From the Desk of John Rourke – September 14th, 2015


This year is flying by. Well over halfway through with Fall on the way. Deer hunting season starts tomorrow here in South Carolina – archery. I am not proficient enough with my bow to participate. Forearm season starts next month and hope to go several times in a few places in the state.

Got any hunters out there with plans this season?

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I cannot imagine how Boehner could win another vote to be the speaker of the House. Well actually yes I can. Since the Republicans took control of the House and Senate nothing has changed. Nothing. The issues that got them elected have not been acted upon. Disappointing and not entirely surprising.

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Past couple weekends made a trip to walk along the Catawba River that runs through the county I live in. Very relaxing and looking at the beauty and power of the river is awesome.

Here are a few pictures:

20150913_124919 (1)

20150913_124822 (1)

20150913_131416 (1)

20150913_131422 (1)

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Hope everyone has a great week!



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  1. Beautiful stream and the pups have gotten so big !!! We finally received some much needed rain. We are busy
    prepping for winter- cutting and stacking firewood, putting up apples and pears, cleaning up the garden, planted a few mums and taking an occasional nap in the hammock before the cold hits. Last winter was quite dangerous with brutally low temps. so this fall I will be stocking up on more pet food and freezing bread so the runs to the grocery store will be fewer-saving time and gas. Arlene

  2. I agree with you on the Republicans. We elected them to majority. with great fanfare on how they would defeat the president. Nope, they joined his side, in everything.
    Boehner will win again. Nobody will stand against him, as he is the democrat’s choice to run the republicans in the democrat fashion.
    Looking in from the outside, I would see absolutely no reason to vote for a republican again, as they are the same as the democrats, and the democrats are the good guys in both popular opinion, and the media. I have no doubt the dems will regain control next election cycle.
    There is no point, really, to vote for a republican anymore, or to vote at all. The only reason I voted that way last time was that they are not democrats. Now, well, they are.
    We need a third choice. There never will be one, so, this is life.
    The American way is now, and in the future, the muslim way, the gay way, the transgender way, the anti-Constitution way, the anti-Christian way.
    Every day I thank God we never had kids.

  3. Rourke, gorgeous scenery, and golly, I love your pups…Arlene, we too are expecting this winter to be worse than last. Great idea to freeze some bread to avoid unnecessary trips…

  4. Arlene, always like to see your posts…..doing the wood thing here too now that we’ve cooled down. If you find yourself in a pinch bread wise, do check out the no knead easy crusty bread recipes online. My grown children love it when they wake up to the smell of just baked bread when they visit, ( or we go to visit.) Jenny Jones has a great video on YouTube-she’s so fun to watch…a bit ditzy but fun ! Adding any seeds, (i love sunflower and pumpkin,) or spices, ( i add a couple tablespoons of pizza seasoning to make a great dipping bread for marinara.) Cheese also is great ! The recipes have been making the rounds online for a while now but i just found them last spring. Yep….still learning new things 🙂 this one’s wonderful !!!

  5. Rourke….the pictures ARE pretty spectacular-who ever took them captured the water in motion, not always easy to do. Water, makes a body, (and soul,) feel good 🙂 Looks like the dogs don’t mind it either……

  6. Rourke-you look well also in the photos !! Grammy prepper and Joyce.Thanks I always like to see other woman
    writing in also-no offense guys-smile !. I do well with pies but my bread always leave much to be desired-I will try though !!! Roolikat-yes it makes me worry for our grand children and all those children of the world.I am HOPING and PRAYING that this election will finally be the one to bring America back. Arlene

  7. Beautiful dogs. Hunting? Its way different here in Texas then what I am used to. Here they have hunting leases so I will have to investigate and see how it works, at first glance its extremely expensive. No plans as of yet but working on it.

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