From the Desk of John Rourke – September 29th, 2014

For the past couple months I have been trying to follow a diet that involves Intermittent Fasting. Basically I eat between 1:00pm and 7:00pm daily. I work out at noon time on an empty stomach. The first week I followed it I lost 8 pounds. Since then? Struggling with willpower. I have no problem with the eating schedule but tending not to eat very clean. I will get back on track once I decide to. After all – no one forces me to eat the wrong things – that is all on me.

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I am not a big fan of buying precious metals just due to limited resources however I think silver makes a lot of sense. Current prices are not too bad so if ever interested now might be a decent time to buy.

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On this date back in 1965 a volcano exploded in the Philippines killing 500 people. You just never know when your number is going to come up.

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Be careful out there folks! A buddy of mine was contracted by a single mother to pick up a “tiny house” she bought….900 miles away! She paid $7000 for it and once he got all the facts on the house had to deliver the news she was ripped off. The house was oversized for the road – too wide and too tall. In fact – not really a “tiny” house at all. Due to the size it was going to require escorts, special permits, and an extended trip around low bridges. Cost? $6000 give or take. This was much more than the women planned to spend and was led to believe it would cost. Research everything out before making the final purchase.






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  1. I’ve never liked set intermittent fasting. Spontaneous because you are not hungry is fine. I eat when I’m hungry till I’m not. Then I eat again when I am.

  2. As a guy who is bumping 60 years-of-age, my metabolism can add weight by sniffing food. Born skinny I was 5’11” and 145 lbs when I was 19 and joined the military. By the time I was 45 I was 180. Two years ago I hit 212, officially obese. It’s not that I ate crazily, I didn’t.

    My efforts at losing weight were short lived. I was watching TV last year and saw Judge Napolitano, the FOX News fellow. Looked like he had been going through cancer he was so thin, no longer his very plump self. The fellow mentioned it and he shared that he had lost over 70 lbs by following his physician’s recommendation. He gave up all wheat. And he took an amino acid supplement developed by his physician, who happened to be a classmate from college. He took it upon waking, 30 minutes before each meal and then at bedtime. He claimed it removed hunger and helped him better metabolize his food. In that it wasn’t a planned discussion and he wasn’t making a commercial I looked into it.

    The maker of the supplement is a retired gastroenterologist who had spent a lot of time treating metabolic syndrome. Without going into long details, he had come up with a protein supplement very different from others on the market. Unlike others, his was derived from egg, milk, and plant proteins, because each has a specific time for uptake. His product provides uptake in 30 minutes versus the 12 hours of the worst supplements. Additionally, he designed it so that in the worst cases of obesity, it was all that was needed for intake. He included borage and a number of other good nutrients as well as necessary vitamins and minerals. Then he sweetened it with stevia a touch of nutrasweet (I don’t like that, but it’s working!). 30 calories per scoop.

    I’ve been using his product for 18 months. I’ve gone from 212 to 160 lbs, a loss of 52 lbs I use one of his other plans. I make a fruit or vegetable smoothie using his product and produce for my breakfast and lunch meals. Then I have a more normal dinner. I also will add rye bread or crackers if I feel the desire. I take a shake with the dinner. And then a shake at bedtime. I’ve discovered that if I use shakes or smoothies for snacks, I lose even more. I make iced coffee shakes and any other variety I come up with.

    I modified the plan per my own metabolism. I believe that the culprit for me is the gluten in modern wheat. So I use a German-style dense rye bread or rye flat bread that I purchase on Amazon. I don’t skimp on fats, as he prefers, because I digest them well. Cream cheese and real butter adorn the bread when I wish. Otherwise I try to avoid rice, oats, and other grains.

    I’ve done as he recommended, which is a very slow weight loss. Originally I was losing 2 lbs per week. Now I lose about lb per week. I feel great. I think that I will be a person who continues to use the product indefinitely. I plan to substitute at least one meal with a smoothie, and continue the shakes with meals and for snacks, bedtime.

    What I like about the plan is that he gives all sort of supplementary advice that gives you a lot of options. I fall off the wagon for a day or two or at holidays but I remind myself that the weight gain is no big deal and I can take it off again. And I do.

    The cost is not bad. For most people it probably comes out to $120 to $160 per month. I really love the stuff, so I go through about $180 per month. But my food bill is actually smaller because I am not buying all the other junk that I was eating. I consume about 1500 to 1800 calories per day and plan on transitioning to 1800 to 2000 when I hit my goal of 155lbs.

    I don’t know why this plan has worked for me when others didn’t. Maybe I’m just more serious. My only complaint is that because I use a lot of the shake powder, my gas could knock a buzzard off a pile of dung! It’s a good trade off. (I forgot to mention that the supplements that he does advice are fish oil and 2 glasses of red wine every day, for the health benefits!)

    The product is called Factor4. The doc’s name is Scheele.

  3. every time you fast, even for less than a day, your metabolism goes into survival mode and becomes more thrifty. “survival mode” may sound great for this blog, lol–but it will make it harder and harder for you to lose weight. the best way is to eat smaller amounts of everything, including healthy fats, and lose no more than one pound a week. the faster people lose weight, the more likely they are to regain it. the weight-gain industry knows this, which is why all their advertising is for rapid weight loss. this guarantees them repeat customers!

    • teabag – I agree with some of your statement but not all. Everyone is different hence the reason why every “diet” doesn’t work for every body. Understand that I am not starving myself. Many people don’t eat breakfast and do not have their first meal until lunch. I do not believe my body is going into starvation mode because I do not eat until 1:00pm or so. What it does do is kick in a different utilization of my fat stores for energy. There are days when I wake up or feel particularly hungry and I will say “screw it” and eat. High protein and low carb.

      So far – I am liking it.

  4. yes, everyone is different. most people who skip breakfast have a harder time losing weight than those who eat breakfast. but you are the expert on your own body. what works for you is what works for you!

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