From the Desk of John Rourke – October 28th, 2015

The Xiaomi 16,000mAh power bank which is in a featured review is currently on sale for $21.29 with Free Shipping.  Not sure how long the sale will last.

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Being reported that Ben Carson has taken the lead in some polls. I like it!

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I recently saw a headline “Selma Blair explains why she bought her son a toy gun.” This is ridiculous. In case you do not know who she is she is an actress. Pretty bad when an actress has to explain why her little boy has a toy gun.

I killed many bad guys in my backyard when I was a kid.

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Appreciate all the suggestions on possible book topics. Very interesting ideas. I have narrowed down to a few and still taking suggestions.

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    • Not really republican. In my own little mind I’m suggesting the people not going with the flow and standing for America at this point. Cruz has never “gone with the flow”

      “He’d say you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything / You’ve got to be your own man not a puppet on a string / Never compromise what’s right and uphold your family name / You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything…”

      • OK Capt. I don’t disagree. I am not a Republican either.. not anymore anyway .. but Conservative certainly. I think we may be faced with the lesser of two evils .. literally. While respect Cruz’s view o things, I am concerned he is to far right to be electable bu the moderate conservatives, which in my mind dilutes the vote and conservatives then lose. So who else is making conservative noises and doesn’t take other people opinions as their own ? Even though I think either Liberal Candidate is ridiculous as a President, the sheep don’t and are salivating with all the giveaway promises.. If they pull even a few moderate and fringe votes they could win, if for no other reason than the conservatively controlled congress has done little to nothing either.

        I like Carson .. and have followed for years.. well before he became political.

        Thoughts ?

      • I like Criz Capt – I just think his personality will not be welcomed by most of the voters. It is a ridiculous reason not to vote for someone. I would support Cruz.

        • Very good points Goinggray58. Agreed Rourke, in fact it wasn’t until you mentioned Carson here that I really took a hard look at him and was like. Okay…need to see a little more stronger stance on some things. Then boom he took a stand..I was like okay..winning me over so far 😉

          Interesting perspective Oren. Thank you.

  1. One way or another, Carson needs to be on the ticket. We have to send the message to the Republican party especially, and to the Democrats in general, that the old ways have got to go. The Republican party has lost touch with the people. I would say that about the Democrats but with all of the weird associations they have with the fringe elements of society, I’m not sure what they would lose touch with. I’ve decided that this election, if there isn’t a non-politician on the ticket, like Carson, that I’ll have to vote Libertarian or some other 3rd party. Or maybe I’ll write in someone. I can’t see voting against any longer. Besides, I’m pretty sure if the Republicans come up with a weak ticket, it will mean the election has already been bought and paid for to allow the Hildabeast “her turn” as she has referred to it.

  2. Carson yes..
    I’ll wait a bit for the republican ticket.

    Thing about a toy gun.. you can take away toy soldiers and toy guns and give them toy farm animals and a a toy hammer and they will line them upon sides and grab the hammer head and pretend about a toy gun. It’s the way we are built. If you are smart you teach right and wrong with the toy gun so it doesn’t occur to them to use it otherwise, ot they in ignorance hurt themselves or someone else later accidentally. PS I would not explain anything.

    PS If you guys get a chance.. read or listen to “The Fist of God” Fredrick Forsyth. It’s a book of some fictional characters with an accurate historical background leading up to and through desert shield and desert storm. British Author, which is an interesting take politically. In the vein of Tom Clancy only British. Great research and accurate history around the characters. It is long, but when you get all the way through it .. listen to the conclusions drawn in the Epilogue. I found it informative about the middle east and the predictions of 2001 he makes compared to now are extremely telling. History can be an excellence teacher, if you learn from it. We have not. Especially from what I recently heard from the Sec Def talking to Senate Arms Committee on Middle east Strategy.

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