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The Pope visiting the United States has created a lot of chatter on social media. I am disappointed that much of what I see has been negative and a small amount of that suggesting conspiracy theories. I do not agree with everything the Pope has suggested but I appreciate the purity in his heart and the message of peace he is passing along.

Take the positive and leave the rest.

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So SPeaker of the House Boehner has resigned his position and his seat in Congress. I find this extremely positive. The obvious question at hand is who will take his place. Will it be a Boehner clone or someone who will do the people’s work?

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Anyone watch the TV series “Longmire“? I love it. Great stories and very good acting. The first 4 seasons can be streamed on Netflix.

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  1. Rourke-I agree Pope Francis truly has the compassion of Jesus and he is probably the best the Catholic church has seen in many years.In between getting the foundation and cellar ready for winter(plastic, hay bales and some kwik cement) we watched a great deal of the Popes visit and we will pray for him with his sciatica and
    we are inspired to be hopeful. It was a joy to see so many people expressing their faith and it sure was a positive compared to Hillarys e mail scandal .
    I just saw some of the full moon and eclipse -very bright moon !!
    God bless . Arlene

  2. Personally, I agree with your positive comment outlook and will take it heed not to let myself go off the deep end. However, I here is the difference and what Pope John Paul II said when he came to America. HUGE difference! He starts speaking at the 12 minute mark. At the minimum, please skip to the 18:50 mark and listen very close to the words that come out of his mouth next.

    Meh.. Positive outlook and agreed. To many conspiracy thoughts out there. I told my wife I couldn’t wait to get up this morning after the The Blood Moon and see everything is fine. The week’s still not over, but we’ll see. 😉

  3. Forgive me, Arlene, but I’m NOT a fan of this Pope. While I concur that he is compassionate and echoes the Christian message of generosity, I feel his scorn for Capitalism and support of Socialistic ideas is gravely mistaken. After all, which nations contribute the bulk of funds that the Roman Catholic Church uses to operate the nearly 2000 hospitals and 10,000 missions worldwide? The countries that he is lecturing do! I am even more opposed to the Pontiff’s recommendation for the West to accept hundreds of thousands of Moslem refugees from Asia and Africa. What is he doing about the ISLAMIC slaughter of Christians on both CONTINENTS? Granted, the Pope no longer controls armies as in the Middle Ages. However, he could open the Vatican checkbook and hire some security! Or, even easier and cheaper, verbally lobby for the Western (Christian) world to end this GENOCIDE. Instead, he is harping on Global Warming. I realize that my opinion means nothing, while the Pope’s thoughts reverberate across the globe. But, as a lifelong Roman Catholic I have observed countless times the hatred and scorn directed toward The Church. Within the Conservative social media community that I associate, people are calling this Pontiff “The False Prophet” or “The Antichrist”. I cannot help thinking it is because Pope Francis is rubbing elbows with tyrants, pandering to Islam and pointing the finger of condemnation at folks like me.

  4. Being a devout Christian of over 60 years; an ordained minister and long-time student of the the Christian Bible (which is considerably different than the Catholic Bible); and a reader of many books on the Pope, the Vatican history (which included all of the travesties of history the Pope and Vatican assisted e.g. helping many Nazi henchmen escape prosecution during WWII, the Borgia legacy, etc.); it is difficult for me to watch the Pope do anything. I will say no more on my feelings, but will recommend one of many well acclaiimed books on the history of the Vatican, the Popes. etc. entitled “A World Lit Only By Fire” by William Manchester. I highly recommend all Catholics and Christians to read this highly respected book which may well lead you to challenge your religiosity which probably has developed from a long family history in the Catholic Church.

  5. not a Catholic, have friends who are. . . . they are very unhappy with the current Pope, who is of a very liberal bent. . . . Ol’ Farm Boy- I think we are probably closer in thought. Irish 7, you echo my friends” thoughts. The Pope who was forced to “retire” was much more conservative, and I think, not pro-islam.

