From the Desk of John Rourke – September 23rd, 2015

JohnP sent in a link to a news story where a school board in New Jersey had to rule on changing the school holiday schedule based on the petitioning of the local Muslim community.

Here are a few excerpts and the entire article can be read HERE:

A school-board meeting in New Jersey descended into chaos when a room full of angry Muslim parents were denied a last-minute request by its members.

Tempers were so raw last Thursday when the Jersey City Board of Education decided not to close schools for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha that officials had to order security to “take charge.” The holiday falls on Sept. 24.

“We’re going to be the majority soon!” said one woman into a microphone, WNBC-TV reported Sept. 17.

Muslim parents are permitted to take their children out of school for an excused religious absence with no penalty, WNBC reported.

While Muslim students received an excused absence Jewish leaders requested the same consideration and failed to receive equal treatment.

I reiterate that there are many fine Muslims and I am not anti-Muslim. I do believe that these United States of America were founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and that was an integral part of its success. America’s decline matches the distance it has moved away from the Church. Just a piece of the puzzle.

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I sometimes think about what it would have been like to live during the days of the founding of this country. To be part of the original 13 colonies would have been an incredible experience. Of course it would have been very difficult. Life expectancy back then was much lower for obvious reasons. It would be interesting to see this country in its relatively untouched form.


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I suspect that the situation in Syria with the United States supporting the government opposition and Putin supporting the official government cannot end well. Putin has sent in troops to support Assad. What will happen if US trained troops kill Russian troops? What if Russian troops kill US troops due to some unfortunate incident. This is a real concern that seems not to be getting the media attention it deserves.

It absolutely deserves to be mention on a preparedness website. The risk of nuclear war I think is somewhat related.

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I have been a fan of the Kindle-line of book readers and multimedia devices for quite some time. Amazon has just revamped their lineup and they just keep getting better and better. Many that are not up on the newest technology find the Kindles are a great way to get a first taste.

Incredibly the new entry level Kindle Fire is now only $49.99. Great way to build a digital preparedness library.


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How many fire extinguishers do you have in your home? I have currently 5 spread throughout. It may not be economic collapse or an alien invasion that creates a SHTF – it may be a kitchen fire.

So – are you prepared?


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  1. I have 5. Three in the house, one in the car and one in the shed.

    The Muslims are out of line. This is America and Christians founded the Country.

    We don’t shut our schools for St Patricks Day, Cinco Demio, Octoberfest etc. People are free to observe those on there own.

    I am concerned of possible incidents that could unfold out the Syrian conflict. Had the US not illegally proceed with regime changes in Libya, Syria, Egypt and Ukraine, all of this chaos would not have happened.

    I read today that actually 1 in 5 Muslim refugees are actually Syrian, and that most of them are coming over to live a better quality of life, in other words (social benefits, free housing, meds, entitlements etc)

    Raping’s are off the scale almost everywhere they went, UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway. Soon to be America.

    They very fact police agencies, city governments and educational systems from elementary to collages as well as news media and hollywood networks are pushing the Muslim agenda tells me this is coming from the (Top Down) Obama Administration though its leviathan tenticles.

  2. The fact we are going to allow “X” number of refugees into the country soon will only intensify the Muslims trying to push their ways. To me, it’s the same as the homosexuals pushing their agenda on the Christian business owners, clerks, etc.. For so long, we’ve been too complacent, afraid to stir up something. I think if we continue to be that way, we will fall.

    On a lighter note, to your comment about the 13 colonies. I remember growing up as a kid, and still today when hunting/camping. Sometimes, I’ll just look around and wonder, what did this look like when people first came here. It’s interesting to think if the topography was different, etc.

    Well, enough ramblings. You all keep the faith and drive on.

  3. So apparently, liberal NJ is bowing to their new masters? Interesting enough before I came here for my daily MSO I came across this article:

    Angry Muslims Taunt NJ School Officials: “We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon”

    Angry Muslims? Angy at what or trying to start the whole screaming, hollering, propaganda crap me thinks? I’m sure these lunatics in this new story will spread their disease, but it will never take off like they think. I’m not pro-muslim and I’m not anti-muslim. I am Pro-human respect, but we’ll see how this turns out.

    Russia, Syria, and US? I was extremely happy to see all the modern Russian build up in Syria. Why, you might I ask. Remember, the evil jerk *Censored* in office and his regime created that mess over there….ie ISIS. Bummer wanted to overthrow Asad and armed those terrorist. Bummer also funds the Muslim brotherhood terrorist. Now that Russia is committed to Syria in full strength that means the terrorist over there are about to have their butt handed to them in defeat. And THAT…is why the ego narcissist man in office is trying to make a big deal about Russian. It has nothing to do with global threat and has everything to do with that evil’s pride and ego getting crushed. And bummer’s plan to create totally chaos destroyed. The only possible down and sad side is if bummer sends real ground troops to fight them, but I don’t think that will happen because he’s an evil, bullying, incompetent, coward.

