From the Desk of John Rourke – September 25th, 2014

I am looking at holding a guest post writing contest mid-October through mid-December. These contests help give me a break as far as writing and finding things to post. If interested in entering go ahead and “warm up that keyboard”.

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Had a friend of mine contact me. He was wondering if he should trade his M&P 9mm pistol for a .40S&W Shield. This question was done on Facebook and opened up the entire “what caliber is best” debate. I answered him initially and then sent him a private message with more info. My answer? For his level of experience (low) and knowing he is not going to practice very much I felt the .40S&W cartridge in a small Shield frame would not be a good match for him. Never said the 9mm was better – or not – just the .40S&W would not be a good fit for him. Beside an even trade used-for-used would be rip-off for him.

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Man, how I wish I could go back in time when I could buy XM193 5.56 Federal brown boxes for $5.99/box.

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I recently got a chance to look at a Kel-Tech SU-16. I had heard a lot about them over the years but never actually have seen one. To be honest – not real impressed. I am not saying it is crap – just my initial impression was it looked to be made by Mattel. I feel the same way about their pistols. I have never shot one so my opinion is worth what you paid for it. Maybe they perform a whole lot better than they look.

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From today through Sunday I will be AFK (away from keyboard). I will have limited Internet access so I will have little ability to work on any website problems and respond to comments. Curious what I am doing? Check out my Instagram and Twitter for updates.

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7 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – September 25th, 2014”

  1. I do not own a S&W Shield. Ended up with a Kahr CW9 which dimensionally and such is very similar. My thoughts:

    1) Honestly for 2 legged game if you actually look at the stats people react very similarly to modern defensive ammo in .38, 9mm, .40S&W or .45acp. All BS aside the most scientific evidence available says differences are on the verge of being statistically negligible.

    2) In these guns the difference between 9 and .40 is usually a round. A round or even two isn’t a big deal when we are talking a 15+1 Glock 22 vs a 17+1 Glock 17. On the other hand with with a single stack subcompact that round arguably matters more, eight definitely beats 7.

    3) Personally I carry a 9mm these days. The primary reason is that I can afford to shoot it more regularly than other cartridges. More rounds downrange means I shoot better. The second reason is I shoot 9mm a bit better. Accuracy is slightly better with a significant benefit in second round acquisition.

    4) At the end of the day a large part of the reason we carry weapons is peace of mind. If X caliber gives a person peace of mind then presuming it is a sane choice (.500S&W is not a defensive round) and they will actually carry it regularly (vs leave it in the glove box or at home) then I say rock on with it.

  2. I dropped my membership in the ‘Carry Gun of the Month Club’ a decade ago. I am lucky to afford professional, ongoing, training in pistol craft. IDPA each month. I’m a large fellow but… I have narrowed my carry gear to summer and winter ware. Ruger LCP+P for summer and G26 for fall and winter. I “Actually carry it regularly” Like a safty belt, its useless unless you ware it every time you go out.

    Owned Kel-tec(s). Pistols and ‘Rifles/carbines… they work! They are lite! They all lack a certain set of … Legs … imho

  3. Military is dropping the 9 and going to the 40 or back to the 45.
    The 9 is just too weak in a combat situation, plus somebody in the Pentagon is probably getting a substantial kickback for converting.

  4. I prefer a round that is much like me. Being a big slow dumb guy, I’ll take the .45 ACP any day. I know folks like to argue about ballistics, but at 20 feet or less bullet drop and muzzle velocity make very little difference, besides you can’t justify it as self defense at much further range anyway. After all I prefer the “Kicked by a mule” effect more than the “Went right through” effect.

    Just my humble opinion.

  5. What pistol round the military chooses has little relevance for civilians as the military only uses hard ball non-expanding ammo in which case bigger is better. Modern hollow point ammo results in little terminal difference between 9,40, and 45. I used to carry a .45, went to the .40 and now carry the 9. Pistol bullets are amazingly poor stoppers in any caliber under .44 Magnum. My feeling is that the more rounds the merrier.
    Kel-Tec guns are innovative but tend to be a little rough due to their price point. Just look how many of their designs Ruger has stolen. The SU series of rifles do not use the direct impingement gas system. To get the pistol system in an AR is quite a bit more money. I haven’t heard of any problems with the polymer stocks. Many who shoot them alot replace the extractor with a Colt one.

  6. At the risk of sounding a bit sexist, I once worked in an real shooting organization that downsized from .45acp to 9mm parabellum. I heard all kinds of justification, cheaper ammo, easier to shoot, better more reliable weapons. Tommyrot. Organizational statistics showed that the great majority of females couldn’t shoot the .45. We fired about 500 rounds each qualification shoot. We qualified on a shoot late in the string when all were tired. Many many were the smokestack jams experienced by females. Of course it was the weapon, not the weak wrist shooter.

    Funny how us 200 pound plus muscled males seldom if ever experienced the solitary smokestack jam. Funny too how most of my old gunfighter friends having heard the zing or clap of a round passing nearby and surviving, suddenly decided to upgrade back to the old .45acp. Then again, I’m an old dinosaur.



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