From the desk of John Rourke – October 2nd, 2014

Pretty cool the “cloaking” technology recently revealed by scientists at the University of Rochester. It uses multiple glass lenses to bend light around objects thus making them appear invisible.


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Been working on trying to make a homemade repeater out of a couple of Baofeng UV-5R HAM radios. There are several video’s on YouTube showing how to do it plus devices on eBay. So far – no luck. Extremely frustrating.

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I have three dogs – a 20 month old Siberian Husky, a 5 month old Husky, and a 13+ year old little yippy dog. The little yippy dog is getting senile and not in the best of health. A few days ago my wife reached in yippy dogs cage and the dog bit my wife. Well – big 20 month old Husky bolted and grabbed yippy dog and tore her up. My wife split them up quickly but some damage was done.

I have no doubt Bella – my 20 month old black, grey, and white Husky was in protection mode..


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Everyone in my area is saying they think we are going to have a tough winter. Why? Summer has been somewhat mild compared to previous years without a lot of rain. Guess they are thinking the cool weather will continue and rain is bound to increase thus increasing the chances of snow. Just imagine what it was like before weather forecasting. Hurricane coming and no idea? Not good.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about “yippydog”. Our Red Husky maintains a 1.7 acre kill zone around out house. No squirrls no ground hogs,possumses or the papers girls dog. She has taken 1 skunk … no cat will cross the property now. Our next door neighbor loves her to death … nothing living makes it to his garden that bug spray can’t handle. We have never had a more loyal defender. She makes no noise when approaching. She just appears and stares at you with those blue eyes and licks her lips. Rourke.. Husky(s) are always in protection mode aren’t they?

    • Thomas –

      Thanks for the comment – yes, my Husky’s seem to be in protective mode a lot. Protect their bones from others, their food, etc. At the age they are now also in “play” mode quite a bit as well.


  2. Have 4 Husky’s, 2 of which are hybrids, husky/wolf, husky/Shepard, both of which will tear up anything that isn’t invited. The other 2 are registered and VERY protective of the family. Yeah. Love them train them and have patience

  3. We knew we were in for a hard winter when they yellowjackets decided to try nesting in our house…Farmers Almanac says we are in for very cold temps and a lot of snow in central OH…

  4. Capt – Thanks for the info. That is precisely what I have done and so far no luck. The transmitter radio – the one set up on VOX is locking up and timing out due to “hearing” or “receiving” noise or something from the receiving unit (left). I have 4 radio’s and tried all combinations and they all do it.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks – Rourke

  5. Rourke,
    I was able to make contact and he has some answers that may resolve this problem. However, while talking to him he has some specific questions for you. I’m sent him this link and waiting for him to reach out to you directly. He says your answer is going to be in working with “repeater offset frequencies”


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