From the Desk of John Rourke – October 6th, 2014

My wife and I continue to evaluate when we will get chickens. Looking like a Spring project. My HOA does not allow them however we think we can do it without getting caught. If we do not a big deal we’ll just give them away.

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If you are not aware I have decided to give up Priorities. Life is to busy and I have to prioritize. I am hoping someone will possibly purchase the site and keep it going.

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I know I have been posting a lot about Ebola lately – I think for pretty good reason. Hopefully Ebola turns out to be a non-factor, but I a not having a good feeling about it.

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My little yippy dog is doing much better. For those that missed it – my larger Husky tore into my small little dog after the small one bit my wife. It didn’t look good for the little one for awhile and I thought I was going to have to out her to sleep.

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I recently got into a Facebook discussion with my sister about Common Core. She is supportive about it. Holy crap – I just can’t fathom how someone could support such a ridiculous abomination.

Common Core 7


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  1. My brother is a teacher and he says that this *rap is just confusing the children he teaches. What is wrong with teaching the basics, doing examples of them until you can do them in your sleep and then teaching something like “Math Theory” in later school years? These Common Core Math kids can’t even balance a check book.

    I Home School my daughter to keep her from being part of the worst education experiment that has ever been fostered on a generation. Are these people on drugs or what? We are putting a generation of functionally illiterate children through school and kicking them out in the real world with no survival skills.

    It should be stopped by parents that know better what it takes to make it in the real world. Theorization should be left to the few who choose to remain in the locked tower of Education, shielded from the real world. Big Bang Theory comes to mind…..

  2. As to chickens in a subdivision, DO NOT get a rooster! They will crow (sometimes at 3:00a.m.) and your neighbors will hate you and turn you in. You can still have eggs (non fertile, no baby chicks will happen) without a rooster. You can buy sexed chickens from places like Murray McMurray and only get hens. They cost a little more that way, but you get only what you want. If you are looking for eggs out of this, you do not want to just take chances and end up with say…. 6 roosters and a hen as they can be almost grown before it is easy to tell roosters from hens by sight. Feel free to write me privately if you have any chicken questions. I will try to be of help.

  3. Karen S. . . . is right on. . . and said everything I was going to. . . . think about rabbits,too. . . one of the fastest returns on your time and investment. . . . and quiet too.

  4. Rourke- We cannot have too much inf .re Ebola.Wow your sister is sure off base.
    Good for you re spring and chickens.

    Karen S. good advice. Way to go.We homeschooled our two children MANY years ago and it was the best decision we ever made !!

    Rourke- how much would the web site cost and how many hours a week would be needed?

  5. I’ve been there and still there. Re-prioritizing now likewise. The current conditions in the US appear to be speeding up and the writing’s on the wall. Therefore, I have to let some things go so I can focus on what I need to. Which in return allows me to live a normal life. Otherwise, I will go nuts trying to get everything done, but accomplish nothing. I’ve been to that website. You did a good job with it. Tough to let things go like that, but again. All about re-prioritizing.

    Homeschooling? Every, single, home schooled, child I have every met. Has accomplished far more than any other average child I’ve met. I’m NOT saying the average child isn’t smart. Just saying I’ve seen home schooled kids go on to do much bigger and better things faster than knuckle heads like me who did it the hard way. In fact me and my wife are tossing that around now. Especially, with Ebola people flying unrestricted into the US. I mean, who’s city is next?

    Chickens? We’re struggling with that same issue. We live in Texas and also HOA. We are tossing the idea of Silky Chickens and just doing it anyway. 1.) They do not squawk and make a lot of noise like the average chicken, 2.) Though smaller, they faithfully produce eggs daily, 3.) They have a very docile temperament. Which makes them all the more easier to manage and keep quiet from the HOA. We might start off with 2 and/or wait to things start to a little more hairy in the US. By then there will be to much on anyone’s plate to enforce or care. Also, doing it now helps me work on tactics of hiding things in plain site. Good pre-testing of my skills. All the HOA can do initially is say take down. Meh.

    Just do some research on how and what to use to build a coop. Here check out this site for a lot of things. Including all other prep ideas. Some of you may have been here before. It’s a website dedicated to building/doing things with instructions. Mostly free. In fact it’s called:

  6. Rourke, this year I purchased some black sexling chickens and they seem to be good layers although they lay small eggs, they also seem to be tolerant of the heat here in north FL.

  7. Black Sexling chickens? Interesting. How is the squawk level? Same thing with Silky chickens. Small eggs, but beats nothing :o)

  8. Actually, in the math example where the answer is 88, I’ve solved math problems that way in my head for years. It’s not so obvious with smaller numbers, but once you get into the hundreds, thousands and up, it’s vastly quicker. It’s so easy to boggle someone with an answer to a five-place number solution in about three seconds lol.
    So, as far as my life experience counts, that’s actually a more efficient way to add and subtract.
    Just my 2 cents.

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