From the Desk of John Rourke – October 27th, 2014

Getting ready to get back to my Filipino Stickfighting class. They are Thursday nights at 8:00pm but the last couple months I have missed them due to my son’s football games. Have been taking Balintawak for 10 years. This is a single stick art and it has improved my hand speed tremendously.

Yeah – I can punch an ISIS terrorist three times in the chest and then reach in….pull his heart out…and show it to him before he dies. Everybody has to have a hobby.

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I played trumpet in Middle School and a bit in High School (until I discovered “chicks!”). My youngest – 6th grade – just started playing. It’s actually pretty cool to pick it up and have everything start coming back. My son is impressed.

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I just heard about the City of Houston Texas requiring certain local ministers to submit their sermons to make certain they were not preaching against homosexuality. Am I still living in the United States? In a country that a city government can control was is said in a Church? Gee – I don’t remember any government official requiring Pastor Jeremiah Wright to submit his sermons after he screamed “God Damn America!!!!” in his church.


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  1. Rourke, Like the new format. Good post lately, just not into responding for some reason.

    Anyway, this bit about sermon approval is just a new angle of gov’t over-reach. For some strange reason I haven’t heard any of the usual liberals screaming about “separation of church and state.” Where are they?


  2. Rourke, my pastor has been bringing up this very issue for a few years now. It was inevitable, and unfortunately, I believe it will only get worse. My question is, how can the city have any jurisdiction whatsoever? What laws, or whatever, do they base this action on for it to be permissible? If I pastored in that city, I’d be out in force with every other pastor, protesting like all the liberals, demanding that separation of Church and State be observed.
    What’s good for the godless goose is good for the God-fearing gander!
    And I have to wonder about pastors who will bend to this edict. I don’t think I’d want to sit under a pastor who preached what government told them to preach.

  3. The Houston pastors being “required” to turn over their sermons. I will sum it up a briefly as possible. Anise Parker, who violated the law, and “married” <–(pfft) her partner last year. Started and created a law in Houston called HERO. She used the guise of equality for all people. Dealing with transgender, homosexuality, etc. Anyway, the local pastors raised 50,000 signatures to recall and or review this law she put in place. Anise and her DA invalidated the signatures with questionable practice,(lied and just invalidated them). In return Anise and the DA put in subpoena's demanding them turn over their sermons. The pastors, rightfully so, then got representation and this blew up in her face. She withdrew the current demand, but only in it's format. She's going to try it again, but with more specific wording. However, even her liberal democrats people told her this will fail. You think!

    The clearest alarm is this validates what we've known they have been up to the whole time. It clearly sounds the alarms for us who are awake.

  4. And we are worried about ISIS coming in illegally across our borders? We had a “couple” buy a home in our neighborhood and for some strange reason they felt threatened and feared for their safety from their neighbors. They quickly sold at a loss and now normal folks live there. We are allowing the Govt to override and rule the sheep. The ballot box will be filled with deceased voters again this year I’ll bet….

  5. Not so sure. This is actually equally as power fueled as the 2012 election. However, this one is very charged and people are actively participating. We shall see.

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