From the Desk of John Rourke – September 17th, 2015

Russian hackers penetrated U.S. industrial control networks that run critical infrastructures like the electrical grid, according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Clapper, in little-noticed testimony before Congress last week, also disclosed that Moscow has formed a cyber military command and a special hacker unit as part of preparations for future cyber warfare.

In addition to Russia, the intelligence chief singled out China, Iran, and North Korea as the primary nation states capable of conducting sophisticated cyber attacks and espionage.

– – – – – DNI: Russians Hacked U.S. Industrial Control Nets

Thanks to Capt. Michaels for sending in the above article link. Will make me think about my next power outage a little differently.


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I was recently asked to give my opinion on the refugee situation out of Syria and Iraq. I do not proclaim to be any kind of an expert in these areas. A couple thoughts:

 – No refugees should come to the United States.

 – The reason this immigration problem has occurred is partly due to the lack of response from European, Middle Eastern and other world countries in annihilating ISIS.


There are reports of ISIS sending its members in with the refugees in order to establish terrorist cells in their host countries. We do not need to take the risk. Additionally, having the USA as well as other countries stand by while ISIS terrorizes and massacres people does nothing but send a very clear message – “Go right ahead and keep doing what you are doing.” When it was too late a coalition was created to provide resistance against ISIS.

It hasn’t worked.

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What in the world is the deal with parents just making up names for their babies? I just don’t get the attraction.

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“A transvestite, Pro-Abortion Nun, and a Gay Bishop walk into the White House”……no – it’s not a joke. Obama has invited these people to the White House for when the Pope visits.

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Watched the debate. Impressed with so many excellent candidates. Trump has no real answers – just fluff. Overall I was impressed with Rubio, Fiorina, and Christie. Felt bad for Dr. Carson and I still like him but he is not very convincing when it comes to policy discussion.

My opinion and it may change tomorrow.


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  1. Obama is disgusting for not honoring
    Pope Francis -he is probably one of the best Popes in history.Obama is looking more and more like the anti -Christ.
    Rourke I agree- we should not allow these refugees to come here.There are probably many
    Isis members among them and we do not need more radical Muslims in this country.

  2. Yea we don’t need anymore of them but you know they are bringing in anywhere from 75,00 to 1/2 million by the time Obama leaves office. God help us all. ISIS on main street USA. Scary stuff!!!

  3. Agreed. No more immigrants from the middle East. We have done more and carried far more than our share. Warning, incredible vent about to take place with facts. 🙂

    Quarter-million Muslim immigrants allowed into U.S. each year

    Obama willing to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees, but some want to resettle 100,000 here

    That’s correct. Your seeing it correctly. Not 10,000, but 100,000. It is horrible! the real victims are the children in this crisis that he and hellary created.
    Now that evil man in office wants more.

    Those evil and I mean sadistic screwed up terrorist are trying to play on people’s hearts. They are habitual liars. For example: that sorry, but sorry *Beep* father that caused his little boys and wife to drown, because he is people smuggler should be shot! He’s own children sacrificed for money. UNREAL! Playing on the whole, how many more dead children and puppies do you want? Well, none, but that is out of my control, because the guberment created the problem. All those pictures of the dead boy’s father in “tears” Please! I think Hollywood is missing a lot of incredible good Arabic actors.

    Now this bologna going on about the kid arrested here in Texas. Please!..bummer, zuckerburg, and other “people” reached out to this kid and tweeted about this crap. Pretty much the same black lives matter support group, when ALL lives matter. Anyway, bummer will call this kid, but never made any comments our outreach to Deputy Goforth’s family!? *Censored*!

    I wonder why the teachers over reacted in this current police state at our schools that his administration created. Clearly a mistake on the parents fault, the kid’s fault, and the teachers. The story even says the engineering teacher told him not to show anyone else. Have you seen the “clock” It looks like a bomb in a suitcase. Here, look for yourself

    You don’t need a case that big to make a “clock” This stinks to high heaven. I’m not buying this bull crap. It was CLEARLY a dry run to test the system and create mass media hype to play the race card again. Disgusting. He and his parents where all in on this.

    The invitation bummer sent for that person. Have to shake my head in disbelief. That would be like a “supposed” Muslim going to a restaurant in full dress, intentionally ordering pork, and then eating. Something is not correct. The real answer is he’s not a true/real Muslim.

  4. Arlene, you are very perceptive and correct in my opinion about the ISIS members among them. Why would I agree you might ask? Well…here’s why. You are…correct!

    Container with aid for “refugees” was full of weapons and ammunition

    Now this is what country who is protecting it’s borders caught. Imagine ours?

  5. I sincerely like Dr. Ben Carson, but he is not presidential material. That said, he SHOULD have a cabinet position, IMHO. He is a very wise man.

  6. Syria, Coming to a vacant house near you. They are saying 10,000 will be brought in,but I suspect the final tally will be far greater. I fully expect that the feds will start housing these refugees in foreclosed, Fan Mae and Freddie Mac houses all over the country. Any time you see a house for sale with a Homepath placard on the sign, it means that it is a foreclosed Fannie Mae home and the government has put special restrictions on its sale. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Florida, every other foreclosed house on the market has a Homepath placard on it. Some neighborhoods could literally be taken over by these refuges in the near future. Free house, free food, free healthcare and then they will expect us to change, so as not to offend them.

  7. these people for the middle east that are CLAIMING to be refuges there is a simple way to find out if they are terrorists or not hand em a copy of the Koran then tell em TEAR IT UP TEAR IT APART if they refuse send em back if the do so let em in

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