  4. If Americans (accidentally) kill Russians, there will be hell to pay, if Russians (accidentally) kill Americans, the POSOTUS and the libs will say ‘we shouldn’t have been there in the first place’ and apologize (maybe) to the family(s) and then he’ll be off to the golf course

  5. I have 8 fire extinguishers…2 in Garage, 1 each car, 1 kitchen, 2 basement, 1 front door, 1 back door. Make sure that you have the proper type of extinguisher at each location. There are different types, i.e. electrical type v.s grease fire…do you research. Also, be sure you know how to properly use them..where to aim, how long to use (short bursts, smothering).
    I also want to point out that fire extinguishers can also be used for home defense, hence why I keep one by door entrances. In a pinch they can be used to impede an intruders vision if aimed at or spread on the floor to impede their movement. If nothing else they could be used as a blunt weapon 🙂

  6. I don’t feel the need to appease even those “fine Muslims” in this country. If they were such good people how come they never speak out about the atrocities committed by their fellow members of the “Religion of Peace”? Muck those Fuzlims.

  7. The fear of being perceived intolerant.. has made us cowards .. Screw the UN and what the rest of the world thinks. America became the light by going against political meme’s and doing what was right. We no longer do that “Officially” … We have many fine people that do too little or are too much in the minority. Those fine people are not our leadership. America is not now and will never be a Caliphate, nor will it ever be while I live. I support our police, our service men and women, people to weak to defend themselves and anyone who is FOR America as it was designed. Not hyphenated Americans that want America to change to be the country the fled. Also NOT a Congress, or Executive and Judicial Branch that is not crafting, supporting or interpreting the American Law of the land and the Original Constitution with it’s Valid Amendments. and Yes I am pissed off.. sorry for the rant but not really.

    If Syria has a legitimate government.. not just one we “like”… but one they chose .. and Russia is supporting that .. then shame on us for not joining in. If they are about Imperial ambitions .. then we should gingerly oppose them .. In either case we have neither the political will not any longer a moral platform to oppose them from .. all we can and will do is watch, listen to the pundits and make racket .. shame on us.. and WE have work to do.

    As to Nuclear .. Syria or any Muslim platform (not sure if it’s radical or normal anymore), now that Iran is perceiving us as weak and incompetent, is a clear and present danger.
    rant concluded…

  8. In the case of Syria, the enemy of our enemy is still our enemy, there’s no one left to support. Rumor has it that Hezbollah has amassed tens of thousands of rockets which they wish to rain down on Tel Aviv. Hezbollah is supported by Iran, who supports Assad, Putin supports them both. This is a damn mess.

    Islam sees women as second-class citizens, hates gays, is totally opposed to democracy, and wants to kill us. Tolerating this is suicidal. I understand there are exceptions, thousands of them, but still how about we discourage immigrants from importing stuff like animal sacrifice, honor killings, female circumcision, rape, pedophilia, human trafficking … you know, stuff like that? If some view this as intolerant and bigoted… sorry, I don’t. I consider it a thoughtful reflection of self preservation. We have enough problems and troublemakers, importing more is self defeating…… and stupid…..

  9. I am finding activity in our area a bit strange. Two houses in our area came up for sale and almost immediately sold, which is not very common here. Both families are foreign, but I am not sure where they are from. They appear to be middle eastern. Both families were moved in with non-traditional moving vans, just plain unmarked tractor trailers that delivered all of their stuff at night. They arrived about dark and worked until after midnight unloading. Both families have vehicles with Delaware plates and almost immediately started visiting each other. I don’t know if a company relocated them to Florida, but neither family appears to work. Anyone else seeing any strange relocation’s in their area?

    • JAS
      I actually did go through that before I moved out to the sticks and some acreage .. It’s the primary reason I moved.
      House sold for cash and way more that the surrounding homes would indicate. (this from official sales records .. not supposition) This was next door mind you .. like 60 ft away .. “suburbia”. The seller who I did not care for but knew had zero information on the buyer. A wad of cash and bought .. no discussion .. nothing
      After .. dark of night move in.. No contact, nor hello neighbor, cars into the garage and no-contact .. I spoke to the police .. eventually a plain clothes guy drives up to my yard and pops out talking to me like we are old friends .. He said they found problems with them .. cash vehicle sales .. yada yada..
      They pushed them, poked them and said they could do nothing. I told him I would mount m own watch and if they found them later .. here is my name and birth date . and did he want my social? He told me not to do anything .. I asked him is protect, serve and defend were just words they painted on cars… because if they were, fine .. then it’s up to me. About six weeks later the pressure worked .. sort of .. They sold the home to a good family at a real loss.. The results of course is clean money out.. Clearly the problem just moved, and was not solved. And I decide to move. IMO .. If you suspect a problem .. use their methods against them. Call in anonymously to HS.. Tell the media in your ares.. People do not act suspiciously if they have nothing to hide JAS. PS I first tried to introduce myself .. waving when someone comes or goes .. Invitation to a block party .. nothing.. I’d ok with a decline but even then .. pay close attention to your spider sense.. but not to so much of the written dramatized rhetoric .. If they just want to be left alone .. cool, then they don’t deserve my “persecution” .. but be open .. not clandestine.. take it with a grain of salt .. just my .02

  10. “We’re going to be the majority soon!” said one woman into a microphone, WNBC-TV reported Sept. 17.”

