From the Desk of John Rourke – September 18th, 2015

Alright guys and gals the weekend is almost upon us. Let’s make it a great one. Make sure you go do something you enjoy. Shooting? Planting some Fall mums? Mylar packing some rice? Maybe go check out a movie or go for a hike out in the woods.

What’s your plans?

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Pretty Cool!!! ModernSurvivalOnline has been featured as one of the “Top 3” Survival Blogs in an article over at Check it out HERE.

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Did you hear about the Mexican military helicopter that crossed into US territory and fired on US Border Patrol?

Yeah – me neither.

The event occurred on June 24th, 2014. All indications are this is not an unusual event and Mexico has not ben held accountable to any extent.

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Lowest price I have seen at the pump? $1.65/gallon.



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  1. Wow thats incredible.Here in upstate NY the gas is $2.31 and we thought that was good!! This weekend we will be doing some target shooting and picking and processing apples ( pies, drying, ) and firewood splitting and stacking . We might have a campfire at night.If we arent too tired.
    I just did a big stock up grocery run for winter -lots of canned goods on sale and lots of bread to freeze, paper items also. Saved $13.00 in coupons -smile !! Be well everyone
    and lets pray for our nation and one another !!
    Hey Rourke great going on Modern Survivals being in the top three !!!

  2. Grats on top 3. PawPaw fun Friday here so cartoons and Man vs Wild Marathon w/grandson. Also bought 50 1 gallon mylar bags w/oxy absorber off amazon plus 20 lbs rice and 20 lbs pinto beans and lentils so putting up some grub as well. Have a good weekend folks.

  3. Thank you Survive the wild for the review. I agree, not that you need it, heh, but agree with you. Very patriotic, straight forward, level headed, and good fellowship here. Not to mention Rourke tells it like it is and does in a respectfully manner, imo.

    Sooo ready for the weekend! Looking forward to leisurely and lazily getting food packing done. Speaking of which and mylar. For those on a tight budget like myself. Not sure if you know this, but you can go to Starbucks and get some of their trash. Yep, that’s right, I said trash. They use a lot of mylar bags for their coffee beans. So if your not to embarrassed to ask or go milling around in the trash. They pretty much put their mylar bags in one trash bag and a separate bag for general trash so your not looking at going through total waste and mess. You will have to clean them with soapy water, but they are free. I got no problem, because I’m on a mission that doesn’t care what others think,..meh 😉

    Nope..missed that incident with the chopper. (Arnold voice), …”Get to tha choppa”. Nice meme. So ready for fall.

  4. My daughter ships out to basic Monday and this weekend is about family and her… she is our youngest .. so it’s tough on the mom too .. and some of it is for her as well. She goes basic Ft. Sill , then med training in Austin. 68 Whiskey… then she comes back to University and ROTC to become an officer and eventually a Veterinarian .. She is a smart girl with very high scores.. I’ll be working my bees end of year too .. extracting honey .. maybe I’ll cook something .. and just got Roku / Netflix .. probably play with that .. Whatever I can do to NOT worry about my little girl being and acting all grown up.. sigh.. it happens .. yup!

  5. This particular incident happened at Laredo, about 150 miles up river from here. The Mexicans are the first one to complain if their widdle feelings get hurt, but the last to admit to any wrongdoing.

  6. I purchased a new Cimarron 45/410 derringer. Going to the range this weekend to see how bad a wrist breaker it will be. Needed something easy to hide and hopefully will only need two bullets to dissuade and potential attackers whose lives matter in Florida.

  7. Going grey 58 Please tell your daughter we are proud of her and yes we understand the
    empty nest-letting go.Our prayers will be with you all. Arlene and family
    We need good veterinarians especially in our rural areas.

  8. Brad – bought a HarvestRight freeze drier two summers ago and have used it about 10 times so far. My wife & I love it! We buy up cheap produce this time of year from farmers’ markets and fd it. My wife is a fantastic cook and so we also fd leftovers once we have enough – I used it on my last canoe trip and it tasted just like fresh-made. The only 2 downsides: the oil is quite expensive [though a friend says that you can get the same quality oil from NAPA for 1/2 the price!] and you really need to add a filter to the vacuum pump. I sucked some cherry skins into it and had to take the pump apart to clean it – very messy work with all that oil!

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