From the Desk of John Rourke – September 24th, 2014

Seems like I can “smell” Fall in the air. We are starting to have some cooler days here in the South and the evenings have certainly cooled down. Time to start thinking about winter-preps.

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I love Netflix? I use it often especially since I got rid of satellite and cable. I have been watching “Inside Combat Rescue” – a short series with 6 episodes. It is about a rescue unit of the Air Force who go in and get injured soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan. These guys are incredible.

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The more I pay attention to politics the more I realize these people are nuts. I am a stout Conservative and enjoy pointing out the ridiculous things said and done on the Left but Ted Cruz recently spoke in a manner that signals he is out of touch with reality. He said that a new campaign finance reform bill would make “Saturday Night Live skits illegal”. Stupid and ridiculous statements like that is ammunition for the Left.

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I am looking at building a “communications station”. This may be similar to a roll-around tool box containing AM/FM/shortwave/HAM/CB/satellite communications. In a disaster situation the station could be manned and all communications monitored for news. Transmitting would be possible to some level. Going to research to see what other people have done.


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  1. Where I am I smell spring – and we had one day of summer last week before back to spring.

    I have problems with the left – right dichotomy. I am conservative fiscally/financially and in the need for strong self and family responsibility. I really hate the whole victim and entitlement mentality. But then again I am liberal in some areas socially. I guess the answer to this is to be very specific and not wrap people up into preconceived groups whereby we make assumptions about their beleifs based on limited information.

    • I can understand what you are saying Harriet. Out of all my beliefs not everything is on one side – although I generally lean way to the Right on most things. That victim and entitlement mindset is a cancer in our society. Appreciate your commenting all the way from the other side of the world.

  2. Rourke, Keep us updated on the communication station. Sounds like something that I would be interested in doing. Do u already have a CB radio? Would u elaborate on satellite communications? Thanks,

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