From the Desk of John Rourke – October 27th, 2015

Just recieved the new November Emergency Essentials catalog and it looks awesome. I will highlight some of their special sales early next week.

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If your a diabetic and can use Freestyle glucose meters get a free one by going to this website:  –

Every member of your family is eligible to get one. Great for putting a few back. Special thanks to “Ralph” for sending this in.

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Check out SHTF: 23 Survival Experts Share Their Knife of Choice. I was one of those featured.

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Drone technology is really something else. The non-military hobbyist continue to push boundaries with range, maneuverability, and  usability. Really something to watch.

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Within a Facebook Preparedness Group one of the members posed a hypothetical question regarding a group of people hiding out in a small building along a street. They see what appears to be a gang of thugs heading in their direction and a baby in the group starts to cry. The obvious factor is if the gang of thugs hears the baby then the thugs will know they are there.

What do you do about the baby?

What was disturbing was not the variety of suggestions but one person actually said that gangs and groups of “bad people” was a myth of preparedness. She believes that when the SHTF people will be worried about themselves and that is it.



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  1. I once saw a movie-maybe it was the Vietnam war era that showed people hiding and a baby started to cry and the Mom actually suffocated the baby by holding it close to her- so sad. Anyone could cough or sneeze at any given moment in any situation.
    That woman is so incredibly ignorant to believe that gangs wont be a threat.
    Another large earthquake 7.5 This time it hit Afghanistan. Lets hope some of the Taliban got hit .Take care everyone. Arlene

  2. The final episode of M*A*S*H had a crying baby that was suffocated as the reason Hawkeye had a breakdown. People will do unthinkable things when they are terrified, desperate or when they see their loved ones in danger. If people want to ignore the signs of the times holding out for help from Uncle Sam while sitting around playing X-box, cashing their gubment checks, and helping to elect those who enable their “fat, dumb, and happy” mentality, then they can see what that feels like. For me and my family, we will improvise, adapt, and overcome.

  3. RE: Glucometer. Unless you can get/stockpile the test strips you plug in, the meters don’t do you a lick of good. Too bad, many people can manage their glucose levels without medication (at least short term) if they can monitor them.

  4. I guess the riddles answer depends on the make-up of the group that’s hiding. If it’s a group of Planned Parenthood workers all huddled together ….well….

    Any group in this predicament that actually contemplated “What do we do about the baby?” rather than “what do we do about the thugs” probably isn’t going to fare well even short term.

  5. Yeah .. Depending on how brave.. decoy first out.. some may give chase and split the group.. run with baby .. decoy second out to slow em down. A myth ? Uh no .. I went fishing a while back on the bank of a river .. big clear deserted patch.. Set down my tackle box and started to rig up. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and 3 really large guys came cruising out of the cane. A t 6 ft and fit 250 I was by far the smallest individual. They just ambled toward me without a word, but no smiles, waves or greeting. I laid down my rig.. and took out the firearm I had and just stuck it in my belt. The lead guy turned and they ambled back into the cane. Whole thing took maybe 45 seconds.. no words at all … My wife hardly noticed them or the exchange .. I closed the box and said .. lets go .. She looked at me and we left .. she said I had that tone .. after more than 30 years normally there would have been questions 🙂 I explained as we drove away. We went to a movie instead.. I like catfish, but well .. I settled for popcorn that day. Yes there are roving bands .. groups whatever .. anywhere economics and gainful employment means crime will profit. Maybe with some its boredom … others excitement.. A group of fired up people are pretty scary ..and very dangerous… There is zero upside in engaging any of them even one on one.. Just walk away and if you can’t walk, bring it early and hard enough that there is no chance for them to come back … the other decisions take control and thinking beforehand .. at least in my case by that time adrenaline is not making me think clarly sometimes.. Practice helps but doesn’t come close to the stress IRL. All in all I’d rather be aware and avoid it.. I should of had better sense on the fishing trip. done rambling

  6. I have long held beliefs that killing children, regardless of the reason is NOT part of my “moral choice” structure. I won’t do it, period. I’ll deal with the consequences of that decision with no remorse.
    I would rather fight the thugs, than murder any child. That’s just my personal take, at this point in my life. Having had to fight thugs in a previous career(now retired) I’ll take removing thugs anytime at all.

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