From the Desk of John Rourke – October 9th, 2015

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Man – this has been one stressful week. So looking forward to the weekend. Yes!!!

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So……McCarthy is out. This was unexpected but should end up being a positive as there is an opportunity to get a real Conservative in. We’ll see.

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alarm (1)

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Anyone seen any good movies lately?

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


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  1. Rourke- I love it -great note Smile!!!!
    When camping in the wild we always leave a pair of
    shoes /boots outside our tent.Makes a stranger wonder if someone is in the tent-discourages thieves .Arlene

  2. Ah hah..I see, said the blind man. I was wondering how you were doing that the past few days. Responding to each post individually. Very nice. Gosh, I cannot believe I missed that!

    That’s pretty smart Arlene, thanks for the tip.

    I heard the announcement come out yesterday morning and wanted to rejoice!, but I had to resist the urge to dance in the street. Extremely, encouraged and very hopeful they will put the right person in. SP1 though things are declining. Go down fighting in every way brother. Thank you for your continual videos which I watch, but not subscribed to your channel. The “economic depression” video was spot on. I missed the 99 cent sale on the digital book :o( Had I been subscribed to the channel I wouldn’t have missed it. Doh!

    Anyway, Bonehead says he’s staying until they get a replacement. Sorry snake STILL trying to manipulate and get someone he thinks will be a clone. Rumor mills circulating all kinds of names and one of them is Paul Ryan, NO! Mr. “we need to pass TPP So we can see what’s in the bill”. *BEEP* No! You gave into the dark side. Absolutely cannot lead the house.

    On a lighter note, Friday. Not so much a “FridaY!”..more of ease off the gas and gently glide in Friday with cooler weather. And enjoy a Fat Tire beer! :o)

  3. For a good Movie check out “The Martian” it was a good read and a good movie.

    Also if you have not read yet, there was another College Campus Shooting in Northern Arizona last night. Useful Idiots for Nobama’s Well Planned agenda to re-introduce slavery, but this time for the ENTIRE country.

    “Don’t worry, We are from the government and here to help…ourselves”

  4. Noreally good movie here, but a pretty good vintage TV series.

    I am currently watching the series “Space 1999”. It is a good show. Has a bit of a survival feeling, as the plot of the show centers around the moon leaving our orbit, whith a moon base inhabited by 300 plus people on it.

    • I posted this on another website also. MSB by Ken Jorgenson.

      On another note, several of the grieving families refused to meet with the president in Oregon. There were actually two funerals going on at the time of his visit. Lots of people demonstrating. You won’t see that on network news programs.

      Pretty insensitive for the president to make a pit stop in Roseburg on his way to a democratic fund raiser in Seattle. I live about 35 miles north of Seattle and we had to go to the VA hospital in Seattle for an appointment and the presidential motorcade stopped all traffic on I-5 during rush hour.

      Way to go Mr. President. Go back to DC, we don’t want you here.

  5. Capt. Michaels- YES that protest brightened my day also.
    Maybe there will be more protests.
    A simple thought-never before have we had so many shootings-and yet we have always had guns. Something is screwed up in our society . GMOs and violence on tv,in the home, on DVDs -something is influencing the evil behavior -and of yes lack of respect for person and property!!!! Arlene

  6. If you look at the history of gun violence in America you will find that it’s actually less than in years past the crime rate in with gun violence has went down the differences now the social media is all programmed to take away our gun rights and they show it 24/7 giving these lunatics all the attention that they’d ever craved, now once one lunatic does it all the others watch, and want to copycat , the real problem is the government manipulated, agenda pushing press, they are trying to flood the airwaves with anything gun related to get these so called politicaly correct thinking sheeple to join sides with Obama’s agenda for gun control, it’s a tactic he employed after the gun control failure initiative right after Sandyhook. That’s my perspective for what it’s worth.

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