From the Desk of John Rourke – October 30th, 2014

HAM radio update: I will be taking classes from my local HAM club in December then testing for my licence once the class is over. Looking forward to it so I can actually do some talking on air. My efforts to build a small homemade repeater so as not to rely on the area’s local one are not going so well. I will write up something to describe what I am doing and see if anyone out there has any suggestions.

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So – Obama Administration is planning to bring Ebola patients(doctors and medical-aide workers) to the United States. Logic tells me that the care should go to them, not them to us. This is just another way for the Ebola virus to spread in the United States.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods this week had a HUGE ammo sale. I took advantage. They has 120 count boxes of American Eagle 5.56 for $39.99. That is $6.00 for a box of 20. Best prices I have seen in years. They also had my favorite rimfire – CCI Mini-Mags in the 100 count plastic boxes for $9.99. Not sure about the rimfire but they still had lots of ammo in stock yesterday.

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MSO sponsor Choate, Machine, and Tool is having a special sale from today through November 13th. Everything is 25% off. This is a great time to pick up a variety of stocks and firearm accessories. Choate is a legend in the firearm accessory market.

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I continue to be impressed with Dr. Ben Carson. At this point I would very much like for him to be the Republican candidate for President. I doubt that will happen due to him not being part of the establishment in Washington. Possibly a VP candidate? Dr. Carson continues to speak with intelligence and logic – both lacking severely in Washington. So many people state that what we need in the White House in someone who is NOT a career politician. Well……here is the only option in my opinion which fits that bill.

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  1. While I love Ben Carson (and would vote for him as well), I’m scared of another person in DC that has absolutely no experience. (OK, so a successful surgeon beats a community organizer, but…)

    I pray that he and his can withstand the inferno that lays before him, should he go down that road.

    • ThunderBearer – I understand what you are saying although I think this is a different situation. The total FUBAR that is the Obama Administration is not due to his inexperience as a politician but rather his beliefs and policies. They are bad for this country….period. I bet you would do a better job of guiding policy and making common sense decisions with the welfare of this country in mind than what we have in the White House AND most of what we have in Congress.

  2. Dick’s Sporting Goods will never get a dime of my money. Even if they were giving away ammo for free. This is why:

    Right after the Sandy Hook shooting, they bowed to political correctness and pulled every Black Rifle off the shelf. Several others jacked the prices.

    • TexasScout – see my other comment on this. Totally support your decision on this. I continue to boycott as they tried to cash in on the hysteria after Sandy Hook.

  3. Amen on the Dick’s boycott! They buckled at the first sign of pressure from the current administration. We would be better off supporting places like Gander Mountain, Bass Pro or Cabella’s stores or even Midway USA, Brownell’s or Natchez Shooter’s Supply online. Natchez regularly has deals that match the best prices I find anywhere… IMHO.

    • TXM – I totally understand and felt the same way for quite a while and never shop there – until this sale. Totally support your decision and likely won’t do business with them again unless it is a deal I can’t pass up. This is from someone who USED to do A LOT of business with them in the past.

  4. Re: Repeater build. Once you get your “ticket” find a good “elmer” and I’ll bet it won’t be long before you put together your repeater. I am the trustee of three repeaters, none of them cost me a dime. The toughest part is finding the “cans” for it (BpBr filters that allow one antenna to work both receive and transmit)and the tower space. I was lucky in that I got involved with my counties Office of Emergency management. That allowed me to get on the County Sheriffs tower in two areas of the county. Some agencies are willing to work with you to set up emergency communications for them. So now I have three repeaters (two VHF and one UHF) within 10 miles of my house out in the country. One even has emergency power!

    73,de AD5TD

  5. By a funny coincidence, ham radio plays an important role in my new novel about a bio-terror attack. Your readers might enjoy this fictional take on a subject on everyone’s mind today.

    Jihad in America travels on the wind.
    While a nuclear terrorist attack is unlikely, in a bioterror epidemic, the genetically engineered plague is invisible. Our borders are vulnerable, and metal detectors are useless, even as ISIS, the Islamic State, raises its menacing black flag in Syria and Iraq.
    What if the government is helpless, gridlocked in perpetual party conflict and rancor?

    BEYOND TERRORISM: SURVIVAL is the fictional story of two unlikely strangers who found a way to survive the apocalypse, the most deadly terrorist attack in history.
    Read a sample on my website:

  6. For your Ham ticket, look at and try their practice tests. You can take it as many times as you want, and they change the questio nsevery time.


  7. Are you trying to put up a full dupelex repear?
    you have to go thur your freq manager to get this kind of setup.

    Simplex repeters are cheaper and can be made with diffent radios mobs or Ht`s.

  8. As far as Dr. Ben Carson, I doubt he’ll be either a Presidential or V.P candidate, but I can see him maybe being the Surgeon General if a Repub. is elected, which is doubtful due to the fraud and corruption in the media and District of Criminals…jus sayin’

  9. Go to this website to see small inexpensive repeaters, this may be what you are looking for. Look at the duplex repeater, it’s $93.

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