From the Desk of John Rourke – October 9th, 2014

I am hearing from friends that they are finding .22LR more and more frequently. Prices pretty much suck though. Even places like Academy Sports have a hefty premium on what I would call plain-jane lead .22LR 40-grain solid points. $4.99 for 50 rounds is cheaper than is was – but no where near “old” prices. Yeah – I know – supply and demand. Well – Wal-Mart sells pretty much at old prices(when you can find it). Regardless it is a good sign that the ammunition market might finally be returning to normal.

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“Progress, not perfection”

Something to consider in your preps and daily life as well.

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Upcoming Project: I am looking to purchase several inexpensive Android-based tablets to pack full of guides, books, manuals, etc. These would be stored in a 50-caliber ammo can likely as well as a small solar system and corresponding cables. Also possible would be to have only two(redundancy) and have all informational materials in small SD cards.

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I failed to plant anything for the Fall garden. Time flies when your having fun.

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I love magazines. I don’t buy them like I used to but pick up a few here and there. Subscriptions are certainly the way to go. Field and Stream and Outdoor Life – 12 issues for $9.97. Can’t beat that deal.



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