  6. Like all of us the Pope’s beliefs/opinions are in part shaped by his life’s experiences and the things he has learned. We are all victims of learning and believing, at least for a time, things that may not be absolute fact. Some of us cling to untruths our whole lives, never realizing our mistake. The Pope’s steadfast belief in man made climate change should be of no surprise. He is surrounded by true believers. He receives but one side, he hears no debate. The Pope grew up in Argentina, his schooling and life’s work, though broad and well traveled was never influenced by the American economic model. American capitalism is unlike anything he knows and is far different than Argentine capitalism. I’m sure he understands that regardless of any economic system, there will always be the rich and there will always be the poor.

    I have a friend who is from Argentina, I met him around 8 years ago. He had met and fallen for an american exchange college student and followed her back to South Carolina where she was in school. When I met him he was a waiter at a restaurant in Columbia SC. We became good friends and we would all get together often. I realized early on that he was a very bright guy. He seemed very intelligent and had a very reasoned approach to things. There came a point when I asked him what he had been in Argentina, he told me that he had been a lawyer in Argentina, as his father was at the time. It made perfect sense to me. He explained how he basically had to start from scratch here, his Argentine degree meant little here. He said something that told me a lot about Argentina, and about America. He told me that it was better to be a waiter in America than a lawyer in Argentina. The Pope likely doesn’t understand this.

    Kevin McCarthy will be the next speaker. There will be those like Cruz who will rail against it. There will be cat calls of RINO. McCarthy is a good guy, a good communicator and a solid conservative who knows how to fight.

  7. I do understand and agree with what many of you are saying about the Pope.However if you read his writings and really listen -what I heard
    was that he said Capitalism should use the profits to help the less fortunate. That America must guard herself against the taking of our religious liberty.
    He is DOING something about the victims of pedophilia while others have not. He said to RESPECT the life of the unborn.He acknowledged that the church had been brutal to the Native Americans and apologized.
    I DO NOT think that being compassionate to Radical Muslims is ever going to change the terrorists and that we need to fight.
    As a previous Chaplain and student of the Bible (my Mom was protestant,my Dad Catholic) I can tell you that there isnt any difference between the old and new testaments of the Bible whether they are Catholic or King James etc.
    I believe that Obama is the Anti Christ.
    Its good to see so many people commenting.

    We had a level 3 earthquake here in NYS .Very rare .It covered about 35 miles and hit a big dam that holds water for NYC. NYC never returned the calls from our Town Supervisors . Mother Nature is very active. Alaska got the earliest snow ever -this month.

    God bless you all. Arlene

  8. Pope, sorry but as a Christian I’m not any more interested in anything he says or does anymore than I care about the prince, his princess and their children. I see evil over the Roman Catholic Church and it’s popes! I’m with Old Farm Boy and Rick. Keep Looking UP

  9. Longmire is a decent show. Hope the new episodes don’t screw it up. I believe it’s filmed in New Mexico instead of Wyoming as advertised.
    Was not impressed with the Pope-Show that came to town at all. Far too many “scripted” seemingly spontaneous events for my tastes. Not sure this Pope is at all like the last two or even close. I believe his Argentinian “roots” have infected his theology, I could be wrong.
    Since Vatican City doesn’t allow anyone to “immigrate” at all, I find being lectured by the Pope on our immigration policy to be highly offensive, perhaps intentionally so.
    I was truly disgusted by the Obamafurher’s proclamation that LGBT Rights trump religious freedom. So, he’s not really a Constitutional Scholar after all. I will be glad when he’s gone from the White House. I look to see a whole more “executive orders” or “actions” from him in the last months of his reign. For a man claiming to want to provide hope and change, he has been intentionally racist, divisive, anti-individual freedoms and his “liberation theology religious beliefs” I find reprehensible. Definitely not a fan of this clown. His choice of close personal advisors like Valerie Jarrett and others are highly suspect. I am convinced he’s merely a puppet, and someone else IS the puppeteer. Putin knows this, and calls it for what he is. Have more respect for the lying thieving lowlife KGB director Putin than I do for the Obamafurher. Putin doesn’t
    try to mask who and what HE is at all. The Obamafurher certainly does consistently.

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