From the Desk of John Rourke – October 29th, 2014

I am about done reading Day by Day Armageddon. Next up is The Remaining – a sorta “zombie” book recommended by longtime reader “Fred”. After reading the more than 1,900 positive reviews I am really looking forward to get my hands on it.

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A friend of a friend of my wife’s posted on Facebook about how she is mad at one of the local grocery stores. Why? Glad you asked. Her young son hit his head when he fell while running in the store. Some how the store made her little boy trip – apparently. Things like this drive me banana’s. Guess what? Little boys trip, and fall all the time. To blame the store is just….well….an example of the entitlement mindset that exists. She places blame and points fingers everywhere than where it belongs. She is OWED something from the store – just because.

I hope the rug rat is OK – but I am sure he learned a lesson.

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Saw the Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight is at a really good price right now on Amazon – $64.99. Well – that’s the price as of this writing. Amazon changes their prices often. The TRS-25 has gotten great reviews.

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Made some headway organizing my supplies and creating some space in my garage. Wish I had taken some “before” pictures. Too often I think of something and then when I go to the last place I remember it  – not there. No excuse for that.

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I keep mentioning it and will do so again – I highly recommend the Kindle-line of ebook readers offered by Amazon. Currently they offer a full color model for as low as $99. The Kindle can hold hundreds if not thousands of books, guides, manuals, papers, and even video. If you have common PDF’s they can be transferred onto the Kindle and viewed with a couple clicks. They also have an extremely long battery life.

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  1. I love The Remaining! Your right on point saying it is a sort of zombie book. Please keep a open mind, they do something’s that is not common sense.

  2. Waiting on cooler weather here in Texas to get the garage organized again. Getting rid of shelves and using cabinets this time. Helps with prying eyes and keeping stuff less dusty. Sure wish there was more stuff I could store in the attic, but the heat really hurts.

    Store has no responsibility unless they put something intentional to hurt you. We rode bicycles without helmets, rode in cars without booster seats or seatbelts, never chewed on lead based paint, and we’re still here. I guess we will sue NASA if they don’t warn us in time of an impending Solar EMP or a piece of space junk falls in my yard and ruins my herb garden.

  3. Heh, wow… OK, nerd creds here… I had the CoCo (Color Computer), with the 32K “E” board, just before they went to the white case. Got me hooked, and I’ve been computing ever since. OK, technically, I also have had a Model 1, Model III (OK, that was my mom’s), PC-1, PC-2, PC-4, a 1000HX, and somewhere around here, I still have my Model 102 (the rest are all gone)…

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