    Still working on things around the house to make everything less affected by low temps.

    Lot to like about Trump, but as you said, still too much unknown.

    RRawhide. Definite shame about the drought in Cali. I have family in the central state. The effects are wide-spread and will take years to recover. Good luck and God Bless

  4. I’m 61 now and moved all my money out of the medium risk stuff and into municipal bonds and other low risk stuff. It didn’t lose money last year, but it didn’t make much either.


  5. Agreed….so looking forward to fall this year more than any other year. Odd, but true.

    Also, I really do not want to offend anyone or start a deep political debate, but on another post some one said McCarthy would be a good replacement for bone head. I disagree on the mere fact alone that bone head recommended his number 2. Bone head is Not a good source to recommend anything. Anyway, my opinion aside….here is a verified website that scores conservatives based on their voting record. McCarthy has an F.

    Thank you for the picture. I snagged it for my profile picture at work. 🙂

  6. Capt. Michaels-right on! but don’t think Gowdy (from my state) is any great shakes. . . . done a lot of showboating/talking. . . not much action. As my Dad, who started out as a coal miner , used to say, after blasting. “Good shot, but no coal”, and yep ready for Fall. Here in SC, still too warm,and now, too humid. Ready for the smell of woodsmoke in the air. . . and the heat from the woodstove.

  7. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. We are expecting a colder possibly longer winter this year in North Texas so we’re actively prepping for it. Now that we took in my wife’s 84 year old mom (she’s getting an apartment about a mile from us) Order a pair of British Softies to keep her extra warm.

  8. Badger-how kind of you and your wife to help her Mom.
    Capt Michaels-thanks for the site to check the voting records ! Actions or lack there of speak louder than their words.

    Here on the NE we are expecting 5-10 inches of rain this week which we really need-but that much so fast brings flooding and the area is already in a flood watch.Wish we could see some rain out west and in Calif. Breaks my heart to see such drought.

    Follow up from the other day -Pope Francis said “We will not resign
    ourselves to imagining a Middle East without Christians ”
    We are prepping hard for this winter.If the signs of nature are correct(tons of apples,nuts ,and the brown and black on the wooly caterpillars) -then we are in for a tough one. God Bless . Arlene

  9. re EMP- We just lost our phone- no dial tone. Who knows why . We dont have cell service here so I will have to drive later to put in a repair call.
    If we really take time to visualize the magnitude of an EMP big hit then it is mind boggling to see how society will cope.There will be many deaths from illness and lack of preparedness.If the grid gets fried it will take YEARS to repair. We may have to learn to communicate by smoke signals, esp and maybe some ham radios. Some will survive .
    I hope we never have to experience this but I sense will probably will in time.
    Ben Carson was advocating hardening the grid.Years ago Newt G. proposed it in Congress and was laughed out I guess.
    Enjoy every day and the blessings of every season !! Arlene

  10. Arlene, just because politicians are voted into office does not mean they are the brightest bulbs in the pack and those who voted for them are in the same package of bulbs. I am amazed at how bad some of our office holders are and they keep getting re- elected, friends have said we need term limits and I tell them we have, it’s called elections.

  11. Capt.Michaels, I get it, really I do, McCarthy wouldn’t be my choice but he will be the next speaker and he is a conservative. He isn’t conservative enough for Cruz or the likes of Levin but I’m more pragmatic and more of a realist then they are. McCarthy is the type who will bring all caucases of the house repubs in to craft legislation, everyone will have input. I’d rather get a little input than none at all, which is how it’s been. He gets low grades by some because he plays the long ball. Example: he will make enemies and score low with some conservative groups because he won’t go along with shutting down the gov over something like planned parenthood. Why, because 1) the money will still flow to pp even during a shutdown. 2) in the end we can’t win with a pp supporter in the Whitehouse. 3) it plays into the Democrats and media “anti government” narrative. 4) it will hurt repub election chances. I’m all for making/taking a stand, but not in front of a firing squad. It makes little sense to climb out on a limb just so your enemy can saw it off behind you. Live to fight another day and hopefully that day will come. The Freedom caucus, which is made up of the most passionate conservatives in the house have suggested that McCarthy will be a major improvement…… Time will tell…..

  12. John P Yes you are correct-thanks. We need statesmen and stateswomen not politicians.

    Looks as if the entire East coast will be getting intense rain.We need it here but it seems as if the people in Florida and Miss and the Carolinas are severely flooding.The weather channel set up reminds me of Storm Sandy 4 years ago -with 3 systems converging.
    Rain came earlier than predicted here so my quik-cement that I applied to one part of the foundation hasnt completely dried. Since its the first time I have used it I hope it will eventually dry. Any one have exp. with this ? I am now glad I didnt do more than one section. Arlene

    Well put Capt. Michaels. Arlene

  13. @ TexasScout

    ‘moved all my money out of the medium risk stuff and into municipal bonds and other low risk stuff…’
    unless your financial adviser has scrupulously looked at the cities/bond rating you are investing in, I would hazard to say you have stepped out of the frying pan into the fire. you really need a second opinion/look see on that. and do it soon. bonds especially gov’t debt isn’t what it used to be, if anything, federal debt will be the strongest… for a while, but municipal and state not so much. check out in no particular order martin armstrong, warren pollack etc for opinion/guidance. if you visit this site you know the drill, bonds might do well for a short time more and then kablooey…diversify some more, 1/4 stocks, 1/4 real estate, !/4 precious metals, 1/4 bonds (sovereign). and the usual beans, bullets, seeds, garden, learn some skills, make friends, have a bbq and drink a beer. good luck

  14. @John Gault, thank you for your humbleness and sharing your thoughts. That goes for everyone’s perspective.

    @Arlene, I see concern, little worried in your voice/writing? Maybe no, but either…your going to be good. The fact your started early was a little convicting to me.

    I just spent a lot of money getting bigger tires a few months ago,all season. When I saw some AT tires I really wanted to put on the LR and showed them to my wife. She didn’t have to smack on top of the head. I did it for her. doh!

    Sorry, but I’m more hard leaning now with the my conservative views now. Being “tolerant” is what I believe allowed the current state. NOW, I’m like Mr.Miyagi:

  15. Capt.Michaels- Thanks for your concern.We are as prepared as we can be.
    I just dont want any of us to fall into the false notion that if an EMP
    comes that we will be up and running in a fast fashion.Some of the
    fiction books, which are exc. can give that impression.
    You have a great sense of humor , Yes seasoned spouses can speak with non-verbal communication-grin !!! Arlene

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