From the Desk of John Rourke – September 21st, 2015

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I visited my brother in Georgia and as always enjoys my time in the country. I was able to get a good amount of trigger time in, ate some fantastic steak, visited a local “mom and pop” gun shop – and replaced the water pump on my Jeep upon arrival.

Upon getting out of my Jeep Friday night I smelt antifreeze immediately. I was hopeful it was a pinhole in a hose but the next morning when I added water it leaked out from the water pump. Fairly simple replacement I found. Had to visit three auto parts stores before I found one that had it in stock.

Had a good time. Here are a few pictures:


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Just an FYI – do not use a wall for cover if being shot at. Most any wall will allow a bullet to pass right through it. A wall is concealment – not cover.

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Who here starts conversations with their family and close friends about prepping when you know they aren’t preppers. How do you bring up that conversation or do you even start it?




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  1. First off, why do vehicles always break down on road trips? I always carry tools with me, but it always seems to be something I can’t fix myself.
    How to talk to friends and relatives about prepping. I live in an area that can get severe winters. I use that to encourage my friends and relatives to stock up on a few things in case they are snowed in. Once I get them to that level, I up the pressure a little at a time.

  2. shiloh1973- I agree shiloh -I try talking about how bad last winter was and how one can prepare for this upcoming winter- snow, ice, power outages etc. If a person replies with as long as I have my beer and cigarettes then I dont continue. I used to try to get people to prep.Now we just prep and only talk about it if someone brings it up.Discretion is so important. Arlene

  3. I don’t hide the fact that I’m a prepper and if the opportunity arises I will enthusiastically explain why. Unfortunately, you can explain something for someone but you can’t understand it for them. With nearly half the population having a below average IQ its a steep hill to climb.

  4. I bring it up with my family as often as I can. Most acknowledge a need, they just don’t make it a priority. I’m just plugging along at my house, trying to get 30 days worth of supplies, because I know if it goes down I’m going to have my kids and grandkids there. 15 people total.

  5. Great first picture. Seems like a great piece of land with plenty of mature trees. I was a good egg and did all the “Food Saver” items. Went by Starbucks in the morning and requested they set aside all the mylar bags they throw away for me and picked those up in the afternoon for freeeee. Now I got to get the coffee smell out of Meh..that’s what you have to do when you have nothing you spare.

    Shiloh1973, I was thinking the same thing. Our not to use our vehicles, at all. Nothing more to get to our location and well, that’s it. It’s feet, bicycles, and things we have to push/pull with wheels for supplies. It’s a lot cheaper to buy parts now, easier to transport to our site, and makes next to no noise. As opposed to stocking up on Gas which is supposed to have a shelf life of 6 months and then Oil. Some people are planning on using ATV’s. Must be great to be rich enough to stock on everything you will need to keep all that stuff running for 3 years or longer? Nothing against those that can do that either.

    Unless of course you can do what SP1 did. Him and his co-host demonstrated a steam driven truck. That was cool.’s a good day, new day start of the week and hope everyone is refreshed.

    • Capt. – that truck that SP1 and Eng775 drove was run via gasification. Pretty cool. I like bicycles as well as scooters and mopeds as post-SHTF transportation.

  6. Like John i don’t hide the fact that i prepare, i do however pick my time an place to bring it up. Have tried to get extended family on board but a very slow process. As for my kids (both in their late 20’s) they are full on board and in fact we spent this past weekend holding a group outing at our site. We spent this time around the campfire discussing …what if’s, what we think may or may not happen, SOP, site security, established roles & structure for our group. So much to do… much.

    Stay Safe All

  7. I pretty much keep the fact that I’m a prepper under raps. The only person not in the family that I’ve talked with is the feed and seed store owner. He orders my wheat, beans and peas I have in stock…in 50# bags. Whenever I drift into a discussion with any of the family, or with the feed and seed owner, I use examples of hurricane or winter storms that I have experienced that drive me to “stock up” for those eventualities. Hugo caused a 2 week disruption where the snow storm that hit the midlands of SC in 1973 caused another week to two weeks. I know what it’s like to get the grocery store AFTER the fact and not find much of anything on the shelves. Luckily, the overall family had enough to get us thru. You’ll learn you really do like grits for most of your meals.
    I’m not sure how much impact I’ve made on our children. My son is starting to see the light while our daughter still, even at the ripe old age of 42, sorta rolls her eyes. She lives about 2.5 hours away. Things get rough, she’ll get a new appreciation for old senile dad. Hope she can make it thru it.

  8. Rourke, I’m not sure how often you review emails since you get tons I’m sure, but sent a few stories/ideas for your review/approval/rewrite?

  9. John Gault- you have a great way with words-I like that you can explain but they may not understand. I knew our population differed in intelligence levels but I am shocked at 50%-
    wow that explains a lot. To everyone :I
    stacked more wood today-picked more apples- my husband and I discussed the upcoming winter which we feel will be a hard one here in the N.East so soon we will put up more insulation, in the cellar and in the key windy areas outside the foundation, hay bales against the foundation and plastic so theres three layers against the possibility of frozen pipes=despite heat tapes.Last winter was one of the worst in decades and this year we want to protect the home while its fairly warm so we dont fight the cold while we are working outside.Its in the 40sw here at night ( 30s in the higher Mts.) .The leaves are starting to change and fall is in the air.
    Take care. Arlene

  10. I have learned not to waste my time talking to others about prepping. . . . most don’t care , and think you are crazy if you do. I find that sports is the all consuming issue with 75% of the public so. . . . let ’em eat a football. we continue to raise pigs and chickens, can/freeze what we are able to, cut firewood (for ourselves and selling) and just keep on with the day to day business of life.

  11. Arlene- wish I had neighbors like you. The walls in my old house are about 2″ thick yellow pine boards. . . . that should stop at least a lot of pistol fire, and some small calibre rifle stuff. . . .

  12. Arlene, thankyou for your kind words and your passion towards prepping and other things as well. An IQ test measures several things, and a major one is reasoning skills. If the average IQ were 130, well, we could take comfort in it. The fact that the average is only 100, and again nearly half fall below it, is disappointing….. and explains a lot.

  13. I like your comment, ‘I smelt antifreeze.’ We all know why Patrick Henry wasn’t a signer of the Constitution. He, ‘smelt a rat’. I suppose better antifreeze than that species of rat.


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