    Woman what have you been smoking. Muslims account for no more than 1 percent of the entire U.S. population. Hell the Black Panthers at least have 12 percent to draw on for their hate!!!! With that said thanks for the warning!!

  11. Jon, I read a research paper on the birth rates of various countries, ethnic groups and the spread of Islamism. The conclusion of this paper was that without some intervening force Muslims would indeed become the majority on every land mass they inhabit. I can’t remember the exact statistics but in this country for example birth rates have been falling with American women (1.87) children per where as the fastest growing religious group (Muslims) have a birth rate of 3.1. Muslims may one day control this country but we will be long gone before they ever do.

  12. Folks, I hate to be the gloom and doom prophet, but face the facts. The surge of immigrants coming in from the Middle East is going to get worse, not better. It is unfortunate that we as an electorate have been stupid enough, or perhaps too lazy, to do anything about the government we have in Washington, DC. Regardless of the congressional chamber or the party, in my opinion, 99% of the people in Congress are nothing more than self-serving drones who have the attitude of “why make waves”. They apparently feel that “they have arrived” and are ill inclined to make any effort to address real issues that may be seen as “against the stream” which would bring the wrath of the party leaders, the administration and thereby cause them re-election. Heaven forbid they would be forced to return home and work for a living.
    The other side of this tarnished coin is the occupant of the White House. I can’t speak to the Bush administration. I was working and paid little attention. Shame on me. However, this administration I have watched since I retired. It has lived up to my predictions of being the worse presidency this country has ever see. The current president has no intention of doing anything about immigration since it suits his agenda to expand the Democratic voting base exponentially. His agenda includes the demise of the Republican party, and they’re playing right into his hands, and any other group that opposes him. For instance, see how the Tea Partiers have been vilified.
    There is one and only one way to put and end to this mess. VOTE THE BUMS OUT! I have made a practice to research each candidate as well as the voting record of the sitting congressional member and other seekers of office. I end up typically voting against the sitting member. Based on my makeup, I can tell you now, I cannot conceive of ever voting for a Democrate, since the party platform is so alien to my beliefs. In fact, I’m not too fond of the Republicans.
    OK, that’s my rant about our useless government.

    Moving on to Syria and the Russians.
    This won’t be the first time this has happened. We had essentially the same circumstance in Vietnam. Russian advisors and Chinese pilots. If my feeble memory serves me, our troops encountered Russian advisors. Don’t ask me where or when, I only remember the scuttlebutt floating around while I was there. But I envision Syria becoming another…..wait a minute. Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria already have the face of Vietnam. A never ending war, administered by the drones in Washington who set up “rules of engagement”, provide minimal support and then fire generals who attempt to do anything based on their initiative. Sounds too familiar. Either get in and do the job, sans ROE, or get out. We are wasting American lives.

  13. Everyone – I share your sentiments. Historically speaking Tim the trees were so numerous and large when the first white settlers arrived that supposedly squirrels could travel from Mass to Ohio without ever having to touch the ground.Must have been awesome!! The Native Americans hearts must have broken when the white settlers lied and abused the precious resources of Mother Earth.
    We need to vote in representatives who will honor the 10 Commandments and our traditional values.We need to suppress any Radical Muslim expressions .John P thanks for the NJ school article. Those Jewish parents need to fight for their rights. IN NYS public schools are closed for the Jewish holy days. (not colleges but students are permitted to take these days off w/o penalty.
    I believe we are in the midst of Biblical Tribulation and evil vs good will be harsher unless we all pray very hard and stand up for what is right.
    May you all take time to enjoy the floating of the leaves to earth and to frolic in the autumn
    morning mists .Happy Autumn and may God bless us all.

    YES we have several fire extinguishers in our home and barns and vehicle-basement near which did
    the furnaces along with smoke alarms, every floor of our home and by our kitchen stove and wood burning stoves and a few in the barn. We also have a pond with a water pump
    to fight fire as we once had a fire in the barn which did a fair amount of damage. and would have been worse had we not had our pond and pump and hoses and a devoted local fire vol. dept. Always give a donation to your vol. fire and ambulance services -even if its a small amount and volunteer if you are able to.The training is exc. and it helps everyone-including yourselves. Arlene

  14. I hate to say this or even THINK it but im afraid we are seeing the start of ww3 with it being the civilized world against islam dear god I hope im WRONG but with the way the world is going right now im afraid its coming to that

  15. Ore, I heard the same thing when I was in Nam and never doubted it. After Tet of 68 the Viet Cong were supposedly no longer a capable fighting force so some had to be doing it. Arlene, growing up my mother always said I was born a hundred years to late, she was right. Kevin, I fear you may be right. Denish De Sousa’s first book about dumbuma seems to be quite accurate.

  16. Oren, I heard the same thing when I was in Nam and never doubted it. After Tet of 68 the Viet Cong were supposedly no longer a capable fighting force so some had to be doing it. Arlene, growing up my mother always said I was born a hundred years to late, she was right. Kevin, I fear you may be right. Denish De Sousa’s first book about dumbuma seems to be quite accurate.

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