From the Desk of John Rourke – October 5th, 2015

Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend. The East Coast was hit with a massive amount of rain. Charleston, SC had areas waist deep in water. Luckily my area was spared for the most part.

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The situation in Oregon was tragic. To make it even worse are politicians taking advantage of it to push an agenda. It is shameful but not surprising. The bodies of the victims were still warm when Liberal politicians started on the gun control bandwagon trying to show how compassionate and right they are. If you heard many of them speak including President Obama they spoke of gun bans. No – they did not use the word “ban: but lets look at what they did say.

Read the following stated by President Obama this past Friday:

“For example, you’ll hear people talk about the problem is not guns, it’s mental illness,” Obama said. “Well, if you talk to people who study this problem, it is true that the majority of these mass shooters are angry young men, but there are hundreds of millions of angry young men around the world — tens of millions of angry young men. Most of them don’t shoot. It doesn’t help us just to identify — and the majority of people who have mental illnesses are not shooters.  So we can’t sort through and identify ahead of time who might take actions like this.  The only thing we can do is make sure that they can’t have an entire arsenal when something snaps in them.”

Did you catch that? “make sure that they can’t have an entire arsenal” That my friend is a gun ban. Will it happen? No it won’t. He does not have the power to carry this out. If he did it would have occurred already.

Regardless this is something to take seriously when the next election comes around. If your candidate doesn’t get nominated so you hold your vote consider the ramifications to all of us gun owners. Obama actually suggested in this same speech he wants Americans to become a one-issue voter. The issue? Vote only for those in favor of gun control.

Got my new Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires installed on my Jeep. Feels so much better than my worn out previous ones.

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13 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – October 5th, 2015”

  1. Possession, use, or threatened use of firearms (including but not limited to BB guns, air guns, water pistols, and paint guns) ammunition, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or any other objects as weapons on college property, except as expressly authorized by law or college regulations, is prohibited. Possession of knives with a blade longer than 4” is prohibited.

    Umpqua Community College

    With in hours of the shooting, Dear Leader took to the podium to – in his own words – politicize this appalling tragedy, saying that when we go to the polls, keep in our minds that voting for a certain political party was essentially a vote for continuing mass murder. Truer words have never left his lips……

  2. Obama brought up England and Australia, both of which have at least attempted total gun bans, as models for future U.S. legislation. This makes perfectly clear what his ultimate goal is, the complete disarmament and subjugation of Americans by their own government. What he fails to understand is that Americans are not Brits or Aussies and will never line up to surrender their firearms regardless of any new laws passed. The registration laws in New York and Connecticut have proven this, as most gun owners in those states have refused their governors schemes. So the question is which agents of tyranny Obama, and his fellow leftists, intend to send around kicking in doors and confiscating the personal property of American Citizens? Is the Dark Prince prepared to fulfill his own prophecy of extremists using force against government agents by ordering those agents to violate the sovereignty of American Homes. My money is on yes.

  3. Rourke-glad you are ok re: flooding.
    I will be writing a letter (again) to the Pres. and our Gov. =both of whom are jumping on the gun control issue again.
    How is it that Gov hasnt banned alcohol-since many people are killed yearly by DWI? No bans on lasers despite wise guys abusing them by blinding pilots.No ban on violent video games that are influencing some to act out violently
    No extra help for those who are mentally stressed.
    No ban on tobacco products that cause lung cancer and other health ailments.
    No ban asbestos who is the only known killer-mesothelioma.
    Dr S. I like your appropriate term” the dark prince”
    Fall is here -frost tonight. Arlene

  4. Glad your okay Rourke. I was concerned for you guys. Oregon shooting was really tragic, in a liberal state, with a “gun free” zone where this took place. I’ve been having it out, respectfully, with some people on Daily Mail and on Facebook. It is most enjoying to point out the flaws in their ludicrous idea of banning guns will stop this violence. I sadly point that banning jetliners is not the answer to a psycho flying one into a mountain. Or the insane idea that if people didn’t have guns there wouldn’t be so much violence when I point out the day at Sand Hook shooting a Chinese man slashed 22 children severely with a knife. And *beep* evil liar bummer talking about it wasn’t a mental issue. He’s a *Beep* liar..and stupid to. Adam Lanza was afraid his mom was going to have him committed when that psycho shoot that school up. No to mention his liberal mom, in a liberal state, caused all of this by allowing him access to these weapons. The reporter that shot the other reports live on TV, the Oregon shooter was clearly mentally deranged as was Dylan Roof who shoot those people in that church. “and the majority of people who have mental illnesses are not shooters.” What!?!? yes they were. Just like you bummer, mentally deranged, and he knows it.

    As much as things have been getting really morally bad. I can say this from what I see on forums, comments, etc. For all the bad things he’s causing it’s also causing a lot people to stand up. Used to be before you saw liberals ranting, trolling, spreading their lies, and the sheeples jumping on the band wagon. Just ruling the comments section or what not. NOW however, you will see some posts from some of the liberals followed by a smack down of comments from conservatives. It’s actually quite amusing to see this happen, (Read it) as if it’s an argument. The trolls are usually smacked off the forum, comments, etc, because they know they cannot win and refuse to face truth.

    Also, people are feed up with their over use of the “sky is falling” bologna. Even their own short attention sheeples are quickly getting tired of it. There are those groups of hard core evil people that will never give up, because their evil. The liberals have over played the race card so much, over played the sky is falling, and demonized so many people, for long. It’s like chicken little or the boy who cried wolf. People are done with it and tired of running to the “emergency” on both sides of the isle. So the evil people are still pushing their agenda and we have to fight. But now, it’s like delusional hillary when she went to that college and over half the seats were empty, including the Yet, she’s still trying. Delusional, just like bummer and his followers, because we will still fight, to the end.

  5. The America hating communist Trojan Horse Muslim usurper should have been arrested years ago, prosecuted, and executed for his endless crimes of high treason. The fact is he hasn’t been simply because the power elite which installed the Kenyan maggot want him there to do their bidding. They want your guns folks.The new world order can’t be fully implemented so long as there is a country populated with an armed people who think they have rights.

  6. @CaptTurbo agreed. This was confirmed by the DoD last week. I sent the information to Rourke. Out of respect for Rourke I was unsure if it would necessarily stir the pot up or create controversy so I did not post it here. However, it is fact….the NWO has started it’s initial phase.

    i.e. what Capt.Turbo said.

  7. Just read in the magazine Survivalist Issue 24 Sept-Oct that theres a new search engine that will not spy on you,like Google does, and will not support ads from globalist evil companies that support biotech food,gov intrusion etc. Its worth checking out.

  8. 375,000 ordered to boil water do to floods in Carolina. Lead content in one area of Michigan is so high as to be declared “Hazardous Water”

    Another reason to be prepared. Obama’s Attack on ANY PART of the Constitution is an act of “Treason”.

  9. I wonder why nothing is being said WHY the young men are so angry .. Yong may be part of it, but not all by a long shot. My son (now 25), told me when he was 19 or so that there were no opportunities for him and his group of young people. He was concerned about how much even with Scholarships he would have to pay for an education and for how long. I told him it was a question of opportunity, that it alwasy existed, it was a question of right thinking. But I get what he was saying .. get loans out the butt that will take many years to pay for a right to compete for jobs being given to H1B and other immigrants or sent off shore. I would be upset too. Use Americans to support American jobs and fix the education systems instead of just using it for income generation.
    Guns is about control and that is all… No one can look at the facts a conclude anything but self-defense with a weapon is better than criminals doing whatever they want WITH guns because law is meaningless to criminals by definition.
    And while I am at it.. put criminal immigrant Muslims up in hotels while we have Homeless Veterans as well as hungry children whose parents need job opportunity and food is shameless, AND Un-American. Notice I said JOB OPPORTUNITIES, NOT FREE Money, Phones, or free anything else.

  10. Obama is one issue about gun bans. The Hildabeast is another. She has already gone on record that perhaps “executive action” is required. We need to be especially careful of who we vote for…if our vote actually counts. There may also be gun haters on the Republican ticket.

    • I’ll vote conservative .. and not liberal just because of that Oren .. However .. I’m not impressed favorably overmuch for any of the choices even-though there are enough to field a football team .. and not one with enough guts to do the right thing I wager

  11. We know what the ultimate goal is, they’ve said it enough times, complete confiscation of all guns. It might to some like an impossibility. All that they really require is 2 more willing seats on the Supreme Court and it goes from impossible to very likely. Till then they will work on their list: Close gun show loop-holes, gun registration, waiting periods, gun-owner licensing, banning concealed-carry, gun-free zones, assault weapon bans, magazine limits, safe storage laws, mandatory gun-owner training, gun purchasing limits, ammo purchasing limits, restriction on ammo types.

    They’ll be happy to nibble away at this, a little at a time.

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time………

  12. DoJ now coordinating with the UN to institute Strong Cities Network,
    to develop best practices and to build social cohesion and community resilience here at home and around the world. according to Freedom Outpost
    It’s an attempt to enforce the sharia-compliant UN’s rules on American soil. UN helping confiscate guns? Dunno but sure sounds like more commie crap from the Muslim in charge. Lock and load.


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