From the Desk of John Rourke – September 28, 2014

With the cooler weather approaching I am really hoping to have the family go on a decent camping trip. At a minimum I would like to take the boys out for a “men’s only” outing.

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I am surprised that Tannerite is still legal. This stuff is awesome and so much fun. I plan to do some tests to see how long the stuff will last once mixed if kept dry. I know “they” say not long but I wonder if that is really true. BOOM!!

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I have had a short AR on my mind lately. Possibly an AR pistol with the arm “stabilizer” attached. I have also been planning on getting a .22 semi-auto pistol and a suppressor. I am not worried about being on the “radar” for owning such a device – and I am already there.

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One of my favorite scenes in any movie – from Army of Darkness:


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  1. John,

    I’ve owned a brace of AR15 style pistols for about a decade now. I find one fits quite nicely in the Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle case.


  2. hahahaha! hadn’t thought about A of D in years. . . . will have to watch again. . . . Is tannerite readily available to anyone?I am pretty much ignorant about it. . . . but willing to learn.

  3. I’d be interested in how long Tannerite lasts once mixed too. My brother and I were thinking it could possibly make a good force multiplier if it could be mixed and set around a perimeter.

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