From the Desk of John Rourke – October 7th, 2015

FREE AMMO: Now this is pretty cool. Brandon from sent the following: is committed to growing the shooting community and introducing as many folks as possible to the joy of shooting. So, we partnered with our friends at Magtech on the Ammo Ambassador program.

We’re giving away 100,000 rounds – that’s 2,000 boxes of 9mm ammo just for bringing a new shooter to the range! So, be sure to start planning today as quantities are limited!

Here’s how this works

  1. Find a buddy or family member that’s new to firearms.free_ammo
  2. Print off this target and take it to the range with you.
  3. Introduce your new shooter to firearms and snap a photo of them with their target.
  4. Send us a copy of the photo with the submission form below.
  5. We’ll send you two boxes of 9mm ammo for free as a thank you for your time and energy helping grow the number of firearms-friendly folks in the United States.

Your photo is worth 100 rds of 9mm ammo with free shipping!


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Past week or so I put back a bunch of pasta – specifically spaghetti. Local grocery store had it on sale buy one get one free. This made them .90 cents each. There was a coupon dispenser right in front of the display for .55 cents each. Final price: .35 cents a box. Mylar packing my stash this weekend.

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I expect there will be another run on guns and ammo. With the blatant gun control talk from the Left including banning and possibly even confiscation seems pretty logical as the Presidential election draws closer sales will increase dramatically.

Hey – if you don’t have what you want no better time than now. Supply is high, prices are down.

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Latest picture of Jake:

Instasize_0926211729 (1)

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I haven’t been to church in quite a while but my wife and I went this past Sunday. It was a great experience. Glad I went. Looking forward to next Sunday.

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Anyone have suggestions on quality rain gear for the budget minded?








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  1. Oh that Jake is one handsome dog !
    Happy you scored some cheap pasta ! I put up several more jars and bags of dehydrated apples. Will soon be planting garlic( as we had our first frost . Arlene

  2. In another comment I stated that we were 2 Supreme Court justices away from losing our 2nd amendment rights. After digging a bit I realized that that statement is wrong. We are one seat away from losing one of our fundamental, enumerated rights from the Bill of Rights. Through rule and regulation, and the full support of a leftist, activist minded Supreme Court we would lose our 2nd amendment rights, and they could do it without the difficult and popularity destroying process of amending the constitution. I don’t know if PR is right about Texas, but if a Democrat wins the presidency we might want to move there before it declares its independents…….

  3. Beautiful dog and Good job on that pasta. We’ve been putting back a box or two of ramen noodles(yuck!), but when there is nothing it will better than nothing. The reason is one little bag holds enough of what your body needs to survive. They are extremely light weight to carry and they are very cheap. All one has to do is put a little condiments bag with fork, salt, pepper, etc with one bag and you got a quick meal. MREs are of course much better for taste and choices of taste, but they are also very expensive. 3 of those in your back pack and the space plus weight will add up.

    Also, our group has been headed more like Arlene’s path. We do have a base prep, but can imagine moving and having to watch over everything you got at your location. That’s a lot of weight, time, gas, and money. We’re now leaning on a more “renewable” approach to food, if you will. The base prep is only until we get our food/water growing and those off seasons when there is rough growing or what not. However, by then our group will start re-canning food for future use and living off the land. So, it’s far easier to print out, laminate, or put in protective binders the steps to growing or doing what we need. Along with buying seeds, (yes not all seeds produce), but we can buy enough of them because they are sooo cheap compared to buying $60 case of MRE and/or what not. Small cans of seeds and the tools need to grow compared to tons and tons of already made food. For example…flour. How much are you going to buy? Just grow it and make yourself. Not to mention the weight alone of one 50 pound bag. Even if it’s sealed. Still a lot of money and weight compared to a can off seeds, instructions how to grow it, the tools, and/or a video on a laptop that can be recharged by solar power.

  4. I really like the Fox tactical poncho and boonie hat set that DrSique recommended above. I like that I can use the poncho with my mil spec poncho liner and that it can be used as either a poncho or a small shelter.

  5. Some of ya’ll will think I am joking but I think the best rain poncho cost wise is one or two lawn and leaf garden bags. Cut the corners for your arms, a half moon circle in the middle (be sure that your head ain’t swelled up) and then them scrap pieces and some duck tape will make a hood, the duct tape also can be used as reinforcement strips. Yep they are pug-ugly and yep they work.
    Plus when your buddy rips that high dollar poncho you get to say shudda went with {insert name of your brand} a lawn and leaf bag.
    Be Blessed !

    • I have done that Charles and the good, heavy duty trash bags work great. The suggested item from The Sportsman’s Guide is pretty inexpensive though and think I will go that route to add to my rain gear